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PLOT SUMMARY: The dating world is total fucking craziness like you would not imagine.

UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): Daters date psychopaths.

PEOPLE: This is Canadian, so for the most part I haven’t heard of any of the writers, directors, or voice actors.

However, one of the writers, Frank Van Keekan, has written on 20 episodes of Kids In The Hall (but also 21 episodes of Mad About You), so that’s notable. There’s a lot of talent overlap between this show and a show called Billable Hours.

Mark is voiced by Fab Filippo, who was in 10 eps of Queer As Folk, and the old MTV series Undressed, and 3 eps of the Buffy series. Also a candy striper in Canadian Bacon (1995).

Sam (a girl) is voiced by Lauren Ash, who was a waitress in the good-but-not-great movie Camille, and is Holly in Lars And The Real Girl (2007) (a movie I wanted to want to watch, but simply could not find myself interested enough).

Guest voices include the girl who played Shilo in Repo! The Genetic Opera, someone who was a teacher in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days and a reporter in Dawn Of The Dead (2004), someone from Degrassi:TNG and who voiced Voodoo in the WildC.A.T.S animated 1990s series, and tons of other lesser-known TV actors.

QUIRKS: Adult animation comedy. Dating with insane people!

VISUALS: Flash animation, like most newer cartoons that are based more around the humor, dialog, and writing than animation style. The chicks are definitely hot.

And oh, there’s a pet raccoon that is an occasional character.

MORALS: Don’t date crazy people.

POLITICS: None whatsoever.


Unbridled adult humor.

Crazy situations that I’ve never seen in any show ever. In one episode, a character has a threesome with a [highlight for spoilers] ventriloquist AND her puppet. And guess which of the two he liked better? LOL.

Basically, this series is full of a bunch of crazy women and men. Since 3 of the 4 main characters are men, 75% of those dated in the series are women, so most of the crazy people are women. Imagine dating a cop who beats the fuck out of people so she can give you a free HDTV. These are some of the most extreme, insane dating situations I’ve ever seen.

Having not really dated much in my entire life (maybe 4-5 girls outside of Carolyn, with a total relationship time of perhaps 6 months total between them) makes these stories that much more intriguing. Probably also why I enjoy college sex comedies: I was already hooked up with the lovely Carolyn before I got to college, and don’t really know what it’s like to be a single adult.


Bad title.

Worse theme song.

Some of the characters are annoying. (But they are supposed to be. That’s how comedy works.)

Everyone is either a slut, or horny, so religionists and prudes might not like that aspect.

Why can’t I find episodes #14-#26?!?!?!?!

CONCLUSION: Adult cartoons are underrepresented, and most people probably don’t even know this one exists, because it’s from Canada. The entire series can be watched in 9 hours or so, and it’s totally worth it. Laughed hard, and laughed a lot. Extreme dating situations. Dating a bad cop, a werewolf, a ventriloquist who involves her dummy in…things, a porn star who considers herself a virgin because she only has sex in porno movies. I wish more shows like this were out. As it stands, I can’t watch GOOD adult animation on a nightly basis, because there’s not enough in existence. So I’m always happy to find a relatively unknown cartoon that will entertain us for a few nights. And this most definitely succeeded.

Clint: Netflix: 5/5 stars. IMDB: 8.4/10.
Carolyn: Netflix: 4/5 stars. IMDB: 7.6/10. “I thought it was good, but not epic.”

The native public rating for this series on imdb is: 4.6/10! Ouuuch! What the fuck? There’s no reason for the rating to be this low! However, 26% rate it 10/10, 49% rate it at least 9/10, and over 50% rate it at least 7/10… So it’s the haters that are really dragging this down.

The series is rated highest (9.0/10) by young females (18-29), which I find puzzling. Why do the young males only rate it 6.1/10? Is it perhaps that they are dating, and don’t need the additional frustration of watching failed dating on TV? So maybe married people would like this more? But wait! Overall, people aged 30-44 only rated this 3.6/10! Very weird demographics on this one!

RECOMMENDATION: If you’re not a hater, and can’t get enough adult cartoons, this one is far more out there than King Of The Hill! Check it out on Hulu!

SIMILAR CARTOONS: Producing Parker, if only because it’s a currently-airing adult animation Flash-animated Canadian cartoon in its 2nd season.

QUOTES: Tons of good dialog in this series, though IMDB doesn’t list any for me to paste here.


(The Dating Guy #6, and whatever we watched after it) 2 videos in a row with painting someone in the nude.
(The Dating Guy #12, Bob’s Burgers #6) 2 cartoons in a row mentioning pesto.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Nobody’s seen this — but we did watch an episode with Rev. Panik when he visited us. We all laughed, but it probably wasn’t an episode from the better half.

Here’s a webisode:

Which would you rather do? Trick question, you can do them both.

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