So I was in an episode of The Office. I was Jim. But something had happened, and I had forgotten my shirt. We were in some assembly type meeting in a reverse ampitheatre. That is, it really reminded me of the real-life Squires Student Center at Virginia Tech, except instead of the teacher on the floor at the lowest level, with everyone looking down… We were sitting at that lowest level, looking up. This makes no sense, as that’s not how ampitheatre/classes are held. But nobody noticed this.

So I was hanging out, kinda joking around, not paying too much attention to this assembly… When one of The Office characters (Kevin?) pointed out that I had no shirt on. I was somewhat disturbed that I’d gone to work shirtless, and not even realized it. I asked someone for a shirt. I think Andy had a spare one, but then it was a bit small for me.

I’m not sure when The Office part ended. It was a bit more elaborate than my description. At some point I was not in The Office, but was still shirtless and in the corporate world. We had gone to another building for a friend to run an errand. I was in the halls with him, still embarassingly under-shirted. Walking down corridors. He went into one businessplace, so I was in the hall alone, shirtless, getting a drink from the water fountain, as businessman walked by, obviously wondering if they need to call police/security. Awkwarrrrd.

At some point, I woke up from The Office dream — and perhaps the outer-layer dream that the inner-layer-Office-dream was contained in — and told Carolyn ALL about it, in greater detail than I can remember. I had written talking points on my left arm, succintly summarizing up what happened, and I elaborated on each one to her.

But the point that I woke up and told my dream to Carolyn might have been at the very end of things. Or it may be that I fell back to sleep and had more dreams. I’m really not sure.

Because I also had a crazy dream segment with me trying desperately to get home, but failing. I was in my car, but it was at the bottom of a 2-storey tall concrete backyard stairscase. Cars were not supposed to be down here. There was no road or driveway. It was a pedestrian staircase to someone’s house (as is common with houses higher/lower than the street they are on). To top things off, the top of the staircase was a cul-de-sac, and a car was parked in front of it. I was pretty much trapped, but I said “fuck it”, and drive up the concrete stairs. Amazingly, I got enough traction to handle the 45-degree pointy-stair-corner angle, and even gained enough momentum, to drive over the curb/bushes that were necessary to drive over to get around the car blocking the top.

At some point, I looked at my car, and it was just the trunk and the engine. The insides were all smashed up. Not sure how that worked. I really should realize these things are dreams!

But that wasn’t then. I still continued to drive around. I was at some downtown market. I ran into an ex-co-worker. Maybe Meschelle, but as is common in my dreams, people are not fully defined, just concepts, so I don’t know who they are for sure. Hardly ever. Even when they are close friends. So anyway, we are talking, and without her saying it, I gather she is homeless. So I offer to buy her some overpriced $5 sandwich at a local vendor stand. Meanwhile, my car is fucked up (maybe now it’s finally just-trunk-and-engine), and I’m not sure how to get home myself.

Everything was a jumbled mess. There was definitely a dream-within-a-dream, for sure. But the downtown-market-stuff was likely a completely different dream. But the fucked up car in that dream seems to be linked to the driving-up-concrete-stairs event, except that my car WASN’T fucked up for that one. So who knows. There were a lot of other crazy aspects that I don’t remember.

''Dreams... They're the hurricanes that wash the soulfilth from the superdome of our nightminds.'' --Xavier:Renegade Angel

“Dreams… They’re the hurricanes that wash the soulfilth from the superdome of our nightminds.”
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