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UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): [highlight for spoilers] Joey’s been typecast already.

PEOPLE: From the director of 24 Season 1, Predator 2, and Nightmare On Elm Street 5. With William Hurt (Sunshine, Altered States), Mimi Rogers (Dumb & Dumber 2, Austin Powers), the lovely Heather Graham (Rollergirl in Boogie Nights, The Hangover, Twin Peaks, Drugstore Cowboy, Nowhere, Swingers, Scream 2), Lacey Chabert (16, in her first on screen role) (Party Of Five, Gretchen from Mean Girls, Gwen Stacy in Spectacular Spider-Man, Meg Griffin from Family Guy season 1 only, Not Another Teen Movie), Jack Johnson, Gary Oldman (Sirious Black from Harry Potter, Jim Gordon from Batman Begins/The Dark Knight, The Fifth Element, Hannibal, and Sid Vicious from Sid & Nancy)… And Matt LeBlanc (Joey from Friends).

QUIRKS: Remade from the TV show that neither of us had ever watched an episode of in our life. (And it’s not like we didn’t watch old stuff when we were kids. Just not that.)

This was the next #1 movie after Titanic‘s 15-week reign. Thus, it is known as “The Iceberg”. Fuck Titanic.

It’s a space travel movie. With a planet. And {very minor spoiler} [highlight for spoilers] space spiders. Which actually creeped the hell out of me.

VISUALS: I thought the special effects were great. Except the CGI creature, which was pretty bad. But hey, this was 1998.

POLITICS: Too bad the 2 sequels were canceled. It is reported the cast only signed on when promised 2 sequels. Guess they didn’t have it in proper legaleese. The movie was too much of a flop — even though I also heard it returned double the investment.

Also, the original idea of the original Lost In Space TV series was “pirated” by the corporations/studios. A lawsuit was won, naming Ib Melchior as creator, and giving him a bunch of money.

BAD STUFF: I suppose a lot of people can’t stand Matt LeBlanc. Or the various ways they changed it from the original, whatever those may be. Or the character development. Or the 16 year old girl. Or the cute CGI creature. Or the various unexplained plot points (most of which make sense, if you research them). Some people thought it corny — But I would hope a corny old sci-fi show would retain some of its corniness when being remade. Hell, for some people, this was even the first movie they ever *DIDN’T* like. I guess we’re just very accepting here, in that all these things don’t really ruin it for us.

CONCLUSION: Despite its apparently infinite flaws, we enjoyed it! There’s plenty that a lot of people complain about, but we’re both movie optimists and sci-fi enthusiasts who can never get enough voyages to space. It also probably helped that we didn’t watch the original series.

Clint: Netflix: 4/5 stars. IMDB: 8/10.
Carolyn: Netflix: 4/5 stars. IMDB: 7.4/10. (Yes, 7.4. Not 7.0. Not 7.5. She tried to say “7.5 but rounded down to 7”. But we usually round up, like the mathematical rule.)
The native public rating for this movie is Netflix: 3.1/5 stars, IMDB 4.7/10.

RECOMMENDATION: If you’re a movie optimist, and think you can ignore Matt LeBlanc’s Matt LeBlanc-ness, then this will provide you with some really good escapist entertainment. But if you are a flaw-finder, you’re gonna hate this.

MOVIE QUOTE: Dr. Zachary Smith: [to Will Robinson] Let me tell you a lesson about life, kid. There are monsters everywhere… I know, I am one.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Jordan really liked it. Benj didn’t like it. Ian hated it.

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