movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] “Sex, Drugs, and Matzoh Ball Soup.”

HAIKU REVIEW: A kosher seder
is quite an accomplishment.
Add some LSD?

PEOPLE: A new director, and a family-sized cast. Ben Feldman was also in Friday The 13th 12 (the reboot) and Cloverfield. Mili Avital was in Stargate. Meredith Scott Lynn was in Legally Blonde. Jack Klugman has been around for quite some time; the last surviving juror from 12 Angry Men (1957)… This was his 3rd movie in 30 years. Lesley Ann Warren was in Secretary. And patriarch Michael Lerner was in National Lampoon’s Senior Trip (2 movies in 2 nights with someone who was in that movie!)

QUIRKS: Judaism. “Dysfunctional” families. Drugs (ecstasy and LSD). Passover. Social awkwardness. Lesbians. Kissing cousins. Sex therapists. Weird guys with an eyepatch. Angry dads.

A Jewish family decides to have their first kosher seder — which is a BIG PAIN to do. The problem son then doses dad’s soup with ecstacy and LSD.

Hilarity ensues.

VISUALS: While not a visual movie, there are a few points where they actually have some pretty good “on drugs” type visuals.

MORALS: Sometimes dosing someone with drugs can help them. What a great moral! haha

BAD STUFF: At the very ending, where they “revealed” [highlight for spoilers] that the pill was actually a sugar pill… That just didn’t make any sense at all. [highlight for spoilers] Explain the visuals? He did NOT just have those visuals because he was told that he’d been dosed. You don’t trip spontaneously becuase you were told to. Methinks the dealer was wrong, and he simply got a bonus pill, getting 2 for the price of 1. They should have cut that scene out.

The only other bad thing is pulling on our emotional strings near the end of the movie. Trying to make us cry. But then they joke about that, too, having the guy with an eyepatch [highlight for spoilers] wipe away a tear, even though he has no business being there in the first place..

CONCLUSION: A great comedy of Jewish high-maintenance family awkwardness mixed with drugs — brought down only by the comedy stopping about 90% through, and the religious stuff (which really wasn’t that bad). If not for the drama at the end, and the religion, this would be a 5-star comedy.

RATINGS: IMDB: 8/10. Netflix: 4/5 stars.

RECOMMENDATION: A great comedy. Check it out!

SIMILAR MOVIES: My Big Fat Greek Wedding is similar too this — “ethnic family religion ritual comedy”. This could have just as easily been called “My Big Fat Jewish Seder”, except nobody would know what a seder is. In fact, after writing that last sentence, I just found out that is the DVD Subtitle!

This also reminded me of the familial awkwardness of Death At A Funeral, and the dysfunction/uniqueness level of the family from the FOX sitcom Arrested Development.

COINCIDENCES: (Watchmen, When Do We Eat?) 2 movies in 2 nights starring people who were also in National Lampoon’s Senior Trip.

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