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 IT’S A SMALL WORLD. Lady at a sale remembered us! She said that SHE had had a yard sale (this wasn’t her house), and told us that we had bought the Wheel Of Fortune board game from her, but that she found the spinner, which is the whole crux to the game.We got her address in case we are ever in that area so we can come and get it.

Now — is there an Android app (that DOESN’T expire after a trial period, and is free) that makes location-based alerts, so that if we get within 1 mile of her house, it will remind us that she has our spinner? Becuase it’s not worth making a special trip for, and how the hell are we going to remember this?

FREE ICE CREAM AND GAS!  We went to a random Exxon we never would have gone to, and it was customer appreciation day! They gave us a $10 gas card AND free ice cream and water

Also, read my blue comments by the cd-player for a funny haggling anecdote.


Got up around 7AM, made it out driving by 7:39AM, and went out until 11:36AM, for a total of 3 hours 47 minutes (subtracting the 10min we spent at K-Mart picking up my prescription because it was on the way).

[Driving time was 2hr41min [71%]. Saleing time was 1hr6m [29%]….. There weren’t a lot of sales, and we expanded our usual radius just to get to the ones we did get to, so we spent a decent amount driving].

Spent $44.25 plus ~$11.31 gas for 47.8miles of driving (13.4 mpg @ $3.17/G), for a total cost of $55.56. … But really $30.56. Our numbers are all wrong this week because we ended up getting the $25 mattress for free. I don’t feel like editing them. The year-end summary will be correct, of course.

We made 20 purchases (22 items) for a total estimated value of $218.49, leading to a profit/savings of $162.93. .. Or maybe $25 more than that due to the mattress being free.

So in essence, we multiplied our $55.56 investment by 3.9X. Or something.

(Also, if you think about it, the profit counts for even more when you consider that we have to earn $179 on the job pre-tax in order to take home the $162.93 in cash that we saved. How long does $179 of disposable income take to earn, vs the 4 hrs we spent here?)

Anyway, this works out to a *post-tax* “wage” of $43.07/hr as a couple or $21.53/hr per person.

(Carolyn paid $10.00. Clint paid $5.00. Rest was from our ever-decreasing change jar.)

20120714 - yardsale booty - 0 - our booty - IMG_4602


  • FREE (was $25.00): queen size mattress & box springs (EV:$60, because that’s the lowest local Craigslist price for the same thing… However, we paid $600 for our last mattress — which caused me to sleep in a different room than Carolyn for 5 yrs — so this is definitely a big savings compared to paying full price again. If this one is un-sleep-on-able, at least we won’t be out hundreds of dollars) (Plus, I intend to sell the old mattress for more than $25, so this should really be free!) – we did not pick this up until the following Thursday, but we exchanged information and got it because of the yard sale specifically mentioning this… Turns out she didn’t want $25 for this, so our numbers for this week are ALL WRONG!

  • $10.00: scanner/printer/copier, HP C4250, CC210-00017, CN730CC186, model # SNPRB-0721 (EV:$67.34, though it lists at $199 on Amazon) – After our $5, $5, and $0 scanner purchases at previous yardsales — all fails — we were concerned about going down that road again. But this one still had shrink wrap on the scanner. Brand new. And then Carolyn and the girl selling it did dueling cellphones trying to see if it was supported for Windows 7. And it was! It was missing the USB cable, but it just so happened to be the same weird USB cable we bought at a yard sale last week for $0.50 :)

IMG_2502.JPG (214×320)

  • $3.00: blacklight, 16″ bulb, 22″ fixture (EV:$7.99) – Already hung up on our upstairs wall. Finally, some UV-symmetry to the room! Strangely, the nail holes require the cord to hang from the top instead of the bottom. Stupid design. Connected to our X10 remotes (Code#6) for easy on-off. Took me awhile to mess around with various plug adapaters to get all that to fit. Picture forthcoming.

Black-Light-Bulb-With-Adapter.jpg (450×450)

  • $2.00: CD player, Philips Magnavox, AZ7368/17, KT 019814037185, Manufactured 199804, guy threw in a case, a car tape cassette adapter (Philips Magnavox AY3501), earbuds 1 missing cover, AC adapter (EV:$5.49) (EV for the tape adapter:$14.37 – This hilarious guy was trying to buy his other one for $1 instead of $2. He didn’t speak English, and kept just saying “One”. The guy selling it was like, “No, two!” The first guy repeated “One” at least 10 times in response. Finally he gave up and parted with it for 1. In the middle of this, he threw up his hands to ignore the “One” guy, and sold me mine, then the “One” guy started back up again. It was pretty hilarious.

%24T2eC16d%2C%21%29UE9s3wDcdOBP61eyNluQ%7E%7E60_58.JPG (410×366)

  • $2.00: mirror, Heineken Lager Beer, framed, 18.5×15.25?. Bartered down from $4. (EV:$9.99) (Hilarious price: $200) – gift for relatives

Mirror-Heineken.jpg (494×600)

  • $0.50: extension cord, brown, 2-prong (EV:$2.77) – specifically needed more of these
  • $0.50: extension cords (2), brown, 2-prong (2@0.25/ea) (EV:$2.77/ea) – specifically needed more of these

20120714 - yardsale booty - Modok, Smurfs - IMG_4605
modakA.jpg (329×354)

  • $0.25: ice tray, sky blue (EV:$1) – We’re getting to the point where we may have to throw some ice trays out. But we are breeding them into a new race of easy-to-use ice trays. Some are WAY easier than others. Let the war begin!

  • $0.25: book, My First Science Book- A Life-size Guide To Simple Experiments, 1990 (EV:$1.75) – for future-Sagan

417tDA3ZqaL._SL500_AA300_.jpg (300×300)

  • $0.125: Fluttershy, G4, McDonald’s toy 2011, with butterfly stand, 2.8×3″. (EV:$3.00) – I knew this day would come! G4 My Little Ponies at yard sales! Quicker than I expected.

20120714 - yardsale booty - 1 - Fluttershy - IMG_4608
%24T2eC16N%2C%21ysE9sy0hYpWBQBzQ%20w%20BQ%7E%7E60_57.JPG (500×397)

  • $0.125: Kilowog, Green Lantern, McDonald’s toy 2012, 4″x 6.75″ wide handspan, with opening and closing large fist. (EV:$2.00) – the new Green Lantern cartoon is fantastic, and we loved the movie as well (and the animated movies that recently came out). Time for us poozers to get a figure, since it’s only 12.5 cents.

20120714 - yardsale booty - Smurf, Kilowog, Fluttershy - IMG_4607
Green%20Lantern%20Happy%20Meal%20061%20%28766x1024%29.jpg (291×500)

  • $0.125: Smurf, Greedy, McDonald’s toy 2011, 3×3″ (EV:$2.00) – never had anything Smurfy in my life!

61mRYa8wCLL._SL500_AA300_.jpg (300×300)

  • $0.125: Smurf, Painter, McDonald’s toy 2011, 3×3″ (EV:$4.25) – never had anything Smurfy in my life! Strange how this one is valued more.

51XeZ7t4HcL._SL500_AA300_.jpg (300×300)

  • $FREE: This circular rug, about 4′ in diamter, which we forgot to add to our list of stuff gotten until a month later. . It was an outdoor rug at its previous house. I put it here because the wood here gets really slippery in the rain — I’ve slipped so hard as to grab the rail and pull the screws out of the wall and still be bleeding all over the place. This will helpfully mitigate that hazard. I’ll estimate its value at $40, but that is not counted in the numbers in this post,

20120719 - yard sale booty - 3 - free rug - IMG_4617

  • $FREE: jar, glass, cylinder, 12.875×3.5″ diameter, inter-locking lid (EV:hard to say, jar prices vary, and there’s nothing like this that I could easily find – I’ll say $7) – VERY VERY tall jar. Not sure what to use it for yet

31wrfPbBdQL._SL500_AA300_.jpg (300×300)

  • $FREE: jar, glass, cylinder, 10×3.5″ diameter, inter-locking lid (EV:$5) – Finally a jar large enough to contain my soldering iron with its solder and extra tip. Now if I could just find my other (larger-diameter) solder… My kit would be complete again.
  • $FREE: cushion, circular, 11″ diameter, beige (EV:$1) – free cushions? ALWAYS

bowsers-circular-patio-cushion.jpg (500×500)

  • $FREE: cushions (2), rectangular, 16×15″ (EV:$2) – free cushions? ALWAYS

Jax--Bones-Sugar-Cane-Rectangular-Pillow-Dog-Bed.jpg (300×300)

  • $FREE: gas card ($10.00) – We went to a random Exxon we never would have gone to, and it was customer appreciation day! They gave us a $10 gas card AND free ice cream and water. I wouldn’t normally count this as an effect of yardsaleing, but since we were ONLY at that one BECAUSE of yardsaleing, I’m counting this, and the value of the Klondike bars, in our total take.

medium.JPG (300×225)

  • $FREE: ice cream bars (2), Klondike & Toasted Almond (EV:$2.00 because they sell them at the dollar store) – customer appreciation day!!

klondikebar.jpg (250×229)

GH%20Toasted%20Almond%20Bar.png (275×200)

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TOTAL ITEMS BOUGHT: 308-434 (depending on how you count multiple-item purchases: purchases vs items)

* EV stands for “Estimated Value”, which I estimate by looking things up in Google Shopping/Google/Amazon/Ebay. I don’t always deduct for an item being used, unless it’s actually in worse condition in a way that matters. For example, I estimate books at the cover value. I also try to only count shipping if it’s the type of thing that would need to be shipped, and only if the price isn’t “fixed” (i.e. 1 cent items that cost $10 to ship would not be $10 in person).Mood: hurty
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