Friday, November 5th, 2010

I dreamed we were on some family vacation roadtrip across the country. I have no clue why I was going to sit in my car with my immediate family for so long.

20100417 - yardsaleing - Clint - driving - (by Carolyn) - 11.57.59

can you tell how enthusiastic I am about travel and driving?


When I heard we were going near Michigan, I started wanting to stay at other SubGenius peoples’ houses, like Gigglepuss & 808’s honeymoon.

20101009 2329 - NYC - SubGenius GFY Devival - Gigglepuss, 808 - about to get married - IMG_2376

This newlywed couple were on their cross-country SubGenius-visiting Honeymoon-Roadtrip while I dreamed this dream!


I especially wanted to stop at Eggplant/K-Ren’s house in Michigan, even though in real life it’s in Detroit.

20100705 0700 - X-Day - The Rupture - 087 - Rev. Eggplant passes out money, Orpheus, Panik, Bug

Eggplant counts his party-throwin' money. But, contrary to prevailing belief in Clint's dreams, he does not live in Michigan.


Dad started acting like a real dick about it — reminds me of the time in real life he wouldn’t stop at a gas station for us to go to bathroom while returning from vacation, even though we were 1.5 gas tanks away. That is, we would have had to stop for gas exactly once no matter when that was, but he still refused to do it and made us (and me in particular) physically suffer enough that I remember it 18 years later. That probably helped create this dream segment.

20050417 - Dad - face-generator

1993 software simulation of Mad Dad


Anyway, the dream was much like that. The SubGenius house we wanted to stop at was barely out of the way at all, but he totally resisted for the simple reason of not wanting to change his uninteresting plan into one that was more interesting. Somehow, we ended up at the house anyway, and there was a party going on.

20080718 - post-construction party #1 - (by AE) - Christian, Meagan, Shannon, Greg (with lampshade), Joe - 2681930739_735617ee89_o

yay party!!


I noticed Nic Endo of Atari Teenage Riot in the other room. “Back off”, some doorman security guard told me. I then told him how I was a big fan, yada yada. Later on in the dream, she had a concert, and I went into the backyard to watch it.

20100924 - 1 - 0117 - Atari Teenage Riot @ The Sonar - Carolyn, Nic Endo - (by AE) - 5030899879_d8b6550942_o

NIC ENDO, you sexy beast!


Alcohol was served.

20091231 - New Year's Eve Chili Cook-Off - 0 - snake wine - DSCN0241 - (by Eli)

fortunately there were no scorpions, though dreamworld WOULD be the ideal place to try scropion liquor


The guns came out like at the last Paul J party I went to. Tiny plastic shotguns that were real guns.

20070113 - Clint's 33rd birthday party - random stuff - broken BB gun - (by Glen) - 356967384_441ba8c873_o

People.. everywhere... drunk.. with guns. Just like at a recent party I was at.


Dad was still bitching about being here. Then we got in the car, and he was going to back into the garage. Me and someone else both yelled at him that the garage door wasn’t open, but he wouldn’t listen to us, and backed through Eggplant’s garage door, breaking it. We made fun of him for not listening to us.

20100612 - yardsaling - IMG_0815 - childhood toy

NOOOO!!!! Don't break the garage!!!!


The party went on. I was trying to figure out how to ditch my family with Carolyn, abort the cross-country vacation, but still have a way of getting back to our house in Virginia.

20091231 - New Year's Eve Chili Cook-Off - 3 - everyone gathered around the TV - DSCN0279 - (by Eli)

The party never ends!!


The worst part of the dream was dad being annoying, but it was totally worth it to be at a rockin’ party with SubGenii AND Atari Teenage Riot!

20100213 - Carolyn-Parthena-John birthday party - 0 - Five SubGeniuses! - IMG_1363 - Christie, 808, Carolyn, Clint, TwoBeans

Partyin' SubGenii Represent!


''Dreams... They're the hurricanes that wash the soulfilth from the superdome of our nightminds.'' --Xavier:Renegade Angel

“Dreams… They’re the hurricanes that wash the soulfilth from the superdome of our nightminds.”
Xavier:Renegade Angel