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UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): People in their 30s pretend to be teenagers hooking up. Molly Shannon becomes a pedophile.

PEOPLE: Directed by David Wain (The State, Stella, Superjail). Written by David Wain & Michael Showalter (The State, Stella). With Janeane Garofalo (24, Reality Bites, etc), David Hyde Pierce (Niles from Frasier, Sideshow Bob’s brother in The Simpsons, Wolf), Michael Showalter, Marguerite Moreau (who I think looks like a cross between Laura San Giacomo and Kristin Kreuk–but Carolyn doesn’t see it), Michael Ian Black (The State, Stella), Paul Rudd (Angel‘s boyfriend), Christopher Miloni (Freakshow from Harold & Kumar 1, and the Green Lantern from Green Lantern: First Flight which we just recently watched), Molly Shannon (Saturday Night Live, Talladega Nights, Scary Movie 4, Happiness), Ken Marino (The State, Hoodwinked), Joe Lo Truglio (The State, Fanboys, Superbad), Amy Poehler (Saturday Night Live, Envy, Mean Girls, Blades Of Glory, Shrek 3, Horton Hears A Who, Arrested Development), Elizabeth Banks (Zack & Miri Make A Porno, Spider-Man 2 & 3, The 40 Year Old Virgin)… And H. Jon Benjamin (Dr. Katz, Home Movies) as the talking vegetable can that only the Vietnam vet can hear.

WOW. This is one of the best casts ever.

QUIRKS: Summer camp! Hooking up! Stupid kids.

MORALS: Nope. None in there.

BAD STUFF: I felt this movie suffered from having too many subplots and no real “main” characters. Sometimes that formula works, but this time it just felt kind of random, and that randomness made it harder for me to pay attention to and get into. Some people rate this a 5 star comedy, one of the funniest movies they’ve seen… But I just felt it was kind of defocused.

CONCLUSION: A better than average comedy with an *incredible* cast.

Clint: Netflix: 3/5 stars. IMDB: 7/10.
Carolyn: Netflix: 4/5 stars. IMDB: 8/10.

RECOMMENDATION: This movie must have not been heavily promoted, because I’d never heard of it and at least one person on Facebook commented that “I thought I was the only one in the country to watch this”. It’s actually a good comedy — I would recommend anyone who is a fan of The State or any of the other cast members check this out. It may very well be funnier than I am rating it!

SIMILAR MOVIES: I am definitely reminded of Happy Campers, even if that Pixel chick is the only thing I remember from Happy Campers.

MOVIE QUOTE: Can of Vegetables (H. Jon Benjamin): “If you wanna smear mud on your ass, smear mud on your ass – just be honest about it. Look, Gene, I’ve never told anyone this before, but I can suck my own dick, and I do it a lot.”

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Carolyn, Ian, & Benj really liked it (4/5). Eric M & Christian D liked it (3/5).

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