/yard sale sign/ Things were kinda sparse in our neighborhood Saturday! We did our entire main circuit [we usually miss part of it] in a mere hour, even though it often takes 3 or even 5 hours, and we often run out of time and don’t finish it. We ran out of options, so we took 395 down to Carolyn’s work’s exit [Newington], and got on Rolling Rd. and drove it all the way back to Braddock. BAM! Multiple community sales. Had to take almost every turn this side of Morrisette Rd. Chock full of sales over there. Definitely made up for the lack of ones locally.

Got out around 8:15AM, and went until 11:35AM for a total of 3.25 hours.

Total spent $17.05 plus ~$7.60 gas for 38 miles of driving, for a total cost of $24.65.

We bought 15 items – 20 if you count each wrapping paper separately – for a total estimated value of $192.88, leading to a profit of $166.23.

That’s $51.15/hr as a couple or $25.73/hr per person. And to earn that much after taxes you’d really have to earn $237; money saved (by not having to spend it) is actually worth more than we realize when the government’s cut is taken into consideration.

  • $3.00: cat scratching post, 16″ high, 4″ diameter, (my old one is 14.5″ high, 4″ diameter) (EV:$16)


  • $2.80: pillow, leopard print (EV:$25)


  • $2.00: shotglass drinking game, Shots and Ladders, (EV:$17)


  • $2.00: ice bucket, insulated, with lid (plastic inside, metal outside, plastic handle, gold and 1970s looking) (even brand new, it doesn’t come with tongs, though) (same as one on left in the picture) ($19)


  • $2.00: MOM DON’T READ: [highlight for spoilers] shoe, glass, filled with beans/liquid (2 @ $1.00 each) – very weird item, definitely not for me! (EV:No clue! We’ll say $10 because there’s 2 of them!)
  • $1.50: wrapping paper, (6 rolls @ $0.25 each) (price tags:$2,$4.50,$2.50,$1.88,1 partial used and unmarked so we’ll call it $1)
  • $1.00: golf, putting green, 2 holes and incline – fun with cats playing too :) (EV:$15, this one isn’t as fancy as this one)


  • $1.00: pillow, neck pillow, beads [but firmer than microbeads] (EV:$15, though this one looks just like what we got, and is sold for $50!)


  • $1.00: leather care gel, Armorall – for our {free} leather couches! ($8)


  • $FREE: canteen, circular, w/shoulder strap (EV:$8)


  • $FREE: magnet, Las Vegas ($2 price tag)
  • $FREE: book, MOM DON’T READ: [highlight for spoilers] shorthand translation, Third Edition, Balsley-Wanous – VERY old! (in bad condition, but very vintage… Not sure of actual worth, so I’ll just say $1 because it’s a big hardcover book)
  • $FREE: chair (not even at a yard sale, just in front of someone’s house with a “free” sign on it) (EV:I’m gonna say an automatic $5 for being a functional chair with a cushion and a back, even if it’s in bad/ugly condition… It’s kinda like this one, which goes for $56 new)


  • $FREE: mirror, 36×28 ALMOST the size we were looking for for putting in front of the shutters that are no longer on a window because of our house addition. Just 1 inch too wide :/ (EV:$20)
  • $FREE: mirror, wooden frame, 43×27 frame, 33×23 mirror – kinda nice on the wall by our non-spiral stairs (EV:$30 — framed mirrors actually tend to cost over $100 usually)

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* EV stands for “Estimated Value”, which I estimate by looking things up in Google Shopping/Google/Amazon/Ebay. I don’t always deduct for an item being used, unless it’s actually in worse condition.


TOTAL ITEMS BOUGHT: 95-154, depending on how you count them
TOTAL PROFIT: $1,421.04
AVG HOURLY WAGE PER PERSON: $36/hr (dropped $2/hr this week)



Went out 2 days after yardsaling with my biggest freecycle score yet! 1 destination, ~$225 worth of stuff!

It was kind of crazy. I wrote down directions, but forgot to write down the guy’s house number. But I wrote down his cell phone #, even though I don’t have a cell phone. At least I remembered that. I drove around and saw people sitting outside. Explained to them, “I’m getting a TV from someone who’s name I don’t know who lives on this street — see? Here are my directions! — but I forgot to write down their house number, only their cell#.” They offered to let me use their phone. I called, he gave me his house number, and I drove the 5 houses away or so to his house and loaded up his stuff.

20100523: 2010 Freecycle Expedition #1:

  • car subwoofer (powered), Kenwood, 10″, 100W, KSC-WA100 [line in, line out, fuse with “15” on it, 0/180 phase switch, 50Hz-200Hz crossover, input sensitivity knob, No. 11000389] (current Kenwood subwoofers of that type are $170 new)
  • TV, RCA 20F511T flatscreen (screen is flat, tv is huge), 20 inch, s-video input, missing remote – $55 used $130 new, replacement remote = $40
  • EV/PROFIT: $225 – but not counted in yard sale stats

    The TV is pretty huge, dimension wise. It didn’t go where I originally wanted it, which was the purple shelf by our downstairs door, where the SubGenius Arise! video tape had caused my “college TV” to finally melt and expire.

    So instead, I moved the small TV on our refrigerator [only active during parties] to the purple shelf.

    This TV would have filled the top of our fridge perfectly – but then the VCR wouldn’t have had room on our fridge. So we took it upstairs. Replaced the bedroom TV with it, and moved the bedroom TV [with built in VCR] on top of the fridge.

    The only caveat to this is we now no longer have a remote to turn off a TV from our bed, as the remote is missing. I’m thinking we could probably use an RCA remote from an old vcr, and code it to this TV to turn it off. If that fails, we’ll use an X10 home automation appliance module to turn it off.

    So this freecycle caused 3 different TVs in our house to shuffle! Now we’re back up to 6 again :)

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