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PEOPLE: Created by Carl W. Adams, H. Jon Benjamin (Ben from Dr. Katz! Couch McGurk from Home Movies! Bob from Bob’s Burgers! Archer from Archer!), Matt Harrigan, and others.

Starring Larry Murphy (NOT H. Jon Benjamin) as Assy McGee. He is also Teddy/Javed in Bob’s Burgers, Frank Grimes/Callie’s Father/Burt in Ugly Americans, Jay The Doorman in Delocated, Drew in Home Movies, and Mr. Lipshitz/Pete Klesko in O’Grady. His partner, Dilorenzo, is played by Carl W. Adams (writer/producer/director also involved in O’Grady, Dr. Katz, & The Ricky Gervais Show). H. Jon Benjamin plays the mayor.

PLOT SUMMARY: Cops are assholes. This is one asshole cop’s story.

UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): Abusive cop continually allowed to beat and murder innocent people while being paid by your tax dollars.

QUIRKS: THIS SHOW IS A SATIRE. It is not about fecal humor. One would be STRONGLY INCLINED to think a show called “Assy McGee” about a talking ass would be full of toilet humor. It isn’t. Sure, he farts out his mouth/ass every episode, but this is minor, and not what the series is about.

Above all, it is a satire of detective/cop movies. And it is a social commentary about how policeman in America are often raging, abusive assholes — and nobody seems to notice. In fact, nobody ever acknowledges that this cop is literally an asshole. I believe that through the eyes of the characters in the Assy McGee-universe, that he is just another human being. He is simply drawn as an asshole to make a pointed social commentary about how cops can be assholes and TOTALLY GET AWAY WITH IT.

As such, there is a deeper (DERPer?) political meaning to this show. A hidden “between-the-lines” layer of biting political satire that is never directly acknowledged by the show.

VISUALS: Assy McGee, as an animated character, is perhaps the strangest character design I have ever seen for any character in any cartoon in my life. He is literally a talking anus. In fact, Assy McGee is one of the five titles IMDB lists under it’s “Talking Anus” keyword. (Ironically, I’ve seen 4 out of 5 of them! Though I don’t remember any of the anuses, and thought Pink Flamingos would be listed; but Pink Flamingos only has a singing anus, not a talking anus.)

And that’s what’s so strange. He’s an ass — an ass is his face — which means that his rear is facing forward. So his legs are facing backwards, much like Xavier:Renegade Angel. And he has no arms. But he draws guns, beats, and shoots people. But since he has no arms, when he picks something up, it just floats near him. THIS IS REALLY WEIRD!

SOUNDTRACK: 11-minute AdultSwim cartoons don’t have soundtracks per se, but I will comment on the way Assy talks. Because he is literally a talking ass, he has no eyes, or lips — just a big ass for a face. And he’s an alcoholic. An abusive, brutality-loving, thug alcoholic. As such, EVERYTHING HE SAYS IS MUMBLED. It’s actually hard to understand him at times. This is intentional. It adds to the humor. It adds to your dislike of him. You are SUPPOSED to dislike Assy McGee. That’s kind of the point. He kills innocent people while drunk. These are not the actions of a good cop. Anyway, some people have said that it’s a “Sylvester Stallone” style muffled voice. I’ll leave that judgment up to the viewer.

MORALS: Fuck the police.

POLITICS: Someone on IMDB asked – “How does a show like this even get made?” My answer:

Well, you see, you grow up in a country where policemen have become increasingly abusive and quick to beat and shoot unarmed innocent people to death. (Just follow InjusticeNews for a year and your opinions will all change.)

After awhile, people get sick of cops acting like a$sh0les and getting away with it.

So you satirize it by showing a cop who is literally an a$sh0le, and having nobody else in the series notice — just like in real life. Nobody notices. Cop shoots innocents, loses lawsuit, sometimes gets disciplined, occasionally loses job, almost always is forcefully reinstated by the union, and in the cases where not, goes on to get hired by another department. I’ve seen it over and over again.

GOOD STUFF: Satirizing bad cops? Needed.

BAD STUFF: Senseless ultra-violence? Sometimes funny, but also sometimes so horrifying that it makes you sad to know that things like this happen in real life.

CONCLUSION: This series was a tough nut to crack. With only 20 11-minute episodes, it takes a good 5 episodes of exposure just to start to comprehend the strange form of humor used in this show. It is NOT potty humor like people superficially believe, but in fact a satire about how cops can be assholes. And the main character, Assy McGee, is the biggest asshole of a cop that I have seen in a long time. His alcoholic Stallone-like mumblings only make you dislike him more, AND THAT’S THE POINT. He’s an anti-hero. His violence comes off as sad, until you realize it’s satire, and then it becomes funnier. You definitely have to “get it” in *just* the right way to properly appreciate this show. It’s one of the denser cartoons that I’ve ever seen, especially since it masquerades itself as superficial potty humor. People who can’t get over the fact that IT’S A TALKING ASS on screen are held back by their hangups, and as such never realize what this show is about: Asshole cops.

Clint: Netflix: 4/5 stars. IMDB: 8/10. The first 25% of the series feels more like 3/5 stars, 7/10, but then it hits its stride, you catch on to the fact that it’s not outright humor, but also a sad social commentary satire — and then it becomes funnier upon this realization.

Carolyn: Netflix: 3/5 stars. IMDB: 7/10. “Maybe I didn’t ‘get it’ as much as Clint…”

The native public rating for this movie is: IMDB: 5.9/10.

RECOMMENDATION: This series is not for the faint of heart, and as such is pretty despised by our culture. They had to cut the airings mid-season (they came back later) due to a lack of advertisers willing to advertise on a show about a talking ass. I’m sure the Fraternal Organization Of Police rates this as the worst show to ever be created in history. It’s really more sad than funny — until about 5 or 10 episodes in, when it starts to become funnier. Whether that is the series itself getting funnier — or me simply starting to “get it” and accept a new form of humor — is a question I will ask myself the rest of my life.

SIMILAR CARTOONS: Actually.. I can’t think of any. Being unique is a boon for any series.


Chief – Assy Just one question, why the baby?
Assy – …I thought it’d be funny to see a baby shoot a priest.

Sanchez: Work? But it’s Sunday.
Assy: Somebody forgot to tell crime.

Assy – I’ve got one bullet with your email address on it, don’t make me hit send.
Well looks like you’ve got some new mail in your inbox.
John Adams – please I’m just an actor.
Assy – ….can ya play dead? (shoots him)


Cousin Nathan: “I’ve only watched it a couple times, but an impressive satire I agree.”Music: NoMeansNo – Heaven Is The Dust Beneath My Shoes