Crazy party 2 houses down from our house… But we lived on other side of street, in place of the school. This really should have clued me in that this was a dream!

Carolyn & I were exploring – We saw a 2-storey concrete stairwell behind a house, and were taking pictures.

We were tresspassing a bit — going into the stairwell of this house. I’d be freaking out if someone did that to me, but my attitude is most people wouldn’t react as badly as I would, so it’s okay. Plus it was a basement adjacent to a busy corner, so we were less likely to bother them more than the traffic and such already out there. The door to the basement was maybe 10 lateral feet away from the sidewalk — 3X as close as ours would be.

Music was playing, but I just assumed it was my music from my house — even though I was 2 houses away, and it’s pretty much impossible (in real life) to make my music hearable from other houses without creating excruciating pain at the origin.

But then we noticed the music playing was KMFDM and, while it was a song in our changer.m3u playlist, it was not the playlist we were playing in the dream. (Possible explanation: In dreamland, I knew we were listening to a mostly-Primus playlist in preparation for the upcoming Primus concert we’re seeing in real life. But in dreamland, I probably had forgotten that there’s ONE KMFDM song in our real-life playlist — along with the MANY Primus songs — so that created the dreamland confusion.)

Anyway, realizing that this song was not in our playlist (even though it probably was their Occupy Wall Street song playing on our bedroom stereo in real life), we realized this meant the music was coming from the house. Then carolyn realized the basement door was cracked open slightly. She started to walk towards it, then stick her hand in it to open it.

“No, don’t go in there!” … I realize it’s a bad idea to just walk into peoples’ houses, even if it seems like a party is going on.

But Carolyn goes in anyway. Okay. It’s a party. I better follow her a) for her own safety, and b) because I like parties.

The party-goers were a bit off-put by us just walking in, as we were older and a bit out of place from the prevailing crowd — but not taolly out of place. They were kinda gothy and we’re kinda don’t-care-y, and the two mesh together alright. Ultimately they didn’t care too much because no one was 100% sure that we were crashing the party anyway.

Carolyn needed peed, and went to the bathroom right there (abandoning me to deal with the party crowd alone *right away*!), but it turns out the bathroom’s door was glass, some creepy guy immediately started to stand at the door and watch her pee. But that’s not enough to make us leave a party. We accept creepiness better than most. It doesn’t totally roll off of us, but whatevs.

Around then I noticed all the rampant drug use at this party. People smoking pot (both real AND synthetic), people doing meth, even someone doing heroin. And of course plenty of alcohol. We were not put off.

I mingled, and then later found Carolyn kinda cornered in a bedroom behind another creepy guy who seemed to be all over her, almost boxing her in so she couldn’t leave, so I rescued her.

We had a good time, but it was time to go, as dawn was appraching, and it was a “school” (work) night.

While leaving, I saw a hot black chick with thin-build/slightly-too-thin-ass and slightly-too-thin legs dancing on a chair facing away.

Also, at some point during the mingling, it turned out we knew a roommate who had lived there, but had moved out, so we knew that meant we had an in with this crowd via the ex-roommate. So hopefully we’d be able to have some more parties to go to in the future.

On the way back, I walked through Woodbridge High School, because I decided that was a straighter path to my house. Which makes NO sense, because my house was only 2 houses away, and walking all the way through a high school is way farther than walking 2 houses. Why don’t I realize these are dreams?

One of the younger party girls who also went directly from party to school, but then gave me shit about it because I was too old to be there, so I gave her shit back. Fucking young agists. I wish I’d hung out with some more older people when I was young. Oh well. Me & the bitch split paths at a hall intersection, and I continued on until I went home.

For some reason, I wasn’t walking home with Carolyn, even though I had rescued her and we left together.

Maybe it morphed into a different dream at the point of me walking…

Weird stuff. Fun party. No hangover because it wasn’t real!

''Dreams... They're the hurricanes that wash the soulfilth from the superdome of our nightminds.'' --Xavier:Renegade Angel

“Dreams… They’re the hurricanes that wash the soulfilth from the superdome of our nightminds.”
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