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We went to X-Day again this year. It was a totally different experience than last year. It rained for the first three days we were there, but then it got really nice for the weekend. It was never overbearingly hot.

So, remember that story I talked about at the end of day 2? About Valerie losing her clothes and stealing Spike’s shirt and making a skirt out of it? Yeah, I guess that happened on day 3, not day 2. I’m not going to repeat it all again, but it was pretty funny how she lost her clothes.

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0237 - Dildo Valerie - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Dildo Valerie with stolen shirt-skirt

Also at some point, not sure if it was Friday or Saturday, but there was a conversation about catheters.  Dildo Valerie said she had to change catheters for a living and that it’s not fun.

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0238 - Tangent, Dildo Valerie, Carolyn, Rev. Spike - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR

would YOU let her change your catheter?

At another point, someone was telling some story that involved bestiality. One of the people they were talking about had said something like, “You dog-fucking faggot.” To which I replied, “You can fuck a dog and have it not be gay.” This won the award for “funniest thing said in the last 5 minutes”. In fact, I was asked to re-create it on video. Said video appears to have been taken down, or I would have embedded it.

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0239 - Agent Lloyd - I love ho mom - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Agent Lloyd loves ho mom

(Actually, the shirt says “hot moms”, but “ho mom” was even funnier.)

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0242 - Yuengling's almost lined up - (by Tangent) - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Yuengling‘s almost lined up (by Tangent)

Unfortunately, the other pic where they were lined up even better was too blurry to save. I guess you had to be there, to witness the magical merging of beer bottles.

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0244 - Carolyn, Wilhelm's ''Bob'' painting (bg) - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Wilhelm’s ”Bob” painting

Wilhelm’s “Bob” painting stared at us, with his evil off-kilter eye… Mocking us, the entire time we were there.

A lot of excellent and unique conversation was had during the day. Indeed, that is a boon of hanging out with Subgenii: Not talking about [or thinking like] normal boring people. The Pinks. The Conspiracy. The Perpetrators Of False Slack. None of them are here. Tangent talks about how he used to be gay, but then realized that a woman can fuck you like a man, but a man can’t fuck you like a woman:

Johnny Dildoseed / I used to be gay

I admire Tangent’s candor.

Note the purple distortion typical of most recent consumer cameras, when dealing with high contrast situations. Nothing to do with snow.

We found the water shrine. Apparently we did a poor job of exploring last year, since it was right there:

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0245 - Water Shrine, maypole - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Water Shrine, maypole

After Brayneleeke’s “episode” the previous night, he apparently stayed up all night drumming with the pagans in the roundhouse. Everytime he would stop and/or fall asleep, some dude would say, “So, did you join the union yet?” And he would wake up and start drumming again. I believe his hands were sore the next day. (No protective layer of tears this time.) Finally, he was asked that, and he said, “NO!”, and left. Apparently, by leaving, he joined the union. No, not everything makes sense in Brushwood. Nor does everybody make sense.

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0247 - Oreo eating contest - __, __, Dr. Legume - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR

The giant Oreo-eating contest. Each contestant ate a single huge Oreo comprised of the white filling of over 100 Oreos. So good… That it’s fucking disgusting!

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0248-diptych-GEDC0251 - Oreo eating contest - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR

Really — is this sensible on any level?

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0255 - Oreo eating contest - The Hugest Oreo Ever - (by George Burgyan) - 585190935_3qLke-O - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
The Hugest Oreo Ever (by George Burgyan)

It still rained a lot, and was pretty damn muddy:

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0258 - tents, cars, mud - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
tents, cars, mud

During the un-costume ball, someone passed around communion wafers to put on our foreheads. Apparently, this is like really bad mojo for Catholics, haha. I later read news stories about people stealing the wafers from actual Catholic churches, and then receiving death threats. Ahhh, typical Christianity.

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0261 - Carolyn, Clint - communion wafer foreheads - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
communion wafer foreheads – suck it, godboys – if there’s a hell, i’d rather be there than with anyone offended by this

At some point, Teeters was wearing a nametag with Ivan Stang’s real name.  He commented that Stang told him he was ruining his good name.

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0262 - un-costume ball - Susie The Floozie, Pantiara, Popess McGani, Hercules, Teeters, Carter LeBlanc, Rev. Eggplant, Burger King - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Susie, Pantiara, McGani, Hercules, Teeters, Carter LeBlanc, Eggplant, Burger King

There was also the “Un-Costume Ball”.  Dildo Valerie and Bunny Day went as twins that gave birth to each other. Naked, with fake umbilical cords going from each of their vaginas to the other’s belly button. If you’re a friend of mine on flickr [which only applies to people I’m friends with in real life], you might want to check this picture out. It was not sanctioned for “the internet in general”.

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0265 - un-costume ball - Christopher Lee, Burger King, Rev. Carter LeBlanc - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Christopher Lee, Burger King, Carter LeBlanc

Since Michael Jackson had just died, of course someone had to go as him! After all, aliens and X-Day go hand in hand. And MJ definitely isn’t human.

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0266 - un-costume ball - __, Rev. Brayneleeke as Michael Jackson, Bust A Nut Meg - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Michael Jackson, Bust A Nut Meg

We heard a story about someone driving to X-Day, who noticed a hitchhiker/wanderer who didn’t even have a shirt on his back. So they gave him their “Bob” Dobbs shirt. The police later happened to drive by, and of couse couldn’t leave well enough alone and had to harass/talk to him. Because he had a SubGenius Dobbshead shirt on, they just assumed he was destined for Brushwood. So they dropped him off there. But the guy had no money. Brushwood gave him a sandwich and some soup, and sent him on his way. haha. Poor guy.

Dr. Agonfly actually DID hitchhike several thousand miles to get to X-Day.

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0267-GEDC0268-GEDC0269 (triptych) - un-costume ball - Pantiara & her Dobbsicon crucified doll, Lord Cyclohexane eats it - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Pantiara & her Dobbsicon crucified doll

Alien masks are a common theme for Subgenius-related bands….

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0271 - John Deere Tractor Beam - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
John Deere Tractor Beam

Then I ran into these kids, with their matching Alternative Tentacles t-shirts! Totally kick-ass!! Of course they were also NoMeansNo fans! I think Carolyn & I were sleeping in the car [our tent broke on day 1, so we slept in the car after that. Surprisingly, I found it more comfortable than our own bed] when I heard NoMeansNo playing, and got out and wandered around until we found the source. It was them arriving. Then later they had the awesome matching shirts:

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0273 - Rev. Not The Messiah, Galaxina - awesome matching Alternative Tentacles shirts - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Rev. Not The Messiah, Galaxina – awesome matching Alternative Tentacles shirts

I didn’t get a piggyback ride ): Of course, I’m a lot heavier than Dildo Valerie.

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0274-diptych-GEDC0275 - Dildo Valerie, Bunny Day, Popess McGani, Lord Cyclohexane, Agent Lloyd - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Valerie, Bunny Day, McGani, Cyclohexane, Lloyd

Lots of glowsticks were everywhere… but they don’t photograph very well.

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0276 - Carolyn - glow stick sin hair - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Carolyn – glow sticks in hair

Then, we were introduced to the awesomeness of Phat Man Dee. She was rather amazing… Her jazzy songs are both comical and insanely unique. One was so creepy it gave me goosebumps. And she had the stage presence of a typical SubGenius:

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0279-diptych-GEDC0285 - Phat Man Dee - singing - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0281 - Phat Man Dee - singing - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Phat Man Dee – singing

Her husband (I think), Tomy Amoeba, introduced as “The lowest form of life”, also had a small part in her show. More video of Phat Man Dee below.

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0289 - Tommy Amoeba interlude - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Tommy Amoeba interlude

808 and Christie arrived on Friday.  But we didn’t see them till like 8pm at the pavilion when the bands were playing.  We also didn’t see much of them on Saturday. They had already heard the stories about Clint’s first night here, though they didn’t know that Clint was the subject of them. My reputation preceeds me!

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0296 - Christie - glowstick cleavage - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Christie – glowstick cleavage

Oh, and Brushwood has some of its own cats too. I suppose technically they’d be considered feral, for having no home… But this cat was one of the sweetest cats we ever saw. You could jog 50 feet away, kneel down with your hand in “petting position”, and the cat would run up to be pet. We repeated this until we were tired from all the running.

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0300-GEDC0302-GEDC0303-GEDC0299 - Carolyn - petting Brushwood kitty - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Brushwood kitty

Someone told us she had had kittens but they all found homes. Tangent & Dammit Janet might have gotten one of them. I also heard that this cat, or some other cat, was pregnant… But one of the SubGenii had paid to abort her litter. They had no homes, and nobody even had a place for the mother… So she had a feline abortion performed, to keep unwanted kittens from appearing. I wonder what the Catholics have to say about that

Then, Andrew The Impaled played.  There was a lot of excitement about this. Apparently people have fainted at previous performances. He has done things like literally sewn his lips shut. In our case, he nailed a nail into his nose:

Andrew The Impaled – nailing into nose

Then he nailed a screwdriver into his nose, and pretended to change radio stations with it. MAKE SURE TO WATCH THE LAST 10 SECONDS! HAHA

screwdriver impaled radio stations (2m22s)
Make sure to watch the last 10 seconds! HAHA

20090703 - X-Day - GEDC0295 - Andrew The Impaled's blood - just kidding, it's jelly - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Andrew The Impaled‘s blood

Just kidding, it’s jelly. But when he was done with the screwdriver, he just so happened to throw it on the ground where this jelly was. It was quite disturbing. I did not realize it was actually edible :)

Back to Phat Man Dee — she did some awesome things, like a version of  the Star-Spangled Banner performed by inserting her hand into her mouth:

Star-Spangled Banner (Fist In Mouth Version) (slightly distorted)

I’ve also seen her do something similar on public access [viewed on YouTube], except it was Silent Night performed on Christmas.

She had some other neat songs too. Unfortunately, with the Canon camera broken, we could only record video with the GE camera, which heavily distorted the sound in any loud situations. However, it lets you take videos longer than 30 seconds, so you take the good with the bad. Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepe too?

Phat Man Dee – Pepe (somewhat distorted) (2m30s)

One of my favorite Phat Man Dee songs is the Ghandi Shake. Especially when Tommy Amoeba laid on the stage and started shaking.

Phat Man DeeGhandi Shake (somewhat distorted)

She also did War Pigs. She started it, aborted it, then decided, “What the hell”, and went on with doing it:

Phat Man Dee – War Pigs excerpt (somewhat distorted)

There was also the band that covered Miserlou and other songs Carolyn could recognize. That may have been John Deer Tractor Beam, as pictured above. Not sure. At this point, Rev. Spike was sitting outside in a pile of vomit in his lap.. With his phone in the middle of it.  Saturday, it was said that his phone was run over so hard that the battery had popped out — and yet it still worked. Vomit and car-attacks and all.

Carolyn checked on him but didn’t have the energy to do much else after two nights of taking care of Clint on night 1, and Brayneleeke on night 2. Haha. She did later win a Bobbie award for her efforts: “Goddess Of Mellowing The Harsh”.

Miserlou cover (somewhat distorted) (1m14s)

I had no idea the song Miserlou was 82 years old.

Here are some videos of the Oreo eating contest:

gigantic Oreo-eating contest (5m46s)

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