Monday, November 5th, 2012

* I wish I were more selfish, that I cherish the desires of my self.

* I wish I were more prideful, that I value my own opinion instead of giving into that of others.

* I wish I were more wrathful, that I would take rightful offense against those who don’t respect that which is mine.

* I wish I were more gluttinous, that I trust in my body and keep it strong first.

* I wish I were more lustful, that I respect the call that sings in my blood.

* I wish I were more jealous, that I accept the example I see in others’ lives and use it to drive me to add more experience to my own life.

* And I wish I were the right TYPE of slothful, that I not work to fill another’s cup, when it is my own that I ought to value more highly.

* It seems that all of what we call Virtues are traits that subvert and sublimate the individual to the Other, to let Them control us, use us, discard us. It seems all we call Vices are what keep us as ourselves.

* I seek no blissful non-existence dressed up as a Nirvana. I seek no dissolution of the Self in some Unity with some higher God. I have no wish to be lost in the crowd, no wish to be a cog in the machine, no wish to be a forgotten and overlooked and unimportant cell in some Body of some Christ.

–excerpted from Rev. Cyclohexane, but some of the finest shit I’ve ever read by anyone ever (more…)

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