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PEOPLE: Chevy Chase. Beverly D’Angelo. Marisol Nichols plays the daughter — she went on to be in 24 almost a decade later, and was also in Scream 2 and Can’t Hardly Wait. Ethan Embry. Randy Quaid. Miriam Flynn. Wayne Newton as himself. Also some tiny parts by Julia Sweeney, Christie Brinkley. Some familiar people, but not the greatest cast, really.

QUIRKS: The 4th “vacation” movie. The only film in the National Lampoon’s Vacation series not to be written by John Hughes. It shows.

VISUALS: We honeymooned in Las Vegas, so we always enjoy seeing it in movies and such.

MORALS: Family > gambling.

BAD STUFF: Unfortunately, a lot of the jokes fell extremely flat. The situations were contrived. Things just magically resolved when people wanted them to resolve. The plot was rather incoherent. It was just a bunch of random stuff strung together.

CONCLUSION: We were entertained, but only because we started this movie around 3AM after a night of getting buzzed with friends. The humor was not only dated, but just plain un-funny. 2/5 stars on Netflix, 5/10 on IMDB — and that’s only because there were still a few laughs. Mostly, it’s just Chevy Chase randomly losing gambling, and his son randomly winning gambling. Very contrived.

RECOMMENDATION: Meh. I’d say avoid this unless you like Las Vegas and want to see some of that.

MOVIE QUOTE: None worth repeating, really.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Benj liked it.

Music: The Church – Ritz