I decided I wanted a blog post listening various Rites Of Passages. At least, that’s what my note to myself said. The thing is, I never fleshed out the idea, or made the list. So here is a very short, incomplete list of Rites Of Passages that Clint finds interesting:

  • Seeing a live Rocky Horror performance where they actually do it right. Don’t be a pussy. There’s no experience like this, and you are depriving yourself of rich, festive fun by never going.
  • Watching EVERYTHING Jackass has ever made. You won’t be the same afterward. If you’re lucky, you’ll puke on yourself like somebody I know did.
  • Riding in a car with an intoxicated driver, scared shitless, intoxicated yourself, wishing the horror was over
20061014 - Camping with Misfit & Kali - 107-0738 - im-in-ur-pedalz-aselratin-ur-enginz

Not pussies.

  • Getting your ass kicked
20070113 - Clint's 33rd Birthday party - 109-0974_Ben - after being forceably subdued

  • Getting in a car accident
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Hopefully not one with live power cables burning holes in metal signs...."]20100116 - drunk driver downed powerline - GEDC1351 - eerie hanging crucifix - brutal