Firstly – I went to bed a bit drunk in real life, and my dream consisted me of puking everywhere at some dude’s place. On the floor, on my clothes, in a bucket, carrying the bucket around, sloshing its contents over his soloflex, laying on the floor… And punching Carolyn in the face. I think I may have peed myself too.

Eventually I woke up in real life and was relieved that there was no puke or pee, although I was a bit dehydrated from drinking, my stomach wasn’t exactly comfortable, and I really needed to pee very badly.

The second dream actually seemed to incorporate the first dream at some point in it, but I can’t quite piece it together.

Somehow I met a dude who had a really weird name, like Marimex or Atropos or something equally odd.

He did not have a job, but lived in this huuuuge place. It was dug in the side of a hill, on a large (10+ acre) property. A bit out in the country, but possibly still in Fairfax county.
There was a The Simpsons episode, which was an episode that basically re-used a story from before (example: Simpsons got a horse twice in two different episodes in real life). I wish I could have a copy of that episode!

Anyway, Weird-Named-Guy smoked a lot of pot, and us and some other friends that showed up all participated [in the dream].

We eventually found out that the government was trying to seize the property from him, using various bullshit untrue illegal tactics. One involved a sheriff strongarming a permit guy into writing an assessment that he has somehow been breaking laws (zoning laws?) that he hadn’t actually been breaking. The sheriff had basically held a gun to this bearuecrat’s head and gotten him to write something completely untrue, which was then used to expand the indictment against the original property owner, this cool-dude-Marimex-Or-Atropos-Or-Something (“Weird-Named-guy”).

I believe the dream spanned several weeks … And I tended to have to ask him his name every time I visited his place.

We had been visiting quite frequently, as it was a vast cave-like labyrinthine structure, with a tv room, another room with loft beds, and various other HUGE rooms that were not necessarily maintained. I did not want to see this spot disappear, yet Weird-named-Guy was surprisingly cavalier about the fact that the government was out to get him. He would have nothing if this land was taken from him, as he did not have any real career prospects besides making money off the land he already owned.

I think he was resigned that the government was going to come, and probably kill him for trying to keep hold of what was rightfully his. It was kind of sad, that.

''Dreams... They're the hurricanes that wash the soulfilth from the superdome of our nightminds.'' --Xavier:Renegade Angel

“Dreams… They’re the hurricanes that wash the soulfilth from the superdome of our nightminds.”
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