June 2012

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Got up around 7:10AM, made it out driving by 7:49AM and went out until 1:08PM, for a total of 5 hours, 19 minutes.

(3 hours, 1 minute driving [57%]; 2 hours, 18 minutes shopping [43%]. We actually got out the car a lot this week, and didn’t spend such a high percentage of our time driving.)

Spent $57.74 plus ~$15.44 gas for 58.9 miles of driving (13.2 mpg @ $3.46/G), for a total cost of $73.18. Expect gas to be 20% of your expenditures when yardsaleing.

We made 33 purchases (42 items) – for a total estimated value of $510.47, leading to a profit/savings of $437.29.

So in essence, we multiplied our $73.18 investment by 6.98X.  Our average is closer to 8.0X, but we’re not complaining.  We got so much stuff this week.

(Also, if you think about it, the profit counts for even more when you consider that we have to earn $481 on the job to earn the $437.29 in cash that we saved. How long does $481 of disposable income take to earn, vs the 5 hrs we spent here?)

Anyway, this works out to a *post-tax* “wage” of $82.25/hr as a couple or $41.12/hr per person.


We had set this up to go to a sale advertised on Craigslist as having a 2-person kayak for sale for $10, but no. There was no sale there at all. WTF. Maybe we forgot to check the date, but yeah. That sucked.

All of the quarters in the change thing were spent.

Carolyn spent $16.

20120616 - yardsale booty - 0 - our booty - IMG_4384


  • $10.00: wire brush sets (5 packs of 3), Superior, just bought some at Advance Auto (EV:$33.80 for 24, so $7.04 for these – looks like I *lost* $3.) – I felt funny about the transaction and tried to talk Carolyn into talking me out of it twice; should have trusted my instinct here. Or at least looked it up on a phone. Of course, we bought these same brushes for $6 at Advance Auto, so this would be a $4 savings per brush. But that savings is only for non-prepared people, and I’m prepared now, so I don’t get to count that. Lost money here. Mistakes were made. Should have just bought one.

20120616 - yardsale booty - tools - IMG_4408

  • $8.00: bath mats (2@$4/ea), 39.5×23.5″, light blue (EV:$7/ea, so $14) – Our bath mats’ rubber has totally disappeared over the past 12 yrs, so they slide around. Not much of a problem for us, but guests have consistently and repeatedly shown themselves incapable of the taking the small modicum of consideration required to move a mat they displace back ot the proper place (really, how fucking hard is it to move something YOU MOVED back to where it goes? I’m not a child and I clean my fucking mess up when I make one in others’ bathrooms). So now we have new ones. Maybe I’ll use the old ones for working on cars.

20120616 - yardsale booty - 2 - Transformers - Decepticons - Constructicons - Devastators - IMG_4379

  • $5.00: toy, Transformers, Devastator, 10 Constructicons (complete set of 6, and incomplete set of 5) (the later/lamer ones are cheap, at about $29, but all-G1 can fetch $126 to $169 — no idea what mixing ’em does as ours is now a mix of G1 and much-later ones. We couldn’t get 6 of any one kind to form Devestator. Plus, we were 2 short – 2 Devestators require 12 constructicons, and this was only 10. We had to use some pieces from my original G1 constructicons, which formed about a 95%-complete Devestator themseles. It was an intricate puzzle of minor part incompatibility ;) ... Eventually, we managed 1.9 Devestators. They are mixed-race Devestators, often with one leg of a different generation toy than the rest. One has a backward hand becuase the hands from different versions won’t go into each other. So we effectively gained a Devestator for $5, which is what we thought we were buying in the first place. We thought we were getting 6, but we really got 10. The other 4 are spread around in different rooms of our house now. I will assign an estimated value of $40 because the ones we bought today were not G1, but because there were 4 extra, it won’t quite be as cheap as the $29 set, plus the individual miscellaneous pieces are often sold to people with 99% sets for as much as $5 for a tiny shitty plastic missile. I’m sure I could squeeze $40 out of this if I wanted. Someone on facebook said he’d kill a kitten for a complete Devestator. :))

20120616 - yardsale booty - 2 - Transformers - Decepticons - Constructicons - Devastators - IMG_4377
20120616 - yardsale booty - 2 - Transformers - Decepticons - Constructicons - IMG_4390

  • $4.00: drum, tom, Tama Clear Head 200, 12.5″ diameter x 11.75″H, 2 small punctures on one side, 1 large puncture on other side, head still tight, drum still sounds good though (EV:$155 but we will dock 40% for having a punctured drumhead, so: $86.40) – Our ghetto drum set now has 3 toms, a snare, a training-tom that makes a better snare than the snare, a bass drum, and half a high hat! Getting closer to a complete set! Could really use the linkeage that lets you attach pieces to each other, now.
  • $3.00: croquet set (EV:$22.19 but docking 75% due to condition, and the wood glue I had to use to fix the almost-split wood that split right away, so: $5.55) – Turns out this set is in pretty bad condition, but still. Our other set is buried in our camping gear, so it’s good to have a 2nd one.
  • $3.00: ice cream maker, Rival 8210, Rivco.com (EV:$8.95) – Ice cream party?? This replaces an inferior one we bought 10 yrs ago and never used. But the lady versed us more about how to use it, so we’re more willing now.

20120616 - yardsale booty - z - costumes - IMG_4392

  • $2.00: costume, Pirate boot toppers (EV:$14.95) – apparently the previous item does nothing for your shoes. Somebody sure had some unrealized Halloween aspirations. I’ll be dressing in their custom for a 10th of their cost.
  • $2.00: costume, “Fang Bangin’ Fun Vamp” Dream Girl, Style No. 5991, bought for $2, found that they had originally priced it at $20, then went down to $5, and then $2 (EV:$49.99 price tag, but you can get it for $27.98 online) – this looks sexy, and the Pentagram belt-buckle is awesome
  • $2.00: tool bag/utility belt, leather, 2 rolls of electric tape hanging on it (green, small white), Klein Tools, 5166 (EV:$9.95 + $1.50 for the 2 rolls of mostly-full electric tape) – this will be useful, for sure! If I wear it right, it will show my ass crack, fulfilling all stereotypes regarding handiness!
  • $2.00: game, Cranium Conga (EV:$6.92) – another Cranium game! We have 5+ now. We should probably stop.
  • $2.00: gas masks (2), military, including cases, Vietnam era (EV:$45.00/ea, so $90) – How can I resist for $1 each? It’s hot inside of those things! If we stood by the road with them on, would it freak people out?
  • $1.00: router, wireless, Linksys, RangePlus, model # WRT110 (EV:$23.93) – Tempted to set this up in place of ours, because it might be faster than the one we use. But really, this is just a backup. Wouldn’t want to have to go out and buy one in a pinch.
  • $1.00: tool, scraperthe one they use in gas stations to remove inspection stickers!!! (EV:$8.20) – Gonna use this to remove our non-edged shitty-paint-job paint from last summer when the insurance companies made us paint our window sills! Maybe Carolyn will do this while I paint the roof white.
  • $1.00: lug wrench/tire iron (cross/superior style) (EV:$15.50) – Finally, we 3 of these for 3 cars.

20120616 - yardsale booty - tools - IMG_4408

  • $1.00: *roofed/enclosed* litter box, Van Ness, CP6, 18x14x17 (EV:$13.61) – backup/spare/travel housed-litter box for the kitties
  • $1.00: automatic card shuffler (EV:$6.99) – another backup item, we have this EXACT card shuffler already, though the one we have messes up a bit at the end.
  • $0.75: cat scratcher board refill, circular, 10.25″ diameter (EV:$2.59)
  • $0.75: cat scratcher board refill, rectangular, 17.75×4.75″ (EV:$12.99)
  • $0.50: game, Wheel Of Fortune (EV:$6.00) – Christmas gift
  • $0.50: spider web, 2oz, and spiders (4) (EV:$2.29) – You’d never guess what we get this for. Wasps invade our house every spring. We’ve noticed they are INSANELY attracted to blacklights (so you keep them on, so they won’t attack/fly at you). We put this fake spiderweb stuff around our kitchen-ceiling blacklights, and the wasps get attracted to the blacklight, stuck in the web, then starve to death. It’s brilliant, efficient, and beautiful.
  • $0.50: sunscreen, SPF 30, Coppertone Sport, 8oz, mostly full (EV:$4.75) – Why would anyone ever sell sunscreen? You’re going to use it again sometime! Just put it in your car or something! Fine, we’ll steal your value.
  • $0.50: electric outlet adapter, 6 2-prong plugs (EV:$5.34 online, but really $1 because these show up at dollar stores sometimes) – I had remarked “we need one more of the 2-prong ones of these” to Carolyn prior, and didn’t really want to go back to our *tertiary* dollar store just to see if they had more.

20120616 - yardsale booty - tools - IMG_4408

  • $0.50: eye hooks (4), 1.625″ wide, 2.5″ including screw part (EV:$0.69/ea, so $2.76 for 4) – Now we can hang people off our ceilings. Really though, no clue what we’re going to use them for. I don’t trust my ceilings to hold that kind of weight anyway.
  • $0.50: book, Collector’s Guide To Pez: Identification & Price Guide (EV:$24.95 price tag) – Christmas gift
  • $0.50: game, Swap, new in packaging (EV:$2.00 price tag) – I kinda snuck this in with the above Pez book, wanting to pay $1 for both. No real desire to play this game, it’s more about a chance to slap Carolyn’s hand and vice versa. I normally shun realtime card games. But we’re gonna slap each other silly, bwahahah!

20120616 - yardsale booty - 3 - Jackie Chan Adventures button, Thing 2, Cheerilee G4 My Little Pony - IMG_4409

  • $0.33: toy, Dr. Suess, Thing 2, 4″ (EV:$10.99)
  • $0.33: button, Jackie Chan Adventures, Kids WB Saturdays (EV:$1. Can’t find this on the internet AT ALL, but typically, licensed buttons go for $1 on Ebay) – Have not owned anything from this underrated series!
  • $0.25: cat feeder, blue, 11x7x9 (EV:$5.62) – another? Really? Why, Carolyn?
  • $0.25: lighter, bullet, 6.125″ (EV:$6.00) – for Matthew?

20120616 - yardsale booty - bullet lighter - IMG_4416-diptych-IMG_4419

  • $0.25: book, manga, Shonen Jump, Vol 6, issue 5, 200805 (EV:$3.99) – I have an issue or two of Shonen Jump. The first thing I did is check if they had a Bobobo Bo-bobobo in it. The second thing I did was fork over my 25 cents, because 10 pages of Bobobo alone is worth far more than a quarter!
  • $FREE: frame, 15.125×12.25″, picture size 11.5×8.5 (EV:$5.99) – Always grab free frames. We never pay much to frame anything…Though we rarely frame stuff.

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(depending on how you count multiple-item purchases: purchases vs items)


* EV stands for “Estimated Value”, which I estimate by looking things up in Google Shopping/Google/Amazon/Ebay. I don’t always deduct for an item being used, unless it’s actually in worse condition in a way that matters. For example, I estimate books at the cover value. I also try to only count shipping if it’s the type of thing that would need to be shipped, and only if the price isn’t “fixed” (i.e. 1 cent items that cost $10 to ship would not be $10 in person). (more…)

CARTOONS: My Little Pony Smackdown: Girls vs. Bronies | Collectors Weekly

A good (LONG) article on the Brony subculture. Goes into a lot of detail.

LINK URL: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/articles/my-little-pony-smackdown-girls-vs-bronies/

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MODERN-DAY REEFER MADNESS: Causeway Cannibal Not High On Bath Salts, you naive fucks

Modern-day reefer madness – if you believed the speculation of a cop, you’re kind of naive. 

Not only did the cops trick the entire public, but they accidentally shot the victim! Where’s the fucking taser?

Quoth Rev. Spike: “Way to go shitty ass media, report that this was caused by bath salts, stir up a bunch of drama and ratings. How many people do you think will see the retraction compared to the original hype? How about you try doing your god damned job instead of spreading rumor and speculation?”

I wonder how many people are going to turn around and now say that marijuana was the cause?

LINK URL: http://miami.cbslocal.com/2012/06/27/medical-examiner-causeway-cannibal-not-high-on-bath-salts/

20070317 - Carolyn's birthday and St. Patrick's Day party - (by AE) - 425317397_ef685e8da1_o - Nate - eating amazing pie

If only the culinary experience I’m about to share with you was as good as this one was. If only.

There once was a sketch on Saturday Night Live where a guy had recently died, and got to talk to an angel about his life. “Ask me any question”, the angel said. “What’s the grossest thing I’ve ever eaten?”

“Ohhh, heh heh heh”, said the angel… “You don’t want to know that, believe me.”

“Okay, what’s the 671st grossest thing I’ve ever eaten?”, the man asked. The angel answered, and it was still disgusting.

Let’s just say that the story I am about to tell — I certainly hope there are not 670 grosser stories that I don’t even know about. In fact, this almost was one I didn’t know about either.

Carolyn’s family had served waffles or pancakes — I can’t remember which, so I’m going to go with pancakes for this story. But they were serving them out one person at a time, for some odd reason. Always being a hungry man, I opted to go first and eat my pancakes. BTW, I totally douse mine in syrup. And then I cut my pancakes up to expose more surface area and try to make sure syrup has completely saturated every cubic millimeter of my panckes, to 100% possible saturation levels. So the syrup is an important aspect to the story.

This is how I should have reacted:

Chad's 2nd-to-last snowy party - Clint eating pancakes - 109554658_0595e87908_o

“Wait a second. Something about these pancakes tastes funny…”

But that’s not how I reacted. Instead, I said, “Mmmmm”, and continued to merrily eat my pancake.

Next up was Carolyn’s brother Jay. He was quite happy to get pancakes too:

Chad's 2nd-to-last snowy party - bacon served to Chad, ,Eli 109554704_fe342f4e67_o

I want pancakes too! And bacon! GIMME!

But then Jay made a startling observation. “This syrup is full of ants!”

Praise “Bob”, this is NOT what I want to be eating. ANTS!

The ant to syrup ratio was a bit lower than this, but there was a whole bottle full of them. We’re talking 100s of ants. I probably ate at least 20 ants myself, unless perhaps they did not go through the syrup nozzle.  In which case, I just got the sheddings, poop, skin, and decomposition of the ants that had previously died in the syrup. Not really much better…

“These boys get that syrup in ’em, they get all antsy in their pantsy.”

Suffice to say, everybody else got to eat pancakes without ant-syrup in them….

Chad's 2nd-to-last snowy party - Evan doesn't know what a fork is - 109554555_6af61611cb_o

“Yay my pancakes don’t have ants on them!” … “My fork doesn’t either!”

I kind of felt that better care could be taken to not serve a house guest ants, but hey, I guess I shouldn’t just trust that people’s food is edible when they give it to me. (Hey, the pancakes were good, and ants are nutritious. Just not what I would have chosen to eat.)

Chad's 2nd-to-last snowy party - Carolyn, girl - cooking our late-night meal - 109554264_b234fcc0e5_o

Little do they know that we’ve replaced their normal pancakes with Folgers pANTcakes — now with Flavor Ants(tm).

Nowadays, I inspect my food more carefully before eating it.

Especially if it comes from  a Sawyer:

20090912 - Britt & Chris's wedding - reception - Clint, Carolyn - funny cupcake face - (by Dad)

“Initiating ant scan.” ………. “Ant scan? I was not aware of that particular defense mechanism”


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Make a 3 minute phone call to contribute your voice and vocal patterns to a scientific database used to detect parkinson’s disease, which apparently can be detected by how you talk. Have they run this thing on Michael J. Fox yet? I’m calling now.

LINK URL: http://www.parkinsonsvoice.org

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