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PEOPLE: Main character is played by Justin Whalin, who Clint instantly recognized as the 2nd Jimmy Olsen from the Lois & Clark 1990s Superman series. Adam West is in a short scene as well, playing an ex-hero. Danielle Harris plays the leading lady (she was Sierra in the Father Of The Pride adult primetime cgi cartoon, and was in Killer Bud). Also with Sam Lloyd (Galaxy Quest, Flubber), and… June Lockheart?!?! Yes, Ruth Martin from Lassie June Lockheart.

QUIRKS: Super heroes! You had me at super heroes, honestly. But a super hero comedy? And one that’s not a spoof-genre movie spoofing 40 different movies? I’m in.

They actually did spoof a few movies, but there’s an actual story here. I wouldn’t call this a typical spoof-genre movie like Scary Movie or Superhero Movie; rather it simply falls in the “superhero comedy” category, like The Tick, Space Ghost Coast To Coast, Stripperella, or maybe even Hancock.

They also had a bit of time travel, which is always a plus.

SOUNDTRACK: Well, the closing credits had the “Believe It Or Not, I’m Walking On Air” / Greatest American Hero theme song. Which was a nice choice.

MORALS: Sometimes the bad guy isn’t who you think it is.

BAD STUFF: This could have been a lot better, given what it was. This kind of movie has high potential, to me, and it failed to live up to it.

CONCLUSION: It was still funny and charming however.

RATINGS: Netflix: 3/5 stars. IMDB: 6.5/10. A generic pass with a bit of a bonus for being superhero-related.

RECOMMENDATION: Like superhero stuff or cartoons? Watch this. Don’t? Then don’t.

SIMILAR MOVIES: Not a movie, but The Tick reminded me of this. Stripperella as well. Basically, this fell in the category of comedic superhero spoofs, which is a somewhat narrow category.

COINCIDENCES: (Conan The Destroyer, Super Capers) In the same night as watching Conan with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Super Capers had a robot that sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger, including saying “I’ll be back”.

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