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PLOT SUMMARY: Guy gets dumped, goes to Hawaii to forget about girlfriend… Only to run into her there. Complications ensue.

UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): [highlight for spoilers] Struggling musician fails to properly cope with getting dumped by whore of a girlfriend.

PEOPLE: Produced by Judd Apatow (and others), but really not an Apatow film. Directed by Nicholas Stoller (who wrote Yes Man, and 3 episodes of Undeclared). Starring (and written by) Jason Segal (Knocked Up, Slackers, SLC Punk!, Can’t Hardly Wait). Co-starring Kristen Bell (Heroes, Fanboys, Veronica Mars, Fifty Pills, the movie Pulse, Flatland: The Movie), and Mila Kunis (Jackie from That 70’s Show, Meg from Family Guy). With Russell Brand (St. Trinians), Bill Hader (Year One, Superbad, The Brothers Solomon, Pineapple Express, Knocked Up), Liz Cackowski (SNL), and even Paul Rudd & Kristin Wiig. Oh, and the girl who wanted to be gagged? Is Carla Gallo — Libby, from Carnivale! Jason Bateman (Arrested Development) and Jonah Hill also have small parts.

QUIRKS: Romantic comedy taking place mostly in Hawaii.

MORALS: When a girl dumps you, don’t obsess with her. Move on.

BAD STUFF: This movie was heralded by so many people as “soooo funny”, but it turned out to be an ultra-generic romantic comedy. Yes, there were some funny jokes and situations. Yes, there was some good dialog. But in the end, the focus was more on the relationships and romance than the comedy.

MORE THOUGHTS FROM CAROLYN: (contains spoilers, highlight to read—>) I feel kinda bad for Sarah.  She stuck around him for 5 years trying to motivate him and stuff… She must have been sticking around for some reason.  then in the last year she cheats on him… She even tried to talk to him when she finally decided to break up with him, but he refused to put any clothes on.. So, maybe it could have been resolved in a way where she didn’t break his heart into a million pieces, but she really screwed herself royally by not handling the situation very well.  When she starts realizing her new boyfriend isn’t all he was cracked up to be, she remembered the good times with the old boyfriend… so then she tried to apologize and get old bf back, but yeah, it was too late…  She had burned that bridge.

CONCLUSION: I was hoping for a 5-star comedy, but instead I got a 3-star romantic comedy that cared more about the romance than the jokes. Still worth seeing, though.

It’s always interesting when I like a movie less than average, since the vast majority of movies I rate — I rate above the average rating.

Clint: Netflix: 3/5 stars. IMDB: 6/10.
Carolyn: Netflix: 3/5 stars. IMDB: 7/10.
The native public rating for this movie is Netflix: 3.7/5 stars (4.1/5 stars for people who rate like me), IMDB: 7.5/10.

RECOMMENDATION: See this only if you like romantic comedies.

SIMILAR MOVIES: The pacing is similar to Knocked Up — You go in feeling like it’s a comedy, but leave realizing it’s a romance with comedic elements.

MOVIE QUOTE: Dwayne the Bartender: Snuffleupagous fucks my shit up!

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Parthena & Scott S loved it. Ian, Benj, Metinee, Glen, & Rebekah really liked it. Jordan & Christian liked it. So I liked it less than most people.

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