I'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Wikipedia link] [Not available on Netflix, even though the show is out on DVD. Stupid Netflix.] [Like on Facebook] [Redundant Facebook group] [sample video clips] [official website] This has been called “New Zealand’s answer to The Simpsons” — because it’s New Zealand’s first primetime animated series. But I am a bit more discerning with cartoons. This doesn’t come off like The Simpsons, but more like a combination of King Of The Hill and South Park. Which ends up being a bit more gritty and obscene than The Simpsons.

PLOT SUMMARY: The misadventures of 5 black teenagers (4 Samoans and a Maori) growing up in a New Zealand town called Morningside.

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PEOPLE: Based on the performance of the New Zealand four-man group The Naked Samoans. These guys provide the voices for the characters.

Being a Kiwi, Lucy Lawless (Xena:Warrior Princess) guest voices in a few episodes. Other New Zealand celebrities guest-star as well, but us Americans haven’t heard of them. Also guest-starring are Russel Crowe and Flight Of The Conchords.

QUIRKS: Racist.

Funny cold-openings with God [who’s Maori, wears a towel around his waist, and has 2 hot Maori chicks around him at all times], often talking about some moral lesson that is somewhat illustrated in the episode. They usually conclude with a closing segment showing God and the others (Ghenghist Kahn, Jesus) remarking on what happened in the episode. Often times the closing credits are used to show the audience ‘photographs’, with characters talking really fast, describing the photographs. The photographs are kind of like “dvd extras” for the episode. Anyway — the God parts are actually funnier than the main part of the show. They should spin Maori God off into his own series.

Kinda mumbly dialog.

Their dad is total trash — the cartoon character most like him is Percy Spencer of Kevin Spencer. Plus, he’s into bestiality with his horse.

Peyow! Peyow! Peyow! (Pew! Pew! Pew!) UrbanDictionary helps explain this. They do this while thrusting their crotch at hot girls. Must be a weird Kiwi thing. They do it all the time! It’s hilarious. This meme must spread. I’ve now “pew pew’ed” attractive friends of mine without them realizing it, haha.

By the way, if you ever wonder why Vale and Valea have such similar names — it’s because they translate to “dumb” and “dumber”. Ironic, since Vale is the smartest one.

VISUALS: Kinda generic animation.

MORALS: Definitely a Christian show. But that’s okay, as the show is full of so much immorality, racism, and improper behavior, and religion is not preached. It’s just obviously created by christians. And there are lessons to be learned, but they are hard to discern through the trash of the show. In that respect, it’s kind of like South Park.

POLITICS: Kinda racist against Maoris. And Asians. And Aborigines. And Pacific Islanders. And Asians. Basically, anyone who’s not a white New Zealander. Which is funny, because all the main characters are black (Samoans, mostly)! The Maori character, Jeff De Maori, is a different shade of blackish-grey, has snot running out his nose, is really fucking annoying [the most grating and annoying character in the show], is totally stupid, poor, dirty, has 1 mom and 8 dads who moved to Morningside [the town this takes place in] to get better TV reception. They have a whole episode about Asians, where the conclusion is that they are worth keeping around because they are rich. Some people don’t get that this is a satire of New Zealand racism, and instead get mad that the show is racist. Nevermind the fact that it’s more or less created by Samoans, who are, in part, making fun of themselves and their own culture.

GOOD STUFF: The Taliban episode was funny – “He’s a terrorist!” as the guy has a birthday cake with 2 candles that are the Twin Towers, complete with an airplane going into one. Great episode.

BAD STUFF: Vodofone product placement.

Culture Shock: The culture shock during the first few episodes of watching this reminded me a lot of Bromwell High. Here, we have yet another strange English accent that is, at first, hard to understand, foreign, and occasionally referencing things Americans wouldn’t generally understand. It’s even a heavy accent for those in New Zealand, as it’s their equivalent of “west side” / “ghetto” accents (to put it bluntly).

Jeff Da Maori is SOOO ANNOYING, the show would be better if his character didn’t exist. The next most grating character would be Agnes, with her most-annoying-voice-ever. Her combination of voice and accent is the stuff that nightmares are made of.

The show is certainly obnoxious. That’s kind of the point. They even have some gross scatalogical humor at times. Get over it.

Season 3 didn’t seem to be as good, but it made up for it by having more 1980’s pop song references. S4 seemed to have more stiffy jokes. Also, we never got to see #8, a special that is only on DVD.

CONCLUSION: New Zealand’s first primetime animated show — is a cut above mediocre. I liked it, but I didn’t *really* like it. It’s definitely good enough to watch all 34 episodes!


Clint: Netflix: 3.4/5 stars. IMDB: 7/10. I liked Bromwell High slightly better.
Carolyn: Netflix: 4/5 stars. IMDB: 8/10. She liked this slightly better than Bromwell high.

The native public rating for this movie is: IMDB: 6.7/10.

Carolyn’s character rating rating, from best to worst: Valea, Mac, Vale, Sione, Jeff. Yes, I agree. Jeff was fucking annoying. Goddamn Maoris.

RECOMMENDATION: If you are an adult cartoon lover, this is some good filler for those dry, off-season spells of not having enough cartoons to watch.

SIMILAR SHOWS Bromwell High: Another foreign cartoon not quite suitable for children, featuring schoolkids with thick foreign accents.

BTW, It is rumored, that a feature film could go in production in 2010.


“Morningside for life!” –everybody in unison

“Peyow! Peyow! Peyow!” –many of them

“Jesus Christ!” –God.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: I doubt a single human being I have ever been in contact with has ever seen this.


**(St. Trinians #2, Bro’ Town #6) 2 videos in a row mentioning King/Queen Lear, as well as doing a “My Precious” Lord Of The Rings parody. Double coincidence!

+(real life, Bro Town #30) Right after talking about vegetarians at X-Day on Facebook, within a minute played an episode that was about vegetarianism. Creepy.

(She’s Out Of My League, Bro’ Town #17) 2 videos in a row with guys landing really hot blondes that are out of their league and out of their social status class as well, that kissed the guy first in a car, that say they like them because they make them laugh.

(Friday:TAS #3, Bro’Town #5) 2 cartoons 2 nights in a row with animated black people talking about Notorious B.I.G. and 2-Pac being dead.

(Friday:TAS #6, Bro’Town #13) 2 cartoons in a row with black characters realizing they are going to have to get a job, then going, “Nooooooooo!!!!”

(Friday:TAS #7, Bro’Town #14) 2 cartoons in a row with black characters talking about segregation.

(Bro’ Town #32, Rock,Paper,Scissors:The Way Of The Tosser) Two videos a row with the game Rock Paper Scissors.

(Food Party public shorts airing in Baltimore/real life, Bro’ Town #18) 2 videos in the same night with a cop coming to a house based on complaints, and talking to the person in the house through their window.

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