I'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Not available on Netflix] A Japanese time machine comedy, the day after watching a Spanish time machine thriller? I’m in.

LIMERICK REVIEW: Sci-fi nerds stuck in a heat wave
might not sound like a theatrical fave.
But time travel can be funny
when caused by a day too sunny…
Thus making this movie a time-travel fave.

HAIKU REVIEW: Air conditioners
should not require remotes!
Really. That’s stupid!

QUIRKS: A time travel comedy, centering around a bunch of sci-fi club nerds trying to turn on their air conditioner.

The remote control to the air conditioner (which apparently has no manual control) gets damaged, and complicated time travel antics ensue, as they try to get the remote control back so they can cool off.

VISUALS: No visuals whatsoever; this looks almost more like a TV movie than a “real” movie. There are 2 cute asian girls, though Carolyn & I completely disagreed on which one was hotter. (In a rare deviation from my longhair preference, I chose the shorthair.)

MORALS: Don’t make air conditioners that require remotes! Please! It’s a bad, bad idea!

CONCLUSION: What a complicated time travel movie! The timeline is not at ALL like that of Timecrimes. Instead of spanning just a few hours, this movie spans over 100 yrs. Throw in “Japanese weirdness”, and it’s that much more entertaining. This definitely was worth seeing, and I understand why it got a high (7.9/10) IMDB rating.

RATINGS: It’s hard for me to rate this because I was tired and fell asleep (not because of this movie) repeatedly throughout. I had to scan through the movie the 2nd day to piece together the holes I’d fallen asleep during the first day.

Still, I’d possibly give this 4/5 Netflix stars for uniqueness–if Netflix had this movie. And I’m rating it 7/10 on IMDB. (Carolyn, who stayed awake, gave it 8/10: “I thought it was very entertaining and interesting.  I especially liked the explanation of the remote control’s timeline.”) Would definitely like to watch this again in a few years.

RECOMMENDATION: Time travel fanatics who can stand Japanese movies should definitely check this out.

SIMILAR MOVIES: I can’t really think of any other time travel comedies that aren’t animated! :) (more…)