/yard sale sign/ Clint was about to go up on the ladder today to do hours of work repairing our gutters, and the first sale we went to was this guy (who left to get his first beer–this was proably 11:20AM) who had all these tools, and was moving.

I’d ask him about something, and he’d alternate between enthusiastically showing me how to use the tool (like how to use a rivet gun, which is actually pretty damn easy), and getting seemingly annoyed and angry that I didn’t already know this stuff. At one point he stops, mid-demonstration, asks me if I went to college, then asked me if I *paid* for the college (I told him nope, though I should have said that I paid for the 5th year haha), then when he finds out I didn’t, just goes off in a tirade and leaves.

But then he comes back and starts to show me stuff again when I’m looking at other stuff. And then get all annoyed that he has better things to do. And George! Go home! You can’t just hang out and ride your bike around this yard all day! Go on, George! Get!
But anyway, it was cool that this guy had some useful tools. I didn’t end up using any of the gutter-specific tools, or the rivet gun… But I am now constantly looking for things that need to be riveted. :)

Got up around 10:30AM, made it out driving by 11:11AM, and went out until 2:15 (minus 40 minutes for Taco Bell lunch) for a total of
2 hours, 23 minutes. Definite extra time driving back to Ravensworth and making a 2nd attempt at the free shelves on the curb that didn’t fit into our car earlier. Definitely worth it, too — these free shelves kick ass.

Spent $26 plus ~$6.79 gas for 25.5 miles of driving (14.3 mpg @ $3.81/G), for a total cost of $32.79. We bought 10 items  – 16 if you count each shelf/bin separately – for a total estimated value of $264, leading to a profit of $231.21. To earn that much after taxes you’d really have to earn $378; money saved (by not having to spend it) is actually worth more than we realize when the government’s cut is taken into consideration. Anyway, this works out to a “wage” of $97.01/hr as a couple or $45.51/hr per person.

  • $8.00: scissors, “best scissors in the universe” (Malco M12 Andy 3-Inch Cut Capacity 12-Inch Aluminum Handled Snip), large LARGE handle, shorter blades, multiple attachment points (like a full tang sword), blades fully reinforced by frame, high-torque, can cut through metal and such, but in the form of scissors, not snips (EV:$27) – I dub thee The Best Scissors In The Universe! And have already used them to cut through hard-to-cut large plastic gutter drain tubing.


  • $5.00: ladder, wood, ~6ft (EV:$43) – after our window-sill painting project, the value of a 2nd, smaller ladder was very much realized, thanks to Matthew’s ladder that he loaned us. But we’ve since given Matthew his ladder back, and shall now never need to borrow one in that situation again.

cept ours is dark, and has personality and obvious use

  • $5.00: bins (4) (huge), stacking, blue, 16.5″x14″x7  (EV:looks like these so we’ll say $80, though that seems really high so I’ll knock it to $60) – amazing, these hold my camera box AND 2 jugs of water, with room to spare, really freeing up some table space
20110730 - yard sale booty - $15-$20 of tools, mostly metal working, rivet gun, in 1 of 4 stacking bins ($5) - IMG_3405

4 of these

20110903 - yard sale booty revisisted - bins in use - Binnin Laden - IMG_9973

here's 2 of them in use... holding 4 water jugs, a bunch of cameras, and assorted other junk...yes, i put the bins in an existing basket. Tetris rules.

  • $3.00: rivet gun (EV:$6) + boxes of rivets w/about 50 rivets in it (EV:$1.60) – may use this during gutter repair


  • $2.00: compound-action snips (aka aviation snips), left-cutting (green) (EV:$4) – not as good as the best scissors in the universe, but possibly better for smaller, harder snipping
  • $2.00: compound-action snips (aka aviation snips), right-cutting (yellow) (EV:$4)


  • $1.00: bins (small), stacking (3), 6″x5.5″x5.75″  (very approximately like these, so EV=$6) – already stacked these on our main coffee table for our eating-related stuff, level 1=taco bell sauces, 2=napkins/plastic spoons, 3=mustard/pepper/Sriracha
20110903 - yard sale booty revisisted - bins in use - Binnin Laden - IMG_9973
the 3 bins on the left, with the Sriracha at the top – great space saver

RIP, hotlinked picture

  • $0.00: ice scraper, mid-sized (thrown in for free with $15 of tools above) (EV:$5) – if that Bonneville ever gets running again, I may just need 2 ice scrapers, one for each car


  • $0.00: crimping tool, for gutters (thrown in for free with $15 of tools above) (EV:$27) – why not? I was planning on working on gutters today! [didn’t end up using them]


  • $0.00: screen replacement wheel / spline rolling stool (thrown in for free with $15 of tools above) (EV:$2.40) – dunno if I’ll use this

looks like a double-ended dil^H^H^Hpizza cutter

  • $FREE: shelves, book, black (2, on a curb) (36″x28″x12″) (EV:Mahogany shelves this size run $115 new, but this is probably particleboard, and is not new, so we’ll say $40 each=$80) – now situated in our utility room. It’s gonna suck taking my tools off the wall where I hung them there, but it’s a better use of the limited space we have in that room. Plus the 2nd shelf is under the breaker box, where there was previously never any storage ever ever ever. Yay more storage! My toolboxes aren’t on the floor anymore!

but black, cheap, and without the skirt

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20110730 - yard sale booty - $15-$20 of tools, mostly metal working, rivet gun, in 1 of 4 stacking bins ($5) - IMG_3404

* EV stands for “Estimated Value”, which I estimate by looking things up in Google Shopping/Google/Amazon/Ebay. I don’t always deduct for an item being used, unless it’s actually in worse condition in a way that matters. For example, I estimate books at the cover value. I also try to only count shipping if it’s the type of thing that would need to be shipped, and only if the price isn’t “fixed” (i.e. 1 cent items that cost $10 to ship would not be $10 in person).

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