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PLOT SUMMARY: After Prince Of Darkness failing to make me creeped out by mirrors (like it did when I was 12), this movie makes mirrors creepy again. Oh wait, that’s not really a plot summary, is it?

LIMERICK REVIEW: There once was a suspended cop named Ben;
Patrolled an empty building over and over again.
Creepy things started filling his life,
Now he had to save his kids and wife…
You really don’t want to stumble into a demon den.

HAIKU REVIEW: Mirror reflections;
Often completely harmless.
Your family will die.

UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): [highlight for spoilers] Selfish 12-year-old causes innocent families to be killed, while she pretends to be married to a sky fairy.

QUIRKS: Based on the Korean horror “Into The Mirror”.

PEOPLE: From the director of the 2006 The Hills Have Eyes. Starring Kiefer Sutherland (yes, he uses his “Jack Bauer” voice), Paula Patton (Swing Vote), and to a lesser extent, Amy Smart (Crank 1-2, Just Friends), and Mary Beth Peil (The Stepford Wives, Jersey Girl, Dawson’s Creek).

VISUALS: The mirror theme is, obviously, a strong part of the visuals. The opening credits were awesome — consisting of mirror-image aerial shots of New York done in a very triptastic way. The film stock used had an insane amounts of lens flare / reflection — whenever Kiefer would wave his flashlight around, you’d see the reflection of the flashlight on the screen. I complained about this several times until Carolyn pointed out that it was so you would see the mirror reflection of the flashlight. Suddenly, what felt like a bug was now a feature.

This also has one of the most gruesome death sequences I’ve seen — [highlight for spoilers] a woman’s jaw being spontaneously and completely ripped open by her mirror image, who simply rips her own jaw apart in the mirror, with a face of utter calm.. Apparently they had to feed the actor through a straw due to the time-requirements on such a fantastic makeup job.

Above all, a creepy feel is well-maintained throughout most of the movie.

And then in the middle of the movie, I moved a huge mirror next to the couch we were watching it on :D

SOUNDTRACK: I rarely remark on the music — but some of the shattering sound effects were quite grating. My adrenal gland totally jizzed on my stomach.

MORALS: When you are an alcoholic taking anti-alcohol drugs — don’t expect your estranged wife to believe you when you say the mirrors are out to get you. Just… don’t.

TRIVIA: ‘Esseker’ is an anagram for ‘Seekers’.

BAD STUFF: This movie was one of the most creepy psychological thrillers I’ve seen — but near the end, it lost it’s edge, briefly became more of a mystery, and then briefly became more of a supernatural horror. At it’s low point, a fight with [highlight for spoilers] a demon, I was waiting for, “I’ll swallow your soul!” and “Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.” (Quotes from Army Of Darkness.) But then the very ending redeemed this weakness, in a surprising twist.

What was up with [highlight for spoilers] the demon, anyway? A little backstory might have helped. It was almost as if they hadn’t decided what the cause of the movie was until they were most of the way through.

Despite these flaws, the movie still held up.

CONCLUSION: Despite it’s flaws — a weaker 3rd third of the movie — this was a grade-A psychological + supernatural thriller. The creepiness! The ending! What a twist! The flaws keep it down at an 8/10 IMDB rating, but this is a 5-star horror movie nonetheless.

Clint: Netflix: 5/5 stars. IMDB: 8/10.
Carolyn: Netflix: 5/5 stars. IMDB: 8/10. the first half was definitely better than the second half. it was more psychologically thrilling..
Parthena: Netflix: 5/5 stars. IMDB: 8/10.
The native public rating for this movie is: IMDB: 6.1/10, Netflix: 3.3/5 stars (Netflix‘s predicted rating for us was 3.2/5 stars, slightly lower than average. WRONG!)

RECOMMENDATION: A great horror movie to see!

SIMILAR MOVIES: I intend to watch Dark Mirror as well as the original Korean “Into The Mirror” movie. And of course Prince Of Darkness was the movie that made me scared of mirrors as a teenager — but it just didn’t hold up to my current-day standards. But the movie most similar to this so far would have to be The Broken. This was better than The Broken, but I would still **strongly** encourage any fan of Mirrors to also see The Broken.

We’ll see if Dark Mirror (2007) holds up to this.

MOVIE QUOTE: Ben Carson: “The mirrors. They’re so clean.”
Lorenzo Sapelli: “Oh, no, that’s Gary. Gary Lewis. The fella who’s been working here before you. He was completely obsessed with these damn mirrors. Spent the entire night cleaning them.”

Ben Carson: “The fucking mirrors! They are everywhere. In the department store, on the corner of every street, in the window of every building in the city. I feel…I feel like I’m not the one looking into the mirrors, but they’re looking back at me.”

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Kier had good things to say about it.

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