Friday, July 16th, 2010

I hate all the cowards who justify burqua and mask bands for security reasons. People have been arrested and/or ticketed for wearing Halloween masks on Halloween, because we live in a police state where you have no expectation of privacy in public. However, just because I don’t have an expectation of privacy, does that mean I can’t wear a mask or disguise?

You know a lot of crossdressers/transsexuals have been arrested. It’s been illegal to go in public in drag, or wearing a wig. It’s a disguise. Therefore you make the police’s job harder. Therefore we should criminalize it. Same logic we’re seeing now.

How about we all just walk around with a fucking camera attached to our head? After all, making things easier for the police is apparently the goal of our society now.


I should be able to wear whatever the fuck I want in public. Weather that’s wearing a burqua, a Guy Fawkes mask, dressed as a woman, or my birthday suit [i.e. naked], IT SHOULDN’T FUCKING MATTER. We can put whatever makeup we want on our face; we should be able to put whatever we want on our face, period, period, PERIOD.

The idea that this is bad for crime is bullshit. Last I checked, criminals already wear masks. The law doesn’t stop criminals from breaking it. A mask law doesn’t stop masked criminals from robbing your bank any more than gun control prevents guns crime — CRIMINALS DON’T FOLLOW LAWS.

Indeed, burqua bans are merely another way for the authoritarian state to spin the current “security crisis” of “terrorism” and Muslim fear into a process of decreasing freedom.

And the idea that this will change Muslim culture is ridiculous; by ticketing people practicing their own culture, you make martyrs of them. Not dead martyrs, but legal martyrs. Either way, ISLAM LOVES MARTYRS. In fact, such a ban will probably stop Muslims from emmigrating to those countries, where their culture would eventually get diluted and amalgamated into the prevailing national culture. SO IT DOESN’T EVEN FUCKING WORK.

Facial recognition software can now identify 50,000 faces per second, and the cost of placing cameras everywhere is now cheap. There will be more and more. Look to the UK to see how it’s done – they have cameras with microphones that tell you not to do things the government doesn’t want you to do. With a voice modulator that makes it a child’s voice, because studies have shown that Little Brother is actually more convincing than Big Brother (i.e. Big Brother of 1984).

So again: Fuck burqua bans. It’s an idea made to appeal to the liberal mindset, but in fact is is merely a conservative authoritarian freedom-taker. One which both the Obamicons and TeaPartiers will swallow up whole.

Meanwhile, I will sit here, being Clint, agreeing with neither the left/liberal/democrats/Obamicons, nor the right/conservative/republicans/TeaPartiers, but instead agreeing with FREEDOM. The freedom to do what you want with your own fucking body, clothes, hair, make-up, and personal appearance. The freedom to escape the laws the 2 parties YOU voted for impose on us.

Remember what Ben Franklin said. Those who trade liberty for security deserve neither. I hope the burqua banners drop dead as fast as the religious fanatics. You’re all against freedom. You just use different excuses to increase control. Fuck you, and get your fucking laws off my body. I’ll do what I want. (more…)