TASERS: Chicago cops Taser 8-month pregnant woman for parking violation

What. The. Fuck.

They tasered her for trying to “take off” – but they were ticketing her for parking in a handicapped space she wasn’t supposed to be in, so was she supposed to just stick around in the space she was ticketed for?

Her crime? Ripping up the ticket. This is a parking ticket. This is not a situation to use a taser, which not only can kill a person, but also can affect the unborn child.

She was never actually a threat to anybody. This should be a huge fucking lawsuit. And the superintendent’s excuse?  “You can’t always tell whether somebody is pregnant.”

What a load of shit. Pregnant or not, the only sensible policy is that tasers be used in place of actually shooting someone. And if your’e going to tell me that shooting someone for ripping up a ticket is valid, you really don’t belong in America.

Yet another story that’s something I’ve never quite heard of before, and involves, of course, a person of color.

And oh, they also dislocated her boyfriend’s elbow after he sensibly tried to stop near-lethal force against his girlfriend & child.

LINK URL: http://rt.com/usa/news/chicago-taser-pregnant-rent-324/