movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Been meaning to watch this for a long time, but have only been psuedo-interested in it.

PEOPLE: Anne Hathaway. Glenn Close. James Belushi. Patrick Warburton. David Ogden Steirs. Xzibit (wtf?). Anthony Anderson. Andy Dick. Tom Kenny (the PowerPuff Girls narrator!). Kevin Michael Richardson (Principal Lewis in American Dad, Principal Davis in The Spectacular Spider-Man, Black Mantra in Batman:The Brave And The Bold, Bishop in Wolverine & The X-Men, The Boondocks, Chowder, Codename:Kids Next Door, Mr. Hudson in The PJs, Bill Cosby in Family Guy, etc etc etc), Tara Strong (another PowerPuff Girls voice, also in National Lampoon’s Senior Trip).

QUIRKS: It is basically a comical re-telling of a Little Red Riding-Hood story from the viewpoints of several different characters. Who’s been stealing the goodie recipies?

VISUALS: 3-D CGI done in a cartoonish way.


BAD STUFF: This movie was kind of painful at the beginning, especially with the songs. We deliberately watched this the day before camping, when we really didn’t want to watch anything too serious or heavy. But it kind of HURT at parts.

CONCLUSION: While the beginning was painful, the mystery angle grew increasingly interesting as it was told from each successive character’s viewpoint. This ultimately saved the movie by making it ever-so-barely entertaining.

RATINGS: IMDB: 5/10. It was way below a 5 at the beginning (3/10), but got more interesting at the end (6/10). Alcohol helped. This gets 3 stars on Netflix because in the end it didn’t leave us feeling terrible, but really this is more like 2.5/3 star material that has been rounded up to 3 stars.

RECOMMENDATION: If you need to watch something with your kids… This might be good. Adults? Well.. You really gotta be in the right mood to even be able to tolerate it.

SIMILAR MOVIES: It’s actually a psuedo-remake of some old 1950 movie that recalls a crime from the viewpoints of each person.

COINCIDENCES: (Icebreaker, Hoodwinked) 2 movies within a week or so that had someone trapped in a cable car/gondola with dynamite/a bomb about to blow up.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Benj really liked it. Metinee didn’t like it.

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