The full 3-minute version of the Mr. Belvedere theme, by Gary Portnoy are absolutely nowhere to be found on the internet! So I’m posting them myself. If this is some kind of copyright violation, please let me know via the comment section rather than contacting my host, but frankly you should enjoy the free advertising:

Purchase a non-DRM mp3 of the full 3 minute Mr. Belvedere song, as originally sung by Gary Portnoy (best known for writing and singing the Cheers and Punky Brewster themes), for 99 cents at

This song is still stuck in many peoples’ heads, apparently.

Now, enjoy the theme as sun by Stewie of Family Guy:

Here’s another goofy cover:

Yes… There’s still a lot of people obsessed with this song!

Then things get REALLY weird, I mean, why does something like this exist?

And if you’re curious what the instrumental closing-theme version of the original theme sounded like, just fast forward to the 8 minute mark in this video:

Anyway, here are the lyrics…

Streaks on the china
never mattered before.
Who cared?
When you dropped kicked your jacket
as you came through the door…
No one glared.
But sometimes things get turned around
and no one’s spared.

All hands look out below.
There’s a change in the status quo.
We’re gonna need all the help that we can get.
But we just might live the good life yet.

Chips and the soda
made a night in the den.
So sweet…
And the leftover pizza
made your breakfast at 10…
What a treat!
But now we’re dining at 7 with the table set…
And we just might live the good life yet.

Life has a way of taking you by surprise.
A roll of the dice
And you’re living it up!
Giving it up!

A fight to the finish
never ended with tea.
No way…
And you shared all your troubles
with your friend the TV…
Every day.
But now it seems this new regime is here to stay.
Get set for the last hurrah.
Movin’ on to the la de dah.
We’re gonna need all the help that we can get.
According to our new arrival,
life is more than mere survival
And we just might live the good life yet.

We’re on our way to realizing
We’re headed for a new horizon
And we just might live the good life…yet!


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