VIDEO: MOVIE: REVIEW: Judge Dredd (1995)

Clint/Carolyn: 3/5 stars, 6/10 (generic pass). Netflix also guessed 3.0 stars for us, which is also the national average. (But it only got 5.0/10 on imdb).

Interesting to see people from both Twin Peaks and The Walking Dead. Great cast, Max Von Sydow was good too.

Definitely kinda cheezy. Visuals are closer to Buck Rogers than something you’d watch today.

A few laugh moments (Rob Schneider–funny, but not that funny).

The girls didn’t really fight like the guys. They mostly just shot guns. Almost sexistly and annoyingly so. I know girls can punch!

A few plot holes – dude picks up gun and uses it, but I thought guns were DNA-coded? I guess that one wasn’t a Judge gun, but it was confusing after they talked about how Judge guns won’t work when a non-Judge holds it, but never talked about how to know when a gun is a Judge gun or not.

And that tube of fire – the fire is shown erupting from the inside out, and they have 30 seconds to get up it, so 30 seconds later, after going up it halfway, they are still in it, and the fire comes from *behind* them in the opposite direction as they continue to infiltrate inward? Huh?! So they have a fire vent pipe, but the fire starts in the middle and goes in both directions, one inside of the sity and the other out? It’s not even possible to explain it as anything other than really bad directing.

But the movie? Still fun entertainment. A rogue cop against bad cops, set in a sci-fi world is an easy sell for us.


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