I don’t think it’s a dick move to remember Pearl Harbor right now.

I think it’s a dick move to think that the tragedy in Japan has anything to do with Pearl Harbor whatsoever.

I think it’s a dick move to think there’s a giant sky fairy out there punishing people for what happened 70 years ago (or at all).

But natural tragedies do not erase history, either. 70 years don’t make lost lives not worth remember. The fact that they put on a uniform doesn’t make their deaths not worth remembering because “they knew the risks”. It’s more important to remember when man killed man, than when nature killed man, because man killing man has malicious intent, and nature killing man does not. (Forgiving and forgetting is for Christians who want to get slapped a second time while forgetting history. Ask Palestinians if WW2 is really over for them.)

A lot of the people talking about Pearl Harbor right now are assholes — but that doesn’t automatically make it “ignorant and stupid” to remember Pearl Harbor, unless they are using God or karma as their explanation.

In summary:

Japan tsunami is god’s revenge for pearl harbor == you are an asshole.

Remember pearl harbor == you value american lives. Possibly more than those of the Japanese. I may not agree, and your comments are ill-timed, but that is your prerogative. It’s not “ignorant and stupid”, it’s just different.

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