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HAIKU REVIEW: Garfield is funny.
Especially the cartoon.
This one, though, sucks ass.

PEOPLE: Frank Welker, an amazing voice actor, does Garfield‘s voice duties. Sorry, it’s just not the same now that Lorenzo Music has died.

VISUALS: 3-D CGI. I would have preferred more Garfield & Friends style animation.

MORALS: The ability to be funny was inside of you all along! Pfft.

BAD STUFF: Pretty much everything. The jokes, the animation, the plot, the dialog, the depiction of the world as being more cartoonish instead of real. Bubbles coming out of the car’s exhaust pipe? What the hell? Garfield is supposed to be set in the real, normal world!

This was worthy of its 3.9/10 IMDB rating.

CONCLUSION: Even hardcore Garfield fans who have seen every one of the 200+ episodes of Garfield & Friends …. will probably still hate this steaming pile.

RATINGS: IMDB: 4/10. Netflix: 2/5 stars.

RECOMMENDATION: STAY AWAY!!!! Go watch Garfield & Friends instead. Now THAT was funny material. Funny for adults, even.

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