RELIGION: Mass genocide of Mohawk children by UK Queen and Vatican uncovered in Canada

Seems like a month can’t go by without hearing about some new evil foisted on the world by Cathlocism, in the name of their fictitious sky fairy.

Can we say — Christian-sponsored mass-murder of Native American children?

Not only did it happen in America by Papal Decree from the Catholic Pope centuries ago, but it happened in Canada, set up  by the Anglican Church. 

Now add up the 100000+ babies stolen in Spain by Catholicism — and the sexual abuse of so many people that phone lines set up in support are overrun by calls…

…Yeah, religion is bullshit. A giant fairy in the sky threatening to burn people if they do wrong is not a proper motivator for a functional society. 

The Queen of England picking 10 children who were never seen again? Then a guy who has testimony against her mysteriously gets murdered? A rack? They were using an actual rack for torture, possibly as late as 1970? UK denied entry to people who were going to testify in the Tribunal, so they had to move it to another country?

They must really have something to hide.


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