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PEOPLE: Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls) as the new actor-who-plays-Van Wilder. Kristin Cavallari (The Hills) as the love interest. Jerry Shea as the awkward asian perv (“boobs on butts!!”). Nestor Aaron Absera as the douchebag, and Nic Nac (American Pie presents Beta House) as his latent lackey. Meredith Giangrande as the Christian virgin who ultimately loves Satan. And Kurt Fuller (Wayne’s World, Ghostbusters 2, Repli-Kate, Scary Movie, Superhero Movie, and also in a few episodes of Avatar:The Last Airbender and Carnivale)

QUIRKS: A prequel to the original National Lampoon’s Van Wilder movie, and thus filled with minor inconsistencies that are unimportant and unnocitable, but have wankers on IMDB whining about, “Why did he have an iPhone in this movie, if he didn’t have one in Van Wilder 1?” Give it a break, folks. This is not serious cinema. Don’t pretend it is. This is National Lampoon. This is in the same school as Troma and American Pie, as far as I am concerned. COLLEGE COMEDY.

VISUALS: Your standard college comedy barrage of gratuitous hot chicks. :)

SOUNDTRACK: I totally noticed that Offspring song…

MORALS: Following authority doesn’t mean very much, if that authority is an evil douchebag.

BAD STUFF: Predictable plot and antics, but every college movie is more or less the same movie anyway, so I don’t really count that against this very much.

CONCLUSION: Generic pass. Gave us *exactly* what we expected. A bit more of a romantic comedy than Van Wilder 2, and possibly a bit better than Van Wilder 2. But probably not better than Van Wilder 1.

RATINGS: Netflix 3/5 stars, IMDB 6/10.

RECOMMENDATION: If you saw the first 2 Van Wilder movies, this might be better than the 2nd. Expect more of the same. At least this one *has* Van Wilder in it (even if he’s not played by Ryan Reynolds anymore), whereas Van Wilder 2 just had Kumar.

SIMILAR MOVIES: Every National Lampoon college movie ever made.

MOVIE QUOTE: “Write that down.”

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Benj didn’t like it. (He doesn’t like movies if they are too straight.)

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