I created a command, “after month”, that would edit a text file; I then created calendar reminders to remind me to edit that every month. The result is that I now can look back in my life and have a textual sense of what each month was like. Pictures are great, but there are lapses in pictures, and I shall be keeping text summaries as well from now on. Also included will be my graphs of music I listened to, because all text is kind of boring.So here goes nothing.

First, the music graphs for what music we listened to in 2010:

20101231 - 2010 music graph - top 15 2wk avg min zoom

click through to see more explanation / detail

20101231 - 2010 music graph - top 100 2wk avg max zoom

super-detailed version requires clickthrough

Now that the pretty pictures are over, here is the text:

****** January ******:

HAIR: BAD HAIRCUT! Used new clippers to purposely cut my hair as recklessly and crazily as possible, after getting up and not brushing or washing it. Stress test succeeded: It IS possible to do this incorrectly. But it could have been worse.

PARTIES: I have a birthday party during New Year’s weekend, which is apparently not a good time to throw parties. SubGenius Rev. 2Beans joins us, marking the first time I’ve come in contact with another SubGenius while in the Virginia state borders.

SNOW: Snowpocalypse 2010 comes, depositing even more snow after Snowmageddon 2009 failed to melt. Drunk driver crashes into our telephone pole, robbing us of internet for 12 days. Verizon CEO involvement was required to get them to fix it. We tethered our lan to Carolyn’s cellphone, and quickly hit the 10-gig limit running torrents over cellphone at 2.3Mbps (100 tcp/ip connections). Downloading TV shows over the airwaves reminded me of the 1970s, when we “downloaded” tv shows off the airwaves of our pre-cable TV. Only now we’re doing it with a phone.

CAR: I get my totaled car fixed for $200 thanks to Matthew. They paid me just over $3,000 for my damages.

****** February ******:

FRIENDS: Dirk is shot and killed by Cara Cottle. Worst happening of the year. His wake and funeral are probably the 2 biggest social events I’ve been to in my life outside of public venues.

PARTIES: Carolyn/Parthena/John have a birthday party at our place. SubGeniuses 808 and Christie visit from New Jersey, creating the rare phenomenon of 5 SubGeniuses in 1 place in Virginia. Lauren & Andy throw a housewarming party. I am appointed czar of intoxication, to make sure everyone is intoxicated. Dirk’s Wake becomes the biggest house party I’ve ever gone to in my life.

CONCERTS: Voivod/Kreator. Miss 2/3rds of Voivod due to Jaxx sucking.

SNOW: SNOMG 2010 storm piles even more snow on top of the Snowpocalypse 2010 and Snowmageddon 2009 snowstorms. Shoveling hell begins, plows work against us, and eventually bulldozers come and damage our fence, mailbox, and block our visibility.

CAR: First post-snow drive, and my car’s tie-rod breaks to the tune of $700. I lost an additional $135 by not realizing PepBoys has $40 towing.

****** March ******:

FRIENDS: Cara Cottle finally arrested and charged with the murder of Dirk.

FAMILY: Vicky & Ryan married.

CONCERTS: Megadeth/Testament – one of the best shows EVAR.

HARDWARE: Carolyn’s computer dies, completely and utterly…. Power supply, motherboard, and C: harddrive all permanently killed.

****** April ******:

ALCOHOL: Clint decided to start drinking alcohol on the rocks. We got rocks glasses, ice buckets, and started using coasters for the first time in our lives.

CONCERTS: The Church 30th Anniversary tour, Voltaire at Chief Ike’s.

PARTIES: Brad & Mandy’s Chili cookoff! Nicole’s birthday party! Small trip to Evan‘s cabin!

CAR: Clint gets a flat tire (spare is flat too); Carolyn’s headlights + 1 foglight die, resulting in us getting pulled over (audio recording).

HARDWARE: Carolyn’s computer resurrected with super-noisy motherboard fan. :/ Which later died.

FRIENDS: Pam visits from out of town. Long time no see!

****** May ******:

CONCERTS: Aqua Teen Hunger Force live comedy show, 2nd time seeing Chemlab.

CAMPING: Once. (John The Canadien‘s first camping trip; Oranjello shits in John’s tent.)

PARTIES: Dirk Rememberance party at Christian’s ranch (gone 18 hrs, slept in the car), Chris & Joe’s Memorial Day party (went into the woods), Eli‘s Memorial Day recovery BBQ (John went crazy with the cheesecake).

HOUSE: Air hockey table delivered, many helpful friends show up to help move it, jam, and hang out.

ANIMALS: Eve’s 2 cats visit for a couple hours while her house is bombed for bugs.

****** June ******:

HAIR: BAD HAIRCUT! Gave Carolyn the clippers this time. But then I “fixed” it after she was done. Really messed up the front there… It’s all wonky. I made it worse, too. We’re still learning…

PARTIES: We throw our first summer party in a long time, Generic Party party, using only Facebook and no Evites as a experiment. The winner is still e-vites! Fun times w/25 ppl and some new faces, but people missed it because they didn’t get emailed by Facebook (unlike Evites).

SHOWS: Aqua Teen Hunger Force *AND* Food Party *BOTH* had live events?! Cartoons on tour?! First Metalocalypse/Dethklok, now this! Awesome! Where can I go to see more of my favorite shows as a live performance?! And  Futurama starts again! Viewing party at my house got unexpectedly big when 6 strangers showed up.

MEDICAL: Cut my hand open with scissors, had to wear a bandage for a week

****** July ******:

CAMPING/PARTIES: X-Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, DMT Rave

HOUSE: Telephone pole hit AGAIN while we were at X-Day

MEDICAL: Poison ivy, Swine flu #2 / horrible sickness

****** August ******:

VACATION: Cape Cod (private jet, $600/night room, spent $4 the whole time there)

MEDICAL: Emergency filling 1 day, pulling 2 teeth next day, days of pain, followed by poison ivy #2, which became a strange itchy rash that didn’t go away, and still itched as far in the future as April 2011.

PARTIES: Joe & Chris’s party I went to with a sore tooth and ice pack on, barely drank, left early (midnightish?) due to pain. Paul J’s birthday party where I got waaaay too drunk and everyone played with real guns. Greg Z‘s birthday party, where I didn’t even drink because I was too hung over from Paul’s party. Seems like this month I had 2 parties where I couldn’t participate as much as I’d like to, and one party where I participated a bit too much. At Paul’s party, I actually managed to fall down while already sitting on the floor.

****** September ******:

CONCERTS: Atari Teenage Riot!!!!!!!!!!!

PARTIES: 2Beans‘s party on pre-Labor Day sunday night. Drank too much, totally passed out. Penny’s party: Played croquet, avoided dancing & karaoke.

CAR: Clint’s brakes died (brake line leak, 808 fixed it). Carolyn’s car failed inspection for bad emergency brake (Clint took it to a new place that didn’t check it), loose steering wheel column (808 fixed it).

****** October ******:

CONCERTS: Slayer / Megadeth / Anthrax, Triptykon [we had to leave before they came on, and saw 1349 who we don’t even listen to]

SUBGENIUS: NYC GFY DEVIVAL!! 808 & GIGGLEPUSS MARRIED!! They also visited our house.

PARTIES: Lauren & Andy (10/15) [Andy pushes latino neighbor over, being one of the funniest things I saw all year], Paul J’s halloween party (10/30) [most puke I’ve ever seen come out of a person, I thought I was watching Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life!]

CAMPING: 10/23 – why is there an ambulance driving around the woods? wtf?

HANGING OUT: 10/22 hangout had 10 people…. Met some new people.

Poison ivy reinfections means 4 months straight of blood, pus, and itching.
Sure seems like I only have 20/25 vision in both eyes now :/

CAR: Both cars now street legal — haven’t had this since May! Re-inspected Carolyn’s car to get a free pass without fixing the emergency break, though it did have some service on it to make it sorta-kinda look like it’s working.

HOUSE: TwoBeans moves in (10/18, left mid-January)

****** November ******:

CONCERTS: D.R.I. [got pick, autographed setlist]

PARTIES: AE & Meagan‘s party at the apartment clubhouse with the huge projection screen, party with Gary’s friends (Cat) in Springfieldish

FAMILY: Tatiana visits; family dinner.

Leg itching down but not out. (It continued until  April 2011 when I posted this.)
Ear popping problem starts around now. Chronic popping sounds in my left ear to the point that sleeping on one side would make it pop so much I had to turn the music up to hear it.  Could be stapedial myoclonus or tensor tympani syndrome. (Started to subside 5 months later in April 2011 but picked back up again and continued until at least November 2011 when this was finally posted.)

****** December ******:

CAR: Got my parents’ old 1999 Chrysler 300M for Christmas!!!! Will physically get it next month.

COMEDY SHOWS: Tim And Eric Chrimbus Tour [a bit disappointing]

CONCERTS: Gene Ween solo show

PARTIES: Decemberween @ Joe & Chris’s, 808 & Gigglepuss party @ New Jersey, New Year’s Chili Cook-Off at Eli‘s old place

Itchiness on the backs of my thighs again. I don’t understand what that is about. Thought it was poison ivy, but that thought apparently kept me from properly diagnosing. Buying Athlete’s Foot Spray on the hunch that it would also work against something like this. [It did, but it took daily sprays for a month for the itching to finally stop.]
Ear popping getting worse.

HOUSE: Stupid raccoons finally annoyed me enough to bring the ladder in, and that finally annoyed me enough to purchase an attic ladder kit for the house. Let’s see if I can actually install it!

****** Year-long issues ******:

MEDICAL: Foot got better a bit when I played DDR, but otherwise remained in near-constant pain as it has since Assateague island 2 yrs ago, and still does to this day.

Mood: headachey
Music: Ramones – Go Mental