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PLOT SUMMARY: A failed inventor finally invents something: Food falling from the sky. Oops.

LIMERICK REVIEW: There once was a nerd named Flint,
And despite all the time that he spent —
His inventions went haywire
He always ended in mire.
And then he created an unnatural event.

Thus we soon had meat falling from the sky,
and nobody ever bothered to ask why.
Too good to be true,
Or subject to review —
Eventually there’s going to be an oversupply.

HAIKU REVIEW: Manna from the sky
was decent in the bible,
but not good today.

Home Movies inspired joke: Don’t put meat in the sky don’t put it in there put it in there. (This joke for watchers of Home Movies only.)

UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): [highlight for spoilers] Tampering with the climate causes unexpected complications.

PEOPLE: From the 2 writers/directors/producers of the 5-star MTV cartoon series Clone High.

Starring Bill Hader (Year One, Adventureland, Tropic Thunder, Pineapple Express, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Brothers Solomon, Superbad, Knocked Up, Saturday Night Live) as the main character. James Caan (Alien Nation, The Godfather) as his usually-eyeless, bareley-speaking dad. Anna Faris (who I try to see every movie of) as the weather girl-cum-love interest. Andy Samberg (I Love You Man, Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Saturday Night Live) as the annoying “Baby” Brent.

Bruce Campbell as the greedy, chock full o’ hubris mayor. Mr. T — the only voice we correctly recognized — as the jerk cop. Boobb’e J. Thompson (Ronnie Shields from Role Models, Human Giant) as the cop’s kid.

Neil Patrick Harris is the monkey! Awesome! He just says one word at a time. It’s almost insulting, like when South Park tried to make Jerry Seinfeld “Turkey #3” in the Thanksgiving episode. But N.P.H. is really cool with self-deprecating humor — so having a big name play a kind of idiotic part just adds to the charm of the movie.

Also with Al Roker, Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls), Will Forte (Abe Lincoln from Clone High, Stuart from Sit Down Shut Up, Saturday Night Live, Fanboys, The Brothers Solomon, and one of the writers of Extreme Movie).

VISUALS: Excellent cgi, but with purposefully cartoon-looking, exaggerated humans. One scene of the water by the docks looked pretty much photorealistic to me. Would have liked to have seen this in 3-D, but apparently not much stuff popped out of the screen during this, and people complained that the 3-D was lame.

Fans of the book might not like that they completely changed the visual style. TOO BAD.

QUIRKS: Based on a book. Though I don’t see how a book could capture NEARLY the action, looks, and feel of this movie.

This is all about not giving up and trying to reach your full potential.

But wait! It’s also about fixing your relationship with your father.

Or is it a secret environmental “green” agenda? Don’t mess with the weather, or it will fuck you up!

Or is it a romance?

Or is it about not becoming complacent with your role in life, like Baby Brent?

Or is it about how lame people are for making fun of nerds, when the nerds are the ones who actually understand how things work and effect change?

Or is it making fun of the media, and its sexism?

Or is it a statement about how fat everyone’s getting?

Actually, this movie is full of several different plot conflicts, all of which resolve over the course of a movie containing a hefty load of hilarity and action. There are lots of funny moments going on — even in the background. And as the plot sickens, it turns into a frenetic non-stop actionfest.

BAD STUFF: It’s a “family” movie. But this shouldn’t stop a non-family person from enjoying it, if you are still young at heart.


CONCLUSION: This was a great movie. Hilarious, many plot conflicts, and tons of action at the end. Very comparable to Up, but with the intense emotion replaced with humor and wackiness. I take umbrage with the idea that this is for “kids only”. Also, I think it’s better than Toy Story.

Carolyn: Netflix: 4/5 stars. IMDB: 8/10. “I don’t know why I liked the movie Up better, ’cause this was a good one, and I don’t even remember what was so good about the movie Up.” [However, she rated this the exact same.]
Clint: Netflix: 5/5 stars. IMDB: 8/10. Personally, I liked this better than the movie Up. Less annoying kid shit, more wackiness and cartoon craziness. Maybe not as touching, but more entertaining. There’s a big discussion about that here

The native public rating for this movie is: IMDB: 7.4/10, Netflix: 4.1/5 stars.

RECOMMENDATION: Don’t skip this just because you see it as a kids movie. It’s actually quite fun. If you didn’t hate Toy Story, you might not hate this either. Give it a chance!

SIMILAR MOVIES: Up, in a sense. But this movie was quite different. Up can probably make you cry; this one probably cannot. This isn’t as emotional, but it’s way more fun.

MOVIE QUOTE: Mr. T/Cop: You know what you are, Flint Lockwood? A shenaneganizer!

Sam Sparks: You may have seen a meteor shower, but I bet you’ve never seen a shower “meatier” than this.

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