July 2010

Quit you’re fucking bellyaching whining, people!

NO PRIVATE INFORMATION WAS RELEASED. All the dude did is scrape PUBLIC INFORMATION and put it together in one place.

Panicking or whining about this is LAME LAME LAME. This is no creepier than the Yellow Pages.

HOLY SHIT DID YOU HEAR?!?!?! The Yellow Pages scraped together everyone’s names and phone numbers, and put them in one place, a big yellow book! PLUS they made it so you could access these listings from the internet!!!

Why, those anti-privacy creeps! This is why I don’t use a phone!

Good people are walking vaginas. (more…)

I dreamed that the Atari Teenage Riot concert I already have tickets to IRL was an Atari Teenage Riot + Danzig outdoor concert. Somehow it was outdoors but also indoors in this room at the same time. I was involved with some people who were recording and/or bootlegging the concert, and writing down the set list. Like at one point, I accidentally got in front of the camera. (Even though I was in an inside room, and the band was nowhere to be seen, which makes no logistical sense whatsoever.)

We were, apparently, in a rural area kind of like outside Fredericksburg. Anyway, something happened with the music at the end of ATR’s set, and I became apocalyptically freaked out about remaining at the venue. I left and went next door to the house there, apologizing for being in this house. This, too, makes no sense: The houses were clearly separate with their own tracks of land, when viewed from the outside. But from the inside, it was possible to walk directly from one house to the other, as if they were townhouses with connecting hallways.

Anyway, by the 3rd house, I found this group of older (all white-haired) people who were partying it up. I didn’t even notice that they had cocaine on them until I peered into the next room. They also had circlite blacklights at points on their ceiling. Basically, someone asked me about why I was glowing, and I more or less told them they were a dumbass for not realizing it was the blacklight over me.

After I calmed down from freaking out, I informed the oldies that they “really know how to party”, and went back to the concert. In examining the setlist, I was glad to find out that I had left during Atari Teenage Riot‘s last song, thereby not missing any full songs. I came back during Danzig‘s very last song, and was a bit disappoitned to have missed his set, but not nearly as disappointed as I would have been from missing just one Atari Teenage Riot song.

“Dreams… They’re the hurricanes that wash the soulfilth from the superdome of our nightminds.”
-Xavier:Renegade Angel

Oh, here’s some other recent dreams I had:

20100727: Date Night alternate ending
I dreamt me and Carolyn were the characters from the movie Date Night that we watched in real life before going to bed. Basically, I dreamt an alternate ending to the movie, where victory would be obtained simply by making it out of the city alive. We were booking, running for our lives down alleyways. There was celery present. Crispy, delicious, inexplicable celery laying around in the alleyways of the city. I had to tell Carolyn to shut the hell up, as her LOUD talking was giving our position away to the people chasing us. I tried to get to our car but it was too close to the wall, so we had to backtrack and go a different way for some reason.

20100726: drugs, old employer
Me working in a govt place, but having a heroin habit, so I would sneak out to go to the medical area to do heroin. My old company president in real life, Barbara, asked me what I thought of my old employer in real life. I said I was starting to get bored and don’t enjoy doing the exact same thing for years on end, and that my skills were worse than when I came to the company (just like in real life). That was about the extent of the dream. (more…)

People, this is just a P.R. move for her to make more money.

She said she still believes in God and Christ. “She remains a believer and continues to read theology and post Biblical passages on her Facebook page.”

This is like a Republican who hangs out in bathrooms giving blowjobs claiming to be straight simply because he’s not a member of the gay community. I can’t believe people are buying this shit. (more…)

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