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Short expedition! We only had 5 stops planned, but a scheduling error (don’t go to estate sales first; they open late!) basically turned it into 6 stops.

Got up around 7:20AM, Carolyn made breakfast, and we made it out driving by 7:56AM, until 9:40AM, for a total of 1 hour, 44 minutes.
Spent $7.55 plus ~$5.17 gas for 23.6 miles of driving (13.5 mpg @ $2.96/G), for a total cost of $12.72.

We made 15 purchases for a total estimated value of $95.32, leading to a profit/savings of $82.60.
So in essence, we multiplied our $12.72 investment by 7.5X.

(Also, if you think about it, the profit counts for even more when you consider that we have to earn $91 on the job pre-tax in order to take home the $82.60 in cash that we saved. How long does $91 of disposable income take to earn, vs the 1.75hrs we spent here?)

Anyway, this works out to a *post-tax* “wage” of $47.65/hr as a couple or $22.83/hr per person.


At the last sale, the lady there could tell we knew our shit, and asked us if her prices were fair, because Carolyn counter-offered on the shower cap. Yea, it was an $18 shower cap, but that’s for fools who are willing to pay $18 for a shower cap. The more fools there are, the higher prices climb! Carolyn offered $0.50 because she didn’t want to pay $1. After all, she usually just uses a brown towel when henna’ing her hair. Now she has a ridiculous cap instead. It’s fun. But anyway, I gave her an honest assessment of her prices, which weren’t bad. $1 microbead pillows? $10 digital camera of lower resolution than the $3 one we just bought, but with memory card and non-broken zoom? Seemed legit. Perhaps I should have bought the camera, since our GE camera fucking sucks, and is rejecting freshly charged pairs of batteries 90% of the time.

(Clint spent $6.00 in bills, and Carolyn only spent from our change jar.)


  • $3.00: dvd player, Magnavox, MWD200GA, S-video out, manuf. 200610, SN#U41663026 ($14.99 on Ebay, but a past auction for $8 had no buyers… We’ll go with EV:$10) – Yes! Passed up the exact(?) same player the previous week, then realized this may be needed if we want to watch DVDs while on vacation (instead of stupid local reruns with commercials) … The other one was $3 also. $3 seems to be the going rate for DVD players a yard sales.
  • $1.00: pillow, microbead neck pillow with battery-powered massaging action (EV:$12.99) – I’m maxed out on microbead pillows, but this one has a battery-powered massager, so I’ll try it :)
  • $1.00: dvd, American Dad, Season 1, Volume 1 (1st 13 episodes of Season 1) (3 discs) (EV:$11.99) – mostly to watch the dvd extras
  • $1.00: dvd, Family Guy, Season 3, Volume 2 (3 discs) (EV:$5.84) – dvd extras
  • $0.50: bug killer, ant & roach killer, Raid, 17.5oz (EV:$4.14 but half empty so $2.07) – our war against the roaches is near-victorious, but cheap poison is always good
  • $0.50: shower cap, red with white polka dots, Vigar, The Bright Company (EV:$17.08 — ridiculous price!) – for Carolyn to use when henna’ing
  • $0.50: automobile sunscreen sunshade (EV:$4.96) – 3 cars means more of these
  • $0.25: cat toys, mice, furry, 5 ea (EV:$0.79/ea * 5 = $3.95) – to eventually wind up under the stove, covered in poison
  • $0.05: action figure, Plastic Man (DC Comics), from Batman The Brave And The Bold McDonald’s 2010 toy line, rubber arms with huge hand and one hand that’s a mallot, 4.25hx9″ armspan, 3 posable joints, arms bendable (EV:$1.20)
  • $0.05: action figure, Stat Wars: Darth Vader, 2001, cutesy with cape, Family Guy Evil Monkeyish pose, 2.5″h not counting light saber, 3 posable joints (EV:$5.00)
  • $0.05: toy car, Scooby Doo Mystery Van, 2001, Playing Mantis 2.125×1.875×1.5″ (EV:$10.99)
  • $0.05: action figure, Fantastic Four: The Thing, Burger King 2005, smashes arms together with spring action by pushing button (EV:$1.50)
  • $0.05: action figure, Star Wars: Darth Vader, 1998 LFL, Hasbro, 4.25″, 8 posable joints (EV:$12.50 in box, but ours is not in the box, so: $5)
  • $0.05: action figure, Star Wars: Stormtrooper, with gun, with stand, 2006 LFL, Hasbro, 2.75″, head turns (EV:$1.25, for a similar one, but the face/gun/stand stand on ours is different. Lower quality. We’ll say $1.00.)
  • $FREE: basket, 6x6x3.75″, no handles (EV:$1.50) – these things always find uses

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* EV stands for “Estimated Value”, which I estimate by looking things up in Google Shopping/Google/Amazon/Ebay. I don’t always deduct for an item being used, unless it’s actually in worse condition in a way that matters. For example, I estimate books at the cover value. I also try to only count shipping if it’s the type of thing that would need to be shipped, and only if the price isn’t “fixed” (i.e. 1 cent items that cost $10 to ship would not be $10 in person).Mood: ouch
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