• Allows you to quckly toggle Taskbar auto-hide via Windows-A.

    Complaint: I was using Windows-A as rewind, and had to change my rewind/fast forward keys.

    Complaint: This is only necessary because Winamp’s Milkdrop in Desktop mode specifically excludes the taskbar, because prior to Windows 7 they did not want to lose computing power computing pixels that were blocked by the taskbar. But taskbars are transparent now! The only way to get milkdrop behind a taskbar is to turn auto-hide off, run milkdrop, then turn auto-hide back on. 

    Also, Control-0 in Photoshop 7 sizes pictures to full screen — which is blocked by the taskbar!  So I have to hide taskbar when I photoshop as well.

    So… This was necessary.

    tags: Windows annoyances software taskbar auto-hide auto hide toggle Photoshop Milkdrop

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