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PLOT SUMMARY: Owlman is more of a fucking asshole than anybody ever.

PEOPLE: Executive produced by Bruce Timm, who is basically the #1 DC action cartoon force of my lifetime: Justice League, Batman Beyond, Superman, Batman… Every DC comic-related series or movie since 1990 has his name on it. Directed by Sam Liu (Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Hulk Vs., Batman Vs. Dracula, 7 eps of The Batman series, 3 eps of the Roughnecks Starship Troopers series) and Lauren Montgomery (the Wonder Woman animated movie, Green Lantern:First Flight, Superman/Doomsday).

Interesting casting; they have abandoned the standard 1990s and 2000s voices used for many of the heroes.

Now we have William Baldwin (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Flatliners) as Batman [No more Kevin Conroy! Wahh!].
Mark Harmon (Freaky Friday 2003, NCIS, Chicago Hope, St. Elsewhere) as Superman [No more Tim Daly! Wahh!].
Chris Noth (Law & Order, Mr. Big from Sex & The City) as Lex Luthor [No more Clancy Brown! Wahh!].
Gina Torres (Zoe from Firefly, Nebula from Hercules/Xena, Cleopatra 2025, 7 eps of 24 in 2004, Cas from The Matrix 2 & 3) as Superwoman.
James Woods (John Carpenter’s Vampires, Videodrome, Cat’s Eye) as Owlman, a real fucking asshole in the movie. [INTERVIEW]
Here’s an interesting one: Wonder Woman was played by Vanessa Marshall, who played Irwin in The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy. From weak black boy to strong white woman, I guess she has a versatile voice, yo. She was also Lust Minion #2 in the animated Dante’s Inferno movie.
Green Lantern is played by Nolan North, who did Cyclop’s voice in the excellent Wolverine & The X-Men animated series, and Dead Pool in the Hulk Vs. mini-movies. And oh, he was a goblin voice in the great live-action fantasy The Spiderwick Chronicles.
A minor part, The Jester, was played by James Patrick Stewart, who some might remember as Keith from Andy Richter Controls The Universe.
And Black Canary? Kari Whurer – from The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane, Eight Legged Freaks, Sliders, and, most memorably, MTV’s Remote Control, where everyone lusted after her from 1988 til 1989.

QUIRKS: Alternate earth superhero action fest!

VISUALS: Great action. Well choreographed fight scenes. I’ve never seen Wonder Woman tie another woman up in such a graceful, action-packed, slickly-animated way. Great job.

MORALS: If you’re not Owlman, you’re not as much of an asshole as you could be.

POLITICS: Most governments would rather placate evil than stand up directly to it. Security over liberty, as usual. (Didn’t anyone learn anything from “Give me liberty or give me death”??)

BAD STUFF: The voice actor casting is distracting to those who have watched every animated Batman incarnation for 20 years.

CONCLUSION: A lot of action! Even in the first half! Solidly entertaining — this is one of the best animated superhero action movies to come out of the past decade. And alternate realities make anything more interesting!

Clint: Netflix: 5/5 stars. IMDB: 9/10.
Carolyn: Netflix: 5/5 stars. IMDB: 9/10.
The native public rating for this movie is: IMDB: 7.1/10, Netflix: 3.9/5 stars (Netflix‘s predicted rating for us was 4.4/5 stars).

RECOMMENDATION: Worth seeing for any superhero fan!

SIMILAR MOVIES: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies was similarly kick-ass.

MOVIE QUOTE: This is the first time I’ve seen Wonder Woman with an invisible plane since the Superfriends era. It’s simply too goofy, and they were smart never to use it. But in this film, she ends up with one by the end. It’s not really relevant to the plot, but it’s nice that they give a nod to the original Wonder Woman mythos. The Flash confronts her about it:

Flash: I can’t believe you kept that thing.
Wonder Woman: Spoils of war. I like it.
Flash: What do you need a plane for anyway? You can fly.
Green Lantern: You drive a car.
Flash: That is *so* not the point. (more…)