September 2010

/yard sale sign/ We got up around 1PM, sore, hungry, and ears ringing after the Atari Teenage Riot concert — followed by drinking and watching f’ed up TV with John The Canadien until 5AM. It turns out John had left his keys and had slept in our front yard a bit, and had just called us asking us to wake up. (Indeed, hearing the phone from the other room accelerated my rousing slightly.)

On our way to Taco Bell, we saw all these signs. We stopped at a few sales before going to Taco Bell. Then we went to Taco Bell. Then, afterward, we took a bunch of various circuits back to our house. Turns out I had an expired registration AND expired tags AND I was leaking break fluid — breaks stopped working later that day.

We ended up out until 3 or 3:30PM or so, for a total of maybe 1.5 or 2 hours of actual yard saleing. We’ll say 1.75hours, since it’s a guess.

A lot of stuff was free. Yard sales were closing out since primetime is 8AM-12NOON, and we were out around 2-3PM. One lady was taking down signs for a community yardsale. I asked her if they were all over. She said, “There’s a truck down the street by the pool, just take whatever you want out of the back of it.” That was interesting. I felt like a thief. Found a hot-shoe camera flash for “real cameras” which we gave to John The Canadien.

Other yardsales were completely abandoned, with “free” signs in front of piles of stuff. I grabbed a 50 cd changer and stereo just sitting on a curb at a totally different yardsale. The only room in the house that you can’t hear our “central music” from as easily is the foyer/living room where we play Guitar Hero — what the hell, I’ll set it up there and see if it actually works as a CD changer. It’s been almost a decade since I had a working cd changer.

Total spent $14.75 plus ~$3 gas for (a random guess of) 15 miles of driving, for a total cost of $17.75.

We bought ~ 21 items – including a duplicate of something I regretted passing up previously, a quesadilla maker, $5 when I passed it up, and $5 this time – for a total estimated value of $262.34, leading to a profit of $319.59 (though there’s no way in hell we’d ever be able to sell it for that, of course, as most of this stuff was literally TRASH).

To earn that much after taxes you’d really have to earn $456; money saved (by not having to spend it) is actually worth more than we realize when the government’s cut is taken into consideration. Anyway, this works out to a “wage” of $182.62/hr as a couple or $91.31/hr per person.

  • $7.00: MOM DON’T READ [highlight for spoilers] vase with twigs, the type my mom decorates her house with[highlight for spoilers] (EV:I dunno, gonna guess $10)
  • $6.00: 2 white fur rugs, $3/ea (EV:$78)

like this, but fluffier

  • $5.00: quesadilla maker (EV:$22)

  • $1.00: ice bucket, insulated, with lid (plastic inside, metal outside, plastic handle, gold and 1970s looking) (even brand new, it doesn’t come with tongs, though) (same as one on left in the picture) ($19)

but not red

  • $1.00: light, fiberoptic flower, broken – light comes on, but doesn’t cycle, includes music box. Gold colored base case. (EV:$16, but since it’s broken, we’ll say $3 – It still lights up, just doesn’t cycle. Maybe fixable.)!BiwTV7gB2k~$(KGrHqQH-EYEs-VNdR+bBLQkb-5BOQ~~_35.GIF

  • $0.50: light, touch (EV:$1, they have these at the dollar store) (these are useful for behind stereos and such, where you don’t necessarily have lights, but need light to see when you’re wiring things up. Or when you’re fixing your computer.)
  • $0.25: sanding discs, 5 5″ discs, 3M cat no. 9154 (2 fine, 2 medium, 1 coarse) (EV:$2.09)

i've used them before... i'll use them again

  • FREE: book, Jane Fonda’s Workout Book, 1981 (EV:$4)

  • FREE: books, Cooking With Betty Crocker – 4 books – Betty Crocker’s Dinner For Two Cookbook (EV:$16)
  • FREE: books, Cooking With Betty Crocker – 4 books – Betty Crocker’s Dinner Parties (EV:$3.50)

  • FREE: books, Cooking With Betty Crocker – 4 books – Betty Crocker’s Good And Easy Cookbook (EV:$5)

  • FREE: haunted house, porcelain, lights up (EV:$45, and totally not worth it)

  • FREE: game, Deluxe Uno (seems half the cards are missing) (EV:$36 originally, but I’m just saying $1 because it’s Uno, it’s at the Dollar store if I’m not mistaken, and we just kept the deck and threw away the box anyway)
  • FREE: game, Friends Trivia Game (EV:$20) … Yeah, we’ll play this at least once!

  • FREE: jar, Planters 1983 (haha! we successfully googled… A JAR!.. There should be a pointless reward for that) (EV:$4.75)

  • FREE: magazine, Family Circle Great Ideas – Best Ever Chicken Recipes, May 1976 issue (EV:$2)
  • FREE: stereo, 50 DISC CHANGER, 200W, Sony, model HCD-MC1, 200w, Manuf. 2000/01, s/n#8226989 – (EV:$40, but that includes remote and speaker wire, so we’ll say $30)

  • FREE: speakers for the Sony stereo, Model SS-MC1, s/n#8126090 (EV:covered in the item above)

  • FREE: sun catcher, Stained Glass decoration (EV:$5)!B0(kDY!BGk~$(KGrHqQOKkIE)NO1HJr8BM,DfIDO0!~~_35.JPG

  • FREE: television, portable, Alaron 5″, Manuf. 1994/05 Model#TV-672, S/N#4232018546, Tuning range: TV 2-13ch(vhf), 14-83Ch(uhf). Power consumption: DC 13.5V 18w (needs ac adapter) (EV:$20, but the missing AC adapter will cost $14, so we’ll say $6)
  • FREE: camera flash, Canon, Hot Shoe (EV:$5, cause it’s old)

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* EV stands for “Estimated Value”, which I estimate by looking things up in Google Shopping/Google/Amazon/Ebay. I don’t always deduct for an item being used, unless it’s actually in worse condition in a way that matters. For example, I estimate books at the cover value. I also try to only count shipping if it’s the type of thing that would need to be shipped, and only if the price isn’t “fixed” (i.e. 1 cent items that cost $10 to ship would not be $10 in person).


Dreamed we went to some party.

The location was my uncle Duke’s house [which comes up in dreams all the time for some reason]:

20070615 - Nate's going away party - IMG_2467 - Kipp & Carolyn - out front

It was here...

Except that, as is often in the case of dreams, you know things aren’t how they really are. Despite this being the house above, it was also simultaneously my parents’ final Woodbridge house [they weren’t there] as well:

Front yard, Beechnut house in Spring

...except that 'here' is really here

The people attending were goth scene/DC clubber types, except I didn’t know any of them. They were particularly unfriendly in this dream, compared to in real life.

20080606 - Artomatic - 158-5862 - gothic art

dramatization of a gateway to a dreamworld goth party

I looked for intoxicants and couldn’t find any.

I also looked through my cousin Nathan‘s files on his computer, which was in my mom’s original writing room.

2004 - Nathan, Clint - downstairs - poster - 0602

I'm sorry I pilfered your files in dreamworld.

Eventually everyone left, and we were going to go to sleep in my old room / Britt’s old room / the upstairs bedroom of my parents’ final Woodbridge house. Then I noticed somebody sitting really really high on a tree branch. I thought it was a cheerleader. “Why is a cheerleader about to watch us sleep?”

20100702 2148 - X-Day - costume ball - Carolyn, wearing Clint's mask - GEDC2015

Help! A creepy cheerleader is stalking me!

But closer inspection revealed it was Oranjello, so high up in a tree that it seemed like he wouldn’t be able to get down without hurting/killing himself.

20080417 - Oranjello in our yard - 154-5443 - Oranjello & Clint - tree

way, way, way, way, way higher than this...

So I decided to reach out and pull him in through the window, but the window didn’t really open. So instead, I vertically pulled him in between the panes of glass. I mean, scrunching him to like 1-2 inches. I was really surprised he fit through, but he did. It was like he was a liquid kitty.

“Dreams… They’re the hurricanes that wash the soulfilth from the superdome of our nightminds.”
Xavier:Renegade Angel

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] *Watched in 720p HD.

PEOPLE: Matthew Perry (aka Chandler from Friends), but then he gets all young and becomes Zac Efron. Melora Hardin (Jan from The Office) as Principal Jane (see what they did? Jan? Jane?). Hunter Parrish (Silus from Weeds; it took a long time to recognize him) as the douchebag bully. Leslie Mann (Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin, The Cable Guy) as the love interest. Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy The Vampire Slayer). Thomas Lennon (Hancock, Memento, Reno 911, Viva Variety, The State) as the rich geek best friend.

QUIRKS: Contrary to some belief, this is *NOT* a body-swap movie *OR* a time-travel movie. He literally becomes a 17-year-old version of himself in the present day. Which actually makes this a unique gimmick in the “body swap comedy” genre.

There is also some great geekism depicted in the movie, between the rich best friend and the principle. “You can plunder my dungeon any time.” “I’ll bring my longbow.” Then they start talking in what I think was Quenya.

MORALS: This movie deals with regret — having regret for your past decisions, and learning to work through them. It’s actually kind of therapeutic to watch.

I’ve often questioned that if I could travel back to high school and re-inhabit my 10th grade self… Would it be worth having all the work I’ve done between now and then destroyed? Imagine having to re-buy all your albums, and sit through almost 20 years of new movie releases that you’ve already seen. Imagine everything you’ve ever written no longer existed; every picture taken gone; every file processed not processed, every dollar you earned now gone. Would it be worth it? And if so, is the only reason merely that it would extend your perceived life by 20 years? Or is the reason deeper than that?

Part of me thinks I would know every correct decision to make, and would repeat none of my mistakes, while realizing in advance who to make friends with, when to go, when to wait, and when to act. Another part of me couldn’t bear to part with everything that’s already here now. This movie, however, takes the two ideas and smooshes them together. You’re in high school — now, 2009 — and are getting a second chance to do things. The only bad thing is that he didn’t get to stay young forever (is this a spoiler? obviously in every movie where someone’s body changes, they are always reverted by the end!). But that’s what he wanted. The movie gave him a form of personal growth that he couldn’t have experienced otherwise.

CONCLUSION: It’s not quite fair to call this a body swap comedy, since there is only one person involved. But this was both funny and endearing at the same time. They actually made something somewhat inspiring out of the gimmick.

RATINGS: Clint: IMDB: 8/10. Netflix: 4/5 stars.
Carolyn: IMDB: 8/10. Netflix: 3/5 stars. I keep saying 8/10 is too high for 3/5!

RECOMMENDATION: My recommendation is somewhat neutral — Did you like what you just read? Than see it. Is seeing a High School Musical star star in a high school movie beyond your tolerance? Then don’t see it.

MOVIE QUOTE: Principal Jane Masterson: “Are you peacocking?”

COINCIDENCES: (Less Than Zero, 17 Again) Within a few days of watching Less Than Zero, 17 Again has a scene where he talks about someone reading Less Than Zero. (more…)

Very strange dream where the upstairs floor of my house was a combination of our house in real life, and something akin to Uncle Duke’s downstairs house.

I don’t know why his house comes up in my dreams so often; maybe it’s because my whole family lived there for a month in 1983 in between houses.

20070615 - Nate's going away party - IMG_2467 - Kipp & Carolyn - out front

why is this house always in my dreams?!?

Anyway, I had a problem with the door to Carolyn & my bedroom. As the repairman was working on the hinges to our door, he noticed that there was another set of hinges facing the other way next to them. He then had me come over and was like, “Look at this!” He pulled the wood paneling off the wall, and lo and behold, there was a second door to the left of our bedroom door! He opened this up, and there was simply another door there. Like, touching it, but opening outward instead of inward.

20100528 - air hockey table - IMG_0735 - so surreal to see our door inside our house

A door... in my house... where it doesn't belong?!?!

We opened that, and there was this huge room there! What the hell, we had a whole huge room we didn’t know about?!?!! But to make things even stranger, a bunch of our belongings that we had forgotten about were in there. Apparently, we’d gone into this room in 1999 when we first lived in our house, and had settled into it. But somehow we blocked it off, and forgot our stuff was in there! It was almost as big as our main post-addition TV room is in real life, but had concrete floors and sparse furnishings.

20080220 - Flooring downstairs - 152-5215 - floor transition between old and new

This was WAYYY more festive than the room in my dream.

I think this is a combination of my real-life desires to always live in a house with secret passages, and the real-life experience of cleaning out my attic this week, and finding all kinds of our stuff I had forgotten we had. (In real life, I had remarked to Carolyn that cleaning out our attic was kind of like going to a yard sale–finding all kinds of neat stuff.)

20070325-26 - Catcha the raccoon - 116-1632 - the raccoon in the attic

always an adventure cleaning out my attic

The room was mostly square, but it had a hallway — and a 2nd washer and dryer were in there. Damn, now we can do laundry twice as fast! But that hallway ended at ANOTHER door. That door — also a double door — went to public restroom — a good 10 toilets or so on both walls. I think this restroom was from another dream I had long ago, where I kept getting lost in these endless locker rooms.

Postcard - Urinating - Businessman Vs. Native American

Public restrooms. Yuck. (Private > Public!)

Apparently, these were bathrooms in the white house or something. Later, I opened them up while people were in there, to see if the Secret Service agent (who was John Glaser’s original bodyguard agent in season 1 of the show Delocated) would shoot me. He pointed his gun at us, I laughed at the thought that he might shoot us, and then he didn’t shoot us. I got into a discussion with the staff there about whether I could force them out of the bathroom, because it’s really part of my house and not their property. I think I decided I didn’t want to maintain 10 toilets, so it might be best if we share.


That's his hand on the left.


Later, I was walking around in the mall — or was it a mall shaped very much like my high school(?) — and I ran into Eve C, and told her about this dream I had. Little did I know I was in a dream within a dream.


Still later, I managed to stumble upon a party that my old friend Tiffany O was throwing. I got there late — like 1AM — and there were lots of drunk girls around. I sorta hit on / befriended one girl, who’s name was “Amit”. I thought she said Amy, but no, it was Amit. At some point we walked outside somewhere, but she wandered off or something. I crashed at Tiffany’s house and slept. When I woke up from my night’s sleep, I was really fuzzy. I couldn’t remember if this was X-Day weekend, or even what month it was, or where Carolyn might be. I was about to get in my car and drive to New York, as if I had simply taken a 1-day break from X-Day, come all the way back down to Virginia (8hr drive), and then was going to drive 8hrs back to X-Day. I couldn’t even remember what month it was, I was so f’ed up from the night before. (Even though I don’t remember drinking in the dream.) Finally, I managed to remember, “No, it’s NOT July,” and simply drove home to my normal home. The end.

''Dreams... They're the hurricanes that wash the soulfilth from the superdome of our nightminds.'' --Xavier:Renegade Angel

“Dreams… They’re the hurricanes that wash the soulfilth from the superdome of our nightminds.”
Xavier:Renegade Angel

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Ricky Gervais? I’m in.

PLOT SUMMARY: A coming-of-age dramedy about 3 British youths growing up in the 1970s. Sounds pretty dry, eh?

UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): The UK is full of losers.

PEOPLE: Co-Written, Co-Directed, and starring (in a lesser role) Ricky Gervais, creator of The Office, The Invention Of Lying. The other co-writer/co-director of this movie is Stephen Merchant — Ricky’s co-star in the Ricky Gervais Show. He is also in the film for a brief second. He *totally* looks like the cartoon version of him from the Ricky Gervais show. Instantly recognizable despite the fact that I’d never seen more than 2 seconds of his live-action self. :) Karl Pilkington is in an uncredited cameo, and unfortunately we missed him.

The main 3 characters are played by TV actors Christian Cooke, Tom Hughes, Jack Doolan. I should mention that Jack Doolan is pretty much the British answer to Clark Duke (Sex Drive, Kick-Ass, Hot Tub Time Machine). They both play the “fat kinda douchey kinda retarded annoying guy”. Compare this to this. And, of course, many might consider Clark Duke a poor man’s Jonah Hill. Thus, Jack Doolan is a British knockoff of an American knockoff. Jonah Hill -> Clark Duke -> Jack Doolan. The love interest is played by Felicity Jones.

Also starring Ralph Fiennes (Voldemort from Harry Potter, Clash Of The Titans remake, In Bruges, The Hurt Locker, Red Dragon, Sunshine), Matthew Goode, Emily Watson (as the love interest’s mother) (Red Dragon, Punch-Drunk Love, Equilibrium, Corpse Bride), and Steve Speirs (Flatnose from Inkheart, Capt. Tarpals from Star Wars 1:The Phantom Menace, Pirates Of The Caribbean:Dead Man‘s Chest) as the ‘good’ cop.

QUIRKS: Drinking, fighting, working-class mischief, police brutality, insurance sales, old-money, douchebags, racism, sexism, decreasing levels of comedy, depressingness.

VISUALS: Bleak, depressing 1970s UK.

MORALS: Sometimes you have to rise above your friends’ bullshit, as much as they want to keep you down. Start your life anew. Realize what you already have going for you. Leave town and get a life.

POLITICS: Society is not set up for the working class to succeed. UK sucks.

GOOD STUFF: Ricky Gervais‘s influence.

BAD STUFF: It’s not really a comedy, it’s a drama-comedy / dramedy. Heavy on the drama. Especially at the end. There’s a moment where all jokes stop for the rest of the movie. However, in its defense, there are some HOWL out loud moments of laughter worth catching.

MISTAKEN AS BAD is the racism, homophobia, and sexism. This is the 1970s. If you want an accurate film, you need to portray people like they were. People getting mad over this are revisionist: They want movies about 1970 to reflect 2010 values. They want to forget awkward history rather than acknowledge it. Political correctness is an enemy of art!

CONCLUSION: It was good for what it was, but it wasn’t what we wanted. I still enjoyed this, but it was a mostly depressing film, with decreasing levels of comedy. Ricky Gervais fans might be disappointed, as you expect to laugh your ass off with anything Gervais related. And while our asses were laughed off a few times, the laughing stopped mid-way, and it became a more generic drama movie. The entertainment value decreased and decreased until we got to our “happy” ending, which wasn’t even *that* happy. I’ve seen this movie a million times before, and it’s called “life sucks”. At least The Invention Of Lying was fresh, unique, and funny.

Clint: Netflix: 3/5 stars. IMDB: 6.4/10 (a high 6).
Carolyn: Netflix: 3/5 stars. IMDB: 7/10.

The native public rating for this movie is: IMDB: 7.2/10, Netflix: 3.5/5 stars (Netflix‘s predicted rating for us was 3.3/5 stars).

RECOMMENDATION: For Ricky Gervais completists only.

SIMILAR MOVIES: This kind of reminds me of Judd Apatow‘s Funny People. Not by it’s plot, but by the fact that it’s an occasionally funny drama, disguised as a comedy, from someone who pretty exclusively has made comedies.


10/5/97 5:01 AM  Carolyn: CLINT! evyoone is drunk now!!
    sen's puknin i my bsathrom.. and vikcy is dso durnk.
    adn dave is mad beuase jimie wa sin hter.. and s o he
    and john evacuated
    the area nad whent to walmatt and now soekm orthjre
    people shoewed up and im
    runk fom what ficuky made me..

    i think this isn't makeing sine.

10/5/97 5:01 AM  Carolyn: iufin' hsbr s ptor
    i didn't have  aproblem sending to you!@@


Some strange kind of crisis where Carolyn & I didn’t want to get caught. I ended up finding a secret room in my parents’ house (which wasn’t anything like any of their houses in real life). For some reason, I couldn’t let my parents or anybody else know. Literally, this room was just a cave at first. But the dream flashed forward several months, and after months in hiding, we had somehow managed to get a few amenities into the room, and expanded it. It kind of reminded me vaguely of the hidden room’s I would find in my dad‘s dad’s house, past the bar, in previous dreams. We lived in hiding for quite awhile. Eventually Dad found out we were there. My parents weren’t my enemies in the dream, but for some reason, it was crucial to our lives that they not know we were there. I don’t really remember what this all was about.

''Dreams... They're the hurricanes that wash the soulfilth from the superdome of our nightminds.'' --Xavier:Renegade Angel

“Dreams… They’re the hurricanes that wash the soulfilth from the superdome of our nightminds.”
Xavier:Renegade Angel

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Been meaning to watch this for a long time, but have only been psuedo-interested in it.

PEOPLE: Anne Hathaway. Glenn Close. James Belushi. Patrick Warburton. David Ogden Steirs. Xzibit (wtf?). Anthony Anderson. Andy Dick. Tom Kenny (the PowerPuff Girls narrator!). Kevin Michael Richardson (Principal Lewis in American Dad, Principal Davis in The Spectacular Spider-Man, Black Mantra in Batman:The Brave And The Bold, Bishop in Wolverine & The X-Men, The Boondocks, Chowder, Codename:Kids Next Door, Mr. Hudson in The PJs, Bill Cosby in Family Guy, etc etc etc), Tara Strong (another PowerPuff Girls voice, also in National Lampoon’s Senior Trip).

QUIRKS: It is basically a comical re-telling of a Little Red Riding-Hood story from the viewpoints of several different characters. Who’s been stealing the goodie recipies?

VISUALS: 3-D CGI done in a cartoonish way.


BAD STUFF: This movie was kind of painful at the beginning, especially with the songs. We deliberately watched this the day before camping, when we really didn’t want to watch anything too serious or heavy. But it kind of HURT at parts.

CONCLUSION: While the beginning was painful, the mystery angle grew increasingly interesting as it was told from each successive character’s viewpoint. This ultimately saved the movie by making it ever-so-barely entertaining.

RATINGS: IMDB: 5/10. It was way below a 5 at the beginning (3/10), but got more interesting at the end (6/10). Alcohol helped. This gets 3 stars on Netflix because in the end it didn’t leave us feeling terrible, but really this is more like 2.5/3 star material that has been rounded up to 3 stars.

RECOMMENDATION: If you need to watch something with your kids… This might be good. Adults? Well.. You really gotta be in the right mood to even be able to tolerate it.

SIMILAR MOVIES: It’s actually a psuedo-remake of some old 1950 movie that recalls a crime from the viewpoints of each person.

COINCIDENCES: (Icebreaker, Hoodwinked) 2 movies within a week or so that had someone trapped in a cable car/gondola with dynamite/a bomb about to blow up.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Benj really liked it. Metinee didn’t like it. (more…)

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