movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Carolyn had never seen this, and if I had… It was way back in my childhood and totally forgotten. She had also forgotten Mad Max 1, which we watched with Christian & Shannon awhile back… So we watched it in 4X speed, taking in all of Mad Max 1 in 22 minutes.

LIMERICK REVIEW: There once was an ex-cop man named Max,
Who had been forced to face many horrid acts.
Actually, he was quite mad–
Dealing death to those who were bad.
His methods were anything but lax.

HAIKU REVIEW: Mel Gibson, crazy?
It seems so normal, today.
But quite weird back then.

PEOPLE: Mel Gibson. Bruce Spence (who had minor parts in Queen Of The Damned and Matrix Revolutions, and was the mouth of Sauron in the Return Of The King extended edition, and Mr. Wall in Dark City) as The Gyro Captain. Vernon Wells as Wez (he was Lord General in Weird Science, and then went on to do 58 movies I’ve never heard of). Virginia Hey (Farscape) as the warrior woman.

QUIRKS: The most expensive Australian film produced at the time. (Wow.)

VISUALS: That guy whose motorcycle hit a car, and started cartwheeling in mid-air towards the camera? That was a real accident.

MORALS: When society collapses, nobody will have any morals. Trust no one. This seems to be a pretty consistent theme with post-apocalyptic movies.

BAD STUFF: One might complain that it looks like a 1981 movie. But for post-apocalyptic settings, things *should* look old, so it works.

CONCLUSION: Waaaaay better than Mad Max 1, which was kind of slow and clunky. Pretty solid action.

RATINGS: Netflix: 3/5 stars: IMDB: 7/10 for Clint, 8/10 for Carolyn. But to me, if a movie is 8/10 on IMDB, it generally has to be at least 4/5 stars on Netflix.

RECOMMENDATION: If you liked Mad Max 3:Beyond Thunderdome… You should probably watch this. If you hated Mad Max 1, you still should probably watch this. It’s not the greatest movie in the world, but it is referenced in tons of other movies. I kind of think anything highly-referenced should be seen. And if you’ve seen none of the Mad Max movies? You don’t really need to start with Mad Max 1. This is probably a better starting point.

SIMILAR MOVIES: Waterworld! Waterworld is basically this movie on water, with a way bigger budget, and better special effects.

Mad Max 4 will be out in 2011.

Will it rule? You know what looks awful? Toad Warrior.

MOVIE QUOTE: The Humungus: Be still my dog of war. I understand your pain. We’ve all lost someone we love. But we do it my way! We do it my way. Fear is our ally. The gasoline will be ours. Then you shall have your revenge.

COINCIDENCES: (the movie Doomsday, Mad Max 2) (double coincidence) 2 movies 2 nights in a row with someone tied to the front of a vehicle in a post-apocalyptic-like setting, and someone else retrieving a revolver from a fancy case.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Christian D loved it. Ian B, Jordan, and Wayne really liked it. Benj didn’t like it.

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