Brettspielwelt! QuakeLive! A borrowed PS3! Our first dice game in a long time! Our summary of the games played in 2011.

******************* SKILL GAMES: *******************

Pool (own a table)
Air Hockey (own a table)
Foosball (own a table)

******************* PC GAMES: *******************

QuakeLive! Quake resurgence after Carolyn’s video card dying got us into other habits for over a year. Happened in Sep/Oct this year. Started playing daily again. Broke 48 hours total playing time. But then we stopped when Carolyn’s computers had problems again, and didn’t pick it up.

******************* DICE GAMES: *******************

Left-Center-Right – got for Christmas, managed to play during our New Year’s party at the end of 2011

******************* BOARD GAMES: *******************

Jan: 12-hour session with 808/Christie/2Beans/Carolyn/Me: Dominion, Things, Fluxx (Martian+Zombie mix), Aquarius

April: boardgaming session w/Carolyn/Me/Radha/ChrisZ/Mark: Fluxx among other games

May: Arena Maximumus with Carolyn every night for a week – 25 cents well spent

March: Settlers Of Catan in real life, then online on BrettSpeilWelt

Monopoly Deal with Dave Rice, also Gnostica & Robo-Rally, and a whole ‘lotta Bang! Also played Gnostica with Kaylee (who beat us).
Learned Puerto Rico (with 3rd co-played NPC player, Cl=39, NPC=29, Ca=29) board game borrowed from Chris/Joe.

August: Aquarius – Hurricane Irene

October: 2.5hr Robo Rally game w/Carolyn/Me/Greg+Nicole/Jeanne+Brian

MISC: Bang! – played a lot in person at my house, and also on vacation with Carolyn’s family

******************* BOARD GAMES ONLINE (BRETTSPIELWELT): *******************

Jan: Dominion! And the introduction of the BrettSpielWelt computer version where you can play soooo much faster. The introduction of BrettSpielWelt [BSW] altogther; a transformative gaming experience. This is the most exciting era of gaming for us since we got our modded X-Box. It’s sort of like a console that you access online, in a sense.

Feb: More Dominion on BSW!

March: Oh! BSW has other games! Settlers Of Catan in real life, then online on BrettSpeilWelt

April: Numeri, Can’t Stop, Tichu, To Court The King (“Um Krone Und Kragen“), Ingenious (“Einfach Genial“)

May: Mondo [new to BSW], Stone Age

June: haitus?

July: Pillars Of Earth (“Saulen Der Erde“), Kingsburg, Wizard, Pantheon [new to BSW], Puerto Rico [learned via real board game first]. Pantheon is awesome, and the one we’ve replayed the most. And Wizard is a great alternative to Contract Bridge, taking out the ability to flawlessly card count, and removing convention by not having partners.

Bazaar, Drachenherz, Atlantis, 6nimmt (Take 5), 11nimmt, Blockers
BSW accounts now up to levels 11 & 10.

September: 7 Wonders, Hey! That’s My Fish! (“Packeis Am Pol”)

October: Convoy (“Auf Achse”), Go 9×9, Crosswise [new to BSW]

November: no new games, but nightly BSW

December: BSW adds 4-5 new Dominion cards, Cartograph is my favorite card ever! Dominion resurgence: Playing the most Dominion on BSW we have since February/March.

******************* PS2 GAMES: *******************

Muppets Party Cruise with 808/Christie/2Beans/Carolyn (Zach watching), using unlock code to play minigames we’d never played

Sadly, our PS2 isn’t being used much, and we stopped our progress in Guitar Hero 3 when Carolyn got stuck on Welcome To The Jungle/Holiday To Cambodia in 2010. But we constructed a new stand for the PS2 upstairs, and hopefully will be playing it some in 2012. If we don’t stop BSW‘ing every night, that is.

******************* PS3 GAMES: *******************

[[[Borrowed John The Canadien‘s PS3 and ended up playing a lot of his games for a bit.]]]

Heavy Rain – Click for full review. Very interesting cross between a movie and a game, of sorts.   Clint: Netflix: 4/5 stars. IMDB: 8/10. / Carolyn: Netflix: 5/5 stars. IMDB: 8/10.

Soul Calibur 4 – OMG playing as Darth Vader is so awesome!!

Super Puzzle Bubble HD Turbo II – Hasn’t really improved that much since the PS1 days, but always fun.

Grand Theft Auto 4 – Although the engine of the game is one of the most awesome game engines ever, the tedium of having to repeat a bunch of boring driving every time you fail a mission reminds me of why I’ve never gotten more than 12% through any GTA game. It’s boring hamster-wheel bullshit when you have to do the same drive across town 5 times. An entire world of freedom, and we’re supposed to act like hamsters. Fuck that shit.

Hot Shots Golf: Out Of Bounds – Took us 2-3 holes to figure out the interface, and then it was pretty fun. 18 holes takes awhile, but it’s relaxing. Always nice to play a golf videogame every few years.

Eternal Sonata – A strange RPG based on the dying hours of composer Chopin’s life, and the dreams he had right before dying. Don’t know what to think of this one.

NHL 11 – Generic hockey. Love JTC’s custom soundtrack that he put on the game, but we couldn’t even finish our first game, I got bored.

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Music: Unitus – Death Star