VIDEO: MOVIES: CARTOONS: Justice League: Doom (2012) (V)

Clint & Carolyn: 5/5 stars, 10/10.

Fantastic! Such an intense plot, with every featured superhero almsot meeting their end simultaneously. I wish things like this would come out on a weekly basis.

One warning: This is basically an extended episode of the 2000s animated Justice League, except with the white (Nathan Fillion) Green Lantern instead of the black Green Lantern. The same voices that have been doing these characters (Superman, Batman, The Flash) for 10-20 years are all used; nothing unusual like with the recent Batman/Justice League movies DC has been putting out.

However, this definitely takes place after everything in justice league. The ending of the movie permanently affects the Justice League lineup. Of course, since it’s a one-off movie, that aspect can always be ignored in the future.

But still. Everyone got taken down, then managed to get their asses saved by a wild card. Good stufff.

Native ratings: Netflix: 4.3/5. IMDB: 7.1/10.


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