BTW, I really hate saying everything that everyone else is saying.

So like, if you’re sick, and a bunch of people are like “I hope you get better!”, I absolutely won’t say that. I’ll try to say something else. Anything else.

Or like if there’s a death or birth in the family, and everyone is like “oh how awesome/sorry for your loss/new addition” … I will say something else. (Or nothing.)

I’m not even fond of ‘gg’ after online games, but I still do that sometimes cause it’s 2 keystrokes of acknowledgment.

And I didn’t say the pledge either. Fun citing supreme court on my teacher when he tried to make me ;)

Sometimes my lack of not saying what you are supposed to say may appear to make me a dick when I’m not actually trying to be one.

Oh well ;)

ADDED AFTER POSTING: One notable exception is facebook birthday notifications. It’s bad enough that once upon a time we got “so many candles”, and now we get “so many notifications” (because online socializing has transformed from something that augments your social life into something that substitutes for it). And people realize it’s kinda lame that all most people get is some text. So they try to say something unique. And it’s a sadness. Such a sadness.

The absolute worst: “Happy birfday”. It’s like, “I’m trying to be unique and not saying whatever everyone else is, except that I am.” It’s almost dishonest to me. I just shake my had everytime I read it. I’ve probably said it myself, but not for a long, long, long, long, time. Just make Happy Birfday stop. Happy Barfday, whatever.

You know what’s special? Actually emailing the person. Out of the 50 notifications, you’ll be the one to email them. And you can actually like, say something more than 2 words.

The odd thing is, I feel like by not saying “Happy Birthday” I’m slighting someone. So I’ll often give the most generic “Happy birthday” possible, with no cute misspellings to pretend like I’m unique, because I’m admitting I’m not.

So that’s the situation where I end up being generic and saying what everyone else is saying. If my energy is right I’ll do more, but there’s just somebody’s birthday every day so.. yeah… I can decide to join in an impersonal chorus, or say nothing, or expend a lot of effort to be unique – and sometimes not wanting to expend effort causes me to violate my “don’t say what everyone else is saying”.

Oh well.

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