• I've been using PowerMenu to meet this need for some 10 years, but PowerMenu doesn't work under Windows 7.

    Being able to minimize any task to the system tray ("notification area") is a MUST for taskbar real estate management! I have programs that open up 5 separate windows and squish my taskbar entries to tiny useless mouseover-only states — I'd much rather shove those in my tray.

    But I'm going to miss PowerMenu. It let you do this via taskbar-rightclick, and this program requires you to actually maximize the task, and right click the minimize icon. Much more work.

    And PowerMenu let you change transparency and priority for tasks too.

    So this barely counts as a PowerMenu replacement for me. I am frankly disappointed at how much less Hideit does than PowerMenu.

    But it'll have to do.

  • I always run my command-line in elevated/administrator mode.

    So programs tend to get run in this mode.

    GUESS WHAT? In windows 7, you can't drag files into certain programs in elevated mode. For instance, with VLC player, you can't drag videos into the window! It has to be run in non-elevated mode!

    But how to do this from an elevated command-line?

    The "start" command has an /elevated switch, but no /nonelevated switch.

    How dumb!

    This program, hstart.exe (with 32 and 64 bit versions), is like start, but it has a /NONELEVATED parameter.

    This totally fixed this problem — which had been bugging me on a daily basis ever since I installed Windows 7.

    It also has a /NOCONSOLE option to start something completely invisibly.