I have found the replacement for @Delicious! It’s Diigo.com.

Diigo will import all your Delicious bookmarks, so you lose nothing.

Diigo will continue to post new bookmarks to Diigo *AND* Delicious, so your delicious doesn’t stop growing even though you’ve moved on.
(Important because Delicious has some URL cross tag features Diigo don’t have, like going to delicious.com/yourname/tag1+tag2+tag3 to find all items tagged with tag1 AND tag2 AND tag 3…. So Delicious beats Diigo in terms of looking up old tags)

Diigo’s bookmarklet looks better — and it lets you add highlights to pages too, if that’s something you care about (I don’t).

Diigo actually has a daily blogpost feature that is way more developed than Delicious’s daily blogpost feature! The setup is easier. It verifies your account. It works with other blogs – even LiveJournal.

Fuck Delicious. You don’t shut off part of your service while rewriting it. You rewrite it, then cut over. These guys are clueless. I’ll continue to ALSO post them to delicious via Diigo — but I’m done relying on delicious as part of my web identity, and I’m done defining it as something I depend on.Mood: triumph over betrayal…sic semper shitty web services
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