After seeing some people scream “police state” in some rather ridiculous situations — I’ve decided to introduce a new tag to my links: “NOT Abuse Of Authority”.


It is harmful to the cause of liberty if people scream “Abuse Of Authority” in a situation where it is not. It makes it look like there are those who simply have no respect for the rule of law, or those who simply can’t differentiate from two kinds of situations, and thus aren’t worth listening to. And it sends a message to the conservative half of our country that we need more enforcement, less police accountability, and more rules — to counteract these “anarchists” who have “no respect for rule of law” and are “against” them.

We need law.

We need order.

If you don’t like it, live in Somalia or rural Mexico. See how well you fare without the police around to ensure a modicum of order. If you’re rural, you’ll probably be fine. If you’re around large groups of people with no law, good luck. You’ll need it. Especially if you’re a woman, or are demographically different from the prevailing group.

The problem with police is they are power-hungry abusive violent thugs and abuse their authority; that does not mean the authority itself is wrong, or that this is true for all cops. I don’t want cops killed. Cops have pretty much saved my life. I don’t want cops killed; I want injustice stopped.

Specifically what brought this tag on is people shouting “police state” at the “girl punched for jaywalking” [simpleton’s summary] story. But anyone with an ability to discern should know that, as expert photojournalist Carlos Miller so well put, “Seattle Girl Had It Coming To Her“.


The story as I understand it:

1) School builds taxpayer-funded skywalk for students to cross the street without interfering with traffic.

2) Students ignore taxpayer-funded skywalk, and instead walk in the street, not in an intersection, to the detriment of the drivers, who paid taxes for the road, for their car, and for the gas they are wasting when they hit their brakes to save the lives of idiot kids who walk in front of traffic.

3) School asks police to come enforce jaywalking, in order to make the kids use the fucking skywalk they’re supposed to use. I’m pretty sure any reasonable parent would support this, as nobody wants their kid run over.

4) Police send one officer, as we shouldn’t have to fund TWO officer’s salaries every time we want anything done. We already spend enough tax money. One officer is enough; they have guns, they have the power to get a job done without a partner, even if a partner would be a better way to do it.

5) Cop tickets male for jaywalking.

6) Two females decide they don’t like this, and go over and push the cop, interfere with his duties, and assault him. If I went up to you at your job, and pushed you out of your chair, I would be guilty of assault too. But these girls were guilty of assaulting an officer.

7) Cop shows amazing restraint in not whipping out billyclub, taser, or gun, and simply tries to wrestle the girl. But, as any schoolteacher knows, even a 10-year-old can be hard to overcome, let alone two 17-year-old girls with a major attitude problem.

8) Crowd gets close enough to the cop that they could have grabbed his gun, hit him in the head, etc, etc. Meanwhile girls are still assaulting him.

9) After the girl struggles with the officer for OVER TWO MINUTES, cop makes one punch. A pulled punch. Girl isn’t even sent to the hospital with a broken nose, because it was not a full-on punch.

10) Situation is immediately put under control, girls are arrested, I’m thinking the actual jaywalker was only ticketed because he did not resist, and the kids know to USE THE FUCKING SKYWALK WE PAYED FOR WITH OUR TAXES.


This is not police state bullshit.
This is how the system is supposed to work.
Jaywalking laws ARE VALID.
Laws are to be challenged IN COURT.
Car accidents are the biggest accidental threat to life that exists.
Safety measures related to cars are about the only valid safety measures our government actually deals with. (Our terrorism safety measures are a joke; terrorism kills 300 Americans a year on average [10 yr average], car accidents kill OVER FORTY THOUSAND A YEAR.)


Those who want to fight and argue about this issue are actually HELPING THE POLICE ABUSE in 2 ways:

1) Ignoring ACTUAL cases of police abuse and spending energy against REAL VICTIMS to whine about these FAKE victims.

2) Providing conservatives with an example of liberalism that they can use and gloat for for the rest of their lives. “Yew librawls dun even wan jaywalkin’ laws, of course yew canuh stand up to terrarism or hav anythun worth thinkin’ bout law!”


So here’s my second example: This story:

I’ve said time and time again that POLICE CANNOT SHOOT AT MOVING CARS. It’s not only against policy, but it’s also using deadly force in a situation where a person is not a threat. It’s also stupid. Typically it is someone running away from police that police shoot to death. Typically it’s for a lesser crime that does not carry the death penalty. Typically it represents 1 death versus a situation that otherwise would have 0 deaths.

However, all generalities are made to be broken, and this is a situation that breaks the general rule that police cannot shoot at moving cars. This guy wasn’t just running away from police. He wasn’t just speeding, or smuggling drugs. He was driving on the WRONG side of the road, and hit *FIVE* — yes FIVE — cars. Possibly going 100MPH, but nobody clocked him. Doesn’t matter. He hit 5 cars on the wrong side of the road.

Then he started driving away AGAIN after the police came. They shot 5 or 6 times, and he was killed.

Now, I would have liked for the police to have been able to end this in another method. But the fact of the matter is, 5 cars + wrong side of the road + continuing to do it more. This guy was a threat. If he had gone on to kill somebody, then people would have whined that the police did not do enough. This isn’t 1 death versus 0 deaths, this is 1 death versus many potential deaths.

If a tiger was loose and about to attack me, I would hope the police would shoot it. This person, by hitting 5 cars going the wrong way on the highway and STILL not stopping, had, in effect, turned himself into a metaphorical tiger. He was a wild animal. There is no time for a trial. He had to be put down before he killed somebody. He was damn lucky to NOT have killed someone already by hitting FIVE CARS ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD.

And now his parents are suing.

And for once, I’m on the side of the police, and against the people suing. I’m, more or less, in support of the police shooting, to death, an unarmed man fleeing in his vehicle.

I may change my mind if I find more circumstance, but for now, let this serve as an example that I *AM* capable of discerning. I do not simply think “everytime a cop does something, it’s wrong”, or “everytime a cop shoots someone unarmed, it’s wrong”. THE REAL WORLD IS NUANCED. I’ll try to be too. This is a case of saving lives by stopping a killer. Vehicular manslaughter is still death. This guy fucked up not once, but twice. He continued to do it AFTER injuring people.

So anyway, I shall, from now on, occasionally post “NOT Abuse Of Authority” stories, just to show that I don’t universally rule against the police, and to provide a bit of balance to this blog.

After all, if Carlos Miller did it, I can too. He’s an idol of mine at this point.

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