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Hadn’t gone for almost 2 months! Lost our steam.

This was an unplanned expedition — we woke up late, around 11:30AM, and decided to go to Burger King and a yardsale that was posted for Ravensworth Rd.

We ended up finding a few bonus sales that were never posted online.

As our main point was to get food and go to the Dollar Store, we only counted the time and mileage that deviated from our plan. This made the calculations a bit more complicated than usual, and there was some estimating involved.
We spent about 1 hour, 4 minutes yardsaleing.

Spent $2.00 plus ~$2.05 gas for 6 miles of driving (12mpg*0.8mi + 9.6mpg*1.7mi + 12.5mpg*2.7mi + 9.9mpg*0.8mi, all @ $3.79/G), for a total cost of $4.05.

We made 32 purchases/gets (41 items) for a total estimated value of $511.86, leading to a profit/savings of $507.81.
So in essence, we multiplied our $4.08 investment by 126X.

(Also, if you think about it, the profit counts for even more when you consider that we have to earn $558 on the job, pre-tax, in order to take home the $507.81 that we saved. How long does $507.81 of disposable income take to earn, vs the 1 hour we spent today?)
Anyway, this works out to a *post-tax* “wage” of $479.87/hr as a couple or $239.93/hr per person. Absolutely crazy, record-breaking numbers today. But a lot of the stuff was valuable stuff nobody really wants or can use. Funny how that works out.


Unattended yardsale that just had a sign out that said “free stuff”. Crazy amount of stuff. Where most of our stuff came from.

Guy’s pack-rat brother died of an aneurysm, so he flew out from San Francisco and basically had a yard full of junk. As we arrived late, he was pretty much giving everything away. Including 2 trombones. We took 1.

20120915 - yardsale booty - lots of free stuff - IMG_4863


  • $1.00: chair, camping chair, tan, cup-holder, carrying bag (EV:$9.97) – Can’t have too many of these

  • $1.00: lug wrench, tire iron (cross/superior style, larger than last one we paid $1 for) (EV:$15.50) – Now 2 of our cars have upgraded tire irons, yay!

  • $-0.10: trombone, Bundy brand (EV:$75.44) – had a dime inside the case, so we were actually paid to take this :) – turns out trombone is like the easiest wind instrument to pay… I am surprised I could pick up on it so quickly, I’ve never been able to do ANY wind instrument outside of a recorder (lame)

20120915 - yardsale booty - trombone - IMG_4865

  • $FREE: duster, extendable, rainbow, Dollar Tree (3) (EV:$1.00/ea) – these definitely get used

  • $FREE: antenna tuner, field strength/SWR tester, Radio Shack, cat no. 21-523, new in box (EV:$13.50) – will try to sell/give away/look at fondly before throwing away

  • $FREE: clock radio, dual alarm, GE, model no. 7-4638B, 10x6x2″ (EV:$15.99) – spare alarm clock

  • $FREE: paint, spray, winter gray gloss, Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch, 12oz, 2/3 full(EV:$1.76 * 2/3 = $1.17) – our siding is grey, so this may come in handy

  • $FREE: battery charger & meter tester, GN Deluxe Universal, WY-108, 6.75×5.25×1.75 (EV:$10.00) – already have spare battery chargers, but at this point I’ll never need to buy one again

  • $FREE: battery charger, universal Ni-Cd, MW, MW398, orange (EV:$9.99) – already have spare battery chargers, but at this point I’ll never need to buy one again

  • $FREE: frame, 24.625×20.5″ (EV:$37.12) – largest frame we own now

20120915 - yardsale booty - CB stuff - IMG_4872
20120915 - yardsale booty - CB stuff, camping chair - IMG_4864

  • $FREE: CB radio, Realistic, TRC-449, production no. 70011686, serial no. 00055353 (EV:$15.00) – trying to sell on craigslist

  • $FREE: CB radio, Realistic, Navaho, TRC-431, Serial no. 73626390, including microphone, Realistic cat no. 21-1172 (EV:$19.99) – trying to sell on craigslist

  • $FREE: CB antenna, 46″: (EV:$16.95) – trying to sell on craigslist
  • $FREE: CB antenna, Anttron 1700, 6′, 10-11 meter hi-power, 2′ 3/8″ fiberglass rod w/ 4′ SS Whip, #14 wire, 3/8×24 thread, new in package (EV:$13.79) – trying to sell on craigslist
  • $FREE: CB antenna, Hustler, 1C-100 magnetic, 44″ length, new in package (EV:$24.95 price tag 16.75) – trying to sell on craigslist
  • $FREE: CB antenna, Firestik II 5′ 5/8 wave, model FS5, (EV:$15.95) – trying to sell on craigslist

  • $FREE: CB watt/SWR meter, Archer (EV:$13.99) – trying to sell on craigslist

  • $FREE: dustpan, standing/long handle, Dollar Tree 138996 (EV:$1.00) – now Carolyn can clean without bending down as much

  • $FREE: headphones (2), large ear/1970’s/studio headphones, Optimus, Nova-57, 1/4″ jack, 33-1056, left/right volume controls, new in box (EV:$8.54) – the ones I grew up with went bad, these are the best possible headphones. Not as comfy as modern headphones, but maximum sound quality, and seal your ears all the way around so you hear nothing else. What people use in studios and such.
  • $FREE: headphones, large ear/1970’s/studio headphone, Realistic, Nova 40, 1/4″ jack (EV:$27.00) – another one!

  • $FREE: headphones, Optimus, Pro 25, volume control, generic (EV:$1.25) – volume-control-build-in headphones are nice
  • $FREE: headphones, stereo, Dollar Tree 656041 0SSL4, 4′ cord, new in package (EV:$1.00)
  • $FREE: headphones, very generic (EV:$1.25)

  • $FREE: umbrella, clampable, plastic tablecloth-like material, yellow/blue flowers, green background (EV:$12.00 Dart Drug price tag) – Carolyn’s mom had just paid for one of these, so Carolyn insisted on taking it because it was free
  • $FREE: figurine, cat, metal (aluminum), 6″ (EV:$9.99) – dude selling his dead brother’s stuff forced it on Carolyn

  • $FREE: CD-RW mini disks, Memorex, 4x, 5pk (EV:$6.99 price tag 1.93) – like DVD-Rs, but smaller. Neat. Would never buy these, but very well may use them sometime.

  • $FREE: binoculars, Zenit, 25×60, field 7′, 148ft at 1000yds, ZE-IR (EV:$12.66) – we’re close to having a dedicated set of binoculars for every window-with-a-view in the house!

  • $FREE: microphone, ham radio, The Astatic Corp, T-UG9 Stand, 12″ (EV:$69.99) – VERY nice microphone. Unfortunately it only hooks to ham radios, and we can’t use it for the computer or karaoke.

  • $FREE: power strips (6), 6 plugs (EV:$6.99/ea) – we’d almost run out of these!

20120915 - yardsale booty - lots of free stuff - IMG_4862

  • $FREE: gas cans (2), 2 gal (EV:$6.18/ea) – my 5G one hurts my back and is too big. So we got 2 smaller ones for our cars, in case we ever have to walk to a gas station.

  • $FREE: light socket to socket+2 outlets converter, with pull, 718B (EV:$1.85) – useful, I use many of these to create extra plugs around lights. Great if you don’t have enough plugs in your bathroom, for example.

  • $FREE: carpet scrap, about 3’x2′ (EV:$5.00) – decided to keep this one in my trunk in case I ever have to fix a flat tire. More comfort, less road dirt.

TOTAL ITEMS BOUGHT: 365-502 (depending on how you count multiple-item purchases: purchases vs items)

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* EV stands for “Estimated Value”, which I estimate by looking things up in Google Shopping/Google/Amazon/Ebay. I don’t always deduct for an item being used, unless it’s actually in worse condition in a way that matters. For example, I estimate books at the cover value. I also try to only count shipping if it’s the type of thing that would need to be shipped, and only if the price isn’t “fixed” (i.e. 1 cent items that cost $10 to ship would not be $10 in person).Mood: full
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