Thursday, September 9th, 2010

We were outside. All of a sudden I heard really loud gunshots. Like, panic-inducingly loud. Loud enough to make you question your safety, and wonder what the best course of action would be to ensure your survival.

20100704 1751 - X-Day - Troll Shoot - Dave Lister, Jannus, Richard Skull with potato gun - (from - 1749-Skulls Big_Spud_Gun

suspicious gunfire everywhere

Next thing you know, we look up to see a plane very obviously “going after” another plane. It shoots it down. We see the plane fall down — it’s way slower than you would think, due to the distance. None of us really react–we just stand there and go, “Oh fuck!”

20100807 1404 - Cape Cod - plane - engine, wing - IMG_2207

I'm glad our private jet wasn't shot down.

Finally it hits the ground. The explosion is HUGE!! Suddenly, it seems much closer than it did. It wasn’t an unrealistic or cartoonish situation; the thought I had at the time was simply that none of us had seen events happen at quite that geometry and perspective, and that it simply wasn’t quite like the movies at all. Things that took a long time to fall could explode nearer to you than you thought.

20070412 - Vicky @ Canada - coal mine blast - (by Vicky) - 457341523_dcced255a2_o

explosions! everywhere!

So anyway, we still don’t take cover — we basically decide to rely on luck for our survival. Airplane parts ended up exploding so high up that by the time they hit the ground, they went over and past us, landing behind us rather than on us. In addition to the large parts, there were also really really small parts, like nuts and bolts, that didn’t seem to go as far. Our consensus was basically, “Shit! So, are we in a war now or something?”

20080606 - Artomatic - 158-5853 - art - dangerous painting

''So, are we in a war now or something?''

I think there may have been more war noises from all directions, and we realized we had to get in our cars and get the fuck out of there, driving somewhere else for our own safety!

20090806 - Bethany Beach trip - 1 - Go-Karts - Clint, Carolyn, Maria - (by Vicky) - 3806696896_a408892aaa_o

''Let's get the hell out of here!''

postcard - Dream St., car (b&w)

“Dreams… They’re the hurricanes that wash the soulfilth from the superdome of our nightminds.”
Xavier:Renegade Angel