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What if Michael Bey directed a live-action My Little Pony movie? Hat tip to Tauna X.


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So… I let Thompson Creek talk us into replacing our bedroom overhang windows, as well as adding a gutter back to where one fell off our house. What they didn’t tell me at signing was what they told me later: The way your roof edge is set up, your gutter won’t work as well as it could, because of this:

window, living room (rear) - from outside - IMG_3685 (20111014)

That is the chimney to our old oil boiler, which has not been fired up since 2003 or so, and is no longer connected to most of the house. Here is another picture of it:

roof view, back - it's a long way down - old boiler unused chimney - IMG_3082 (20110615)

So anyway, they said we should really remove that and get the roof fixed before putting the gutters on. But of course, Thompson Creek doesn’t do this type of work. I’m a little pissed off that they didn’t tell me this until after I’d agreed to the job, because it was already just over $3,000, and this ended up raising the total price of the job by $575 (~19%).

But this review isn’t about Thompson Creek; it is about the Virginia Roofing Companies that we solicited for this job. And it is most specifically TO WARN THE PUBLIC AGAINST SAM AND SONS SERVICES, LLC, OF VIRGINIA, and their estimates that can only be described as exhorbitantly high. They gave us an estimate for $5600. We ultimately paid $575 for the work (plus $25 to fix a soffit ripped open by varmints). Sams And Sons estimate was ~869% higher than the $575 job ! $5025 more than what we had to pay! ASSHOLES!

Can you imagine the poor people who say yes in this situation? The Sams And Sons estimator actually asked me if I inherited my house. What kind of question is that? After the estimate, I realized: People who inherit (and thus did not work and earn) their houses are less likely to know the value of a dollar (beucase they didn’t actually earn the dollar to buy their house), and are more likely to be taken advantage of. The Thompson Creek sign in my yard probably didn’t help either, as their windows are NOT the least expensive. In fact, they are on the higher end of what you pay for vinyl windows. (And one of the 3 windows being replaced is 88 inches wide.)

So anyway, FUCK SAM AND SONS of Alexandria, Virginia 22312 (703-256-8080). I’ve added a YELP REVIEW to that effect, which was also posted to twitter.

Below the job are the specific notes on all the companies contacted: