I created a command, “after month”, that would edit a text file; I then created calendar reminders to remind me to edit that every month. The result is that I now can look back in my life and have a textual sense of what each month was like. Pictures are great, but there are lapses in pictures, and I shall be keeping text summaries as well from now on.

In addition, so that the post is not “dry” and pictureless, I will include graphs of my music listening habits for the year as well.

ALSO: Summary of our yard sale stats for the year.

**** YEAR-END STATS ****:

TOTAL ANIMAL INCURSIONS INTO THE HOUSE: 3 [mouse(RIP), snake(RIP), raccoon(escaped)]
TOTAL POWER FAILURES: 19 [only had to set up candles once]


TOTAL CAR BREAKDOWNS/REPAIRS/COSTS: (breakdown=physically can’t drive it)

1994 Pontiac Grand Am: 1 breakdown repair + 1 near-breakdown repair = $780 (insurance now $32.13/mo) (total cost:$97/mo)
1993 Pontiac Bonneville: 1 breakdown repair = $360 (insurance now $19.90/mo) (total cost:$50/mo) [CHEAPEST CAR IS TOTALED ONE!]
1999 Chrysler 300M: 1 repair + fluke broken windshield = $535 (insurance now $38.52/mo) (total cost:$83/mo)

Tough year! $1,675 in car repairs. Half of it Carolyn’s old car. My Bonneville–even though it was totaled–seems to actually be faring better than Carolyn’s car that wasn’t totaled (and is one year newer)! She may end up taking over the Bonneville if her car becomes too much of a problem.


20111231 - 2011 last.fm graph - top 15 artists - 2wk low-res
20111231 - 2011 last.fm graph - top 100 artists - 2wk hi-res
^Yeah, you’re really gonna have to click through (twice) to full size to appreciate this one ;)
20111231 - 2011 last.fm graph - top 20 albums - 2wk hi-res



QUICK SUMMARY: 14 trips (32hrs/337miles), ~260 items worth $2774 bought for $426 = $37.35 savings/profit per person, per hour.

TOTAL EXPEDITIONS: 14 + a quick side-stop in december
TOTAL ITEMS BOUGHT: 227-290 (depending on how you count them)
TOTAL PROFIT: $2,317.36


Okay – now that we’ve got THAT out of the way, here are the summaries of each month of 2011:

****** January ******:

Got new car from parents for Christmas, titled at DMV/etc. Carolyn breaks the windshield first time she drives it :) Snow sucks.
Got taught by 808 how to fix Carolyn’s steering wheel loosening problem, by taking it apart and putting this part that falls out back in. Did it twice more later this year!

1/2: TwoBeans moved out
Brought down some of my Transformers from the attic.
Installed attic ladder to 2nd attic to deal with animal menaces.

Hell dies (2004-2011; RIP). Working remains combines with TwoBeans‘s old computer to form Fire, comparable to Hell but with a better case, and ultimately more (but not much more) stable, and able to hold more harddrive space.

1/2: Got sick on the night of Jan 02, wasted away Jan 03, better by Jan 04. Wussiest sickness in a long time. Maybe related to 2Beans moving out, breathing in attic dust from multiple attics, exposure to first new person in a long time, and a late night double-whisky-shot. A bad triple-combo. But at least it cleared up so fast. Cough, however, persisted ’til Jan 15th. Probably some raccoon-shit-infested fiberglass in my lungs.
1/15ish: Injured my left thumb knuckle mid-month. Doing very rudimentary things like picking up a shoe sometimes creating excruciating pain. Video games hurt to play for WEEKS. Glad that didn’t last.
Back of right leg still itching — since October or last summer. Ran out of Desenex (bought in 1990s). Bought new athlete’s foot antifungal spray. That finally killed it! Was it athlete’s foot on my thigh? Or something else killable by the same stuff? I’ll never know. Haven’t had anything like that since middle school.
1/30: brief whiff of a sickness, healed up in 2-3 days
Left ear still popping and making a lot of noise whenever I lay on my right side. Sometimes in bed, it’s hard to hear the music over it. It is not wax; it is in my inner ear. Continues to this day… (by 12/2012 it is mostly gone, but still happens some)

1/15: Clint’s birthday party (Jan 15). 43 people. The last 5 lasted ’til 7:30AM. Flavor tripping (miracle berries) + attic party. Had groups of 7 people in BOTH attics at various points in the night. 7 SubGeniuses here, too. Apparently “Hot To Trot” was put on a VHS player during the party. 808/XIE came up too, and didn’t leave until 1PM Monday. Massive boardgaming session!

GAMES: Introduced to Dominion, the card game, which we then started playing online a lot, getting us into BrettSpielWelt, which more or less “brought gaming back into our lives” after a stint of not really playing videogames much for several years.

WEIRDNESS: Carolyn gets paid $200 to do some foot modeling (was actually pretty legit, too.)

****** February ******:

Carolyn’s birthday party. 35 people. 8 SubGenuises! Made it ’til 6AM. Titties & birthday spankings for Carolyn.
Brad & Mandy’s Chili Cook-Off.
A Midwinter’s Night Dream, tribute party for Dirk, HUGE party, 300+ people, unfinished house, big bonfire, fire marshall, paddy wagon, checkpoints, but nobody had the authority to actually end the party or step on the property. Yay constitutional rights!

GAMES: John The Canadien loans us his PS3; gamefest ensues. Heavy Rain!!

Clint’s Bonneville dies — starter seems to go bad, but no, it’s the battery. We don’t fix it until 9 months later in November ($330).
Carolyn’s car’s exhaust pipe cracks and drags, needs $400 replacement.

Clint begins his descent into the hell of trying to make an iPhone actually do what he wants. Everything takes 20X longer than Android. It is one of the most frustrating hardware experiences of his life. Validates everything he ever assumed tenfold.
Carolyn fires up “Chaos”, Dad’s old computer which he gave to her. A new DVD and harddrive were all it needs, and its stats are better than Carolyn’s primary computer “Magic”. But then it went and died again, so maybe it needs a new power supply.

HOUSE: We stop trash service, and just box up our trash for awhile to save money. It was interesting to save $75 by keeping your trash in boxes for a month. We have so many Peapod bins sitting out front all the time, just seemed like something to leverage for cash. And they were robust enough to keep out raccoons and such.

MEDICAL: Ear still popping. (Never stopped…but died down 90% by the end of the following year 2012.)

****** March ******:

LEGAL: Trial of Cara Cottle. She changes her plea to an Alford Plea for involuntary manslaughter. I take copious handwritten notes that I never posted online anywhere. Should I? Maybe I’ll future-date a post on the 10th anniversary of his murder, and anybody who cares then can find it, and anyone still in pain would be over it.

Paul’s St. Patrick’s Day party
Eric’s housewarming party
Yorkmit’s birthday potluck

HARDWARE: iPhone and GPS unit sufficiently pwned to both be mp3 players. No playlist syncing to either, though (possible but hard with GPS, impossible with iPhone).

Ear still popping, sometimes even when I’m sitting up – but overall, when laying in bed, it doesn’t seem to be doing it as much or as loudly. I don’t have trouble hearing the music over it anymore. It seems to happen when I’m sitting up now, loudly, a few times a day, instead of when I’m laying on my side, moderately loud, near constantly. That’s an improvement. This has been going on for almost 6 months. (And still does to this day, though not as bad or as often.)
Left thumb ever-so-slowly getting better. After awhile I realized my right thumb hurts too, even though I didn’t injure it. I guess they were never as good as I thought.
Right back leg started itching again, resumed spraying Athlete’s Foot spray on it. (I think this was coincidental paranoia, as it never came back.)

Farmers dropped our homeowners insurance. Had to get new homeowners/car insurance (changed from Farmers, who we were with for 11 yrs, to Progressive). Not a fun process at all, but we’re saving like $800/yr over this.
Changed trash service from AAA Recycling to American Disposal Services. We’re saving $300/yr with this, though the rate will go up later.

CARS: Bonneville still not fixed.

****** April ******:

CAROLYN: dyes her hair red. Many years of blonde gone.

PARTIES: Christie’s birthday party. About 19 people. 7 SubGeniuses! Made it til 5:30AM but 2 other people were up for a bit more. One of our smallest parties, yet a record-holder for glass smashed and drinks spilled. Clint managed to wedge a beer in the spiral stair railing such that people downstairs simply witnessed a stream of liquid pouring down from the ceiling onto our drums. Some jamming was done — new bass drum/tom-tom makes our drum ‘set’ almost complete. Clint ran 6-pool-ball interference on an Air Hockey game. There was a period where we were doing CRAZY things with pool balls that caused balls to fly off into the room multiple times. 6 out of 20 (30%) of people who said Yes on the evite did not bother to come which was statistically unique. Two ‘maybes’ showed up for 10 minutes. 2 ‘no’s came. 2 people not invited tagged along. A lot of people left really early, even though company was over for about 24 hours straight. One puzzling thing was that a lot of the regulars didn’t show.

ANIMALS: Raccoon trapped, but escaped (Carolyn’s fault).

Clint started up on Bactrum again after taking well over a year off from the stuff.
Carolyn got sick.
Clint thought his ear popping had finally stopped after 6 months because he hadn’t heard it for awhile, but it seemed to start again–but not as bad as before. At least once, however, it made a sound inside his ear that he’d never heard. Weird. Still going as of 12/2012.
Right back leg itching finally stopped after going throught the entire can of Athlete’s foot spray. That was like 8-9 months… Musta been a fungus or something. Grossssss. Hadn’t had that type of shit since middle school.
Did yard work Apr 29. Poison ivy began by May 1 and itched for weeks. (Right when the itching stops… a new cause.)

SUBGENIUS: Lamest drama ever erupts in the church, mostly founded upon a joke that other people misunderstood and couldn’t take. Unnecessary witchhunts, hurtings of feelings, bannings of friends, ultimately leading to us being temporarily banned (and libeled online) for just saying 5 words about it. It’s hard for your opinion of something to ever return to what it was after something like that. Update: When we dare mentioned this a year later, we were basically driven out of the church by people being total assholes. Little bullies in their tiny positions of power using it to shit on people. The irony is they acted like we were the ones who couldn’t take a joke, when it was Pisces’s pathetic little hissy-fit (making everything about her and not what it was really about) that started it all anyway. A total revelation of lameness. The end of an era.

Built-in kitchen microwave broke.
Kitchen dishwasher clogged.

CAR: Bonneville still not fixed. Insurance only costing $16/month on it, though.

****** May ******:

Dishwasher repaired. Microwave replaced (took AHSwarranty *21 days* to do that) with much cooler, capable, higher power black microwave.
Planted food for first time ever: Radishes and cantaloupe. (Ultimately got zero harvest. Zero. Fucking. Harvest.)
Progressive drops us from our homeowners insurance for the same reasons as Farmers — now spending lots of money and time on mandatory house maintanance.

CAROLYN: Goes on business trip to Tenneessee to take professional certification exam.

Got new 2TB drive, total space now over 11TB.
Clint’s primary computer Hades dies quite badly – new power supply, motherboard, C: drive needed. $300-$400 (newegg tricked me into buying the power supply twice, but ultimately I got my money back)

Hit elbow on towel rack. Hurt for days.
Poison ivy sucks. Finally bought Tecnu to deal with it. It works really well.

CONCERTS: Voltaire @ Goth Prom

HANGING OUT: Yard Sale double date with Matthew & Julie (yard sale report for this is HERE).

****** June ******:

Cara Cottle finally sentenced for shooting Dirk Smiler to death. 7 yrs (half suspended) + 10 yrs probation (3 active) + restitution (incl parents’ airfare to funeral).

CAMPING: 10 people! First trip of the year! Tent broke and we got rained on, of course. Always rains when the tent breaks.

PARTIES: Ranch party

GUNS: Fired my first gun, .22 Calibri rounds with no gunpowder.

Repainting window sills and soffit hell — most of month spent on this
Cleaning some gutters, adding gutter guards
Added roof cement to lots of places on roof
$600 tree removal by The Care Of Trees
$2500 living room picture window replacement by Thompson Creek windows (first attempt, measured wrong, needs to be re-installed, living room left in clusterfuck all July)
Progressive drops our homeowners insurance for new reasons — including saying our roof needs to be replaced. In Sept., roof survives Hurricane Irene and the floods afterward (worse than the hurricane here) without leaking a drop. Fuck Progressive Insurance / Homesite Insurance – they are pieces of shit.

Oral surgery consult
Clotrimazole & Betamethasone – major reaction – burning to the touch skin rash with mega zits, popped 54 zits in 18 hours … all on my cheeks/jaw .. Fuck. That. Medicine.

****** July ******:

CAR: Fixed Carolyn’s steering wheel (1st time) (took 60min), thanks to 808 teaching us how to do this in January. His fix lasted 6 months.

CAMPING: X-Day 14! New location!

PARTIES: None, but had 10+ people over at our house twice

VACATION: Beach vacation with Carolyn’s family

$2500 living room picture window replacement by Thompson Creek windows (second attempt, finally done)
Progressive homeowners drop becomes official
Gutter repairs – bought 20 new gutter nails, replaced/added covers
Roof: added lots of roof cement, re-did chimney flashing
Refinance process began with Bank Of America; Julie I-W offers to close for us.

***** August *****:

5.8 earthquake near Mineral, VA. Minimal damage — a doorknob had to be replaced as it broke, trapping Clint inside the house where he was probably safer anyway. Except our house is old.
Hurricane Irene

DENTAL: Apico! Same place as previous 2 cyst removals. Hurt about 75% as much.

MEDICAL: Left ear still popping, but not like crazy when I sleep. A few times a day it just pops loudly. I wonder where all this pressure is coming from?

B.A.P. at Fedcoms in NY (camped 1st night, found couch 2nd night).
Small hurricane “party” during Hurricane Irene.

SHOWS: Scott Thompson & Kevin McDonald of Kids In The Hall at Arlington Cinema Drafthouse. Very awesome show. Got picture with Scott Thompson!

20110819 - Kids In The Hall - 0 - Scott Thompson, Clint, Carolyn - (by Chris Z) - IMAG0067

Farmers Insurance STILL send us collections notices to collect for money billed after we stopped being their customer, despite assurances from higher ups that this has ended.
Switched to NationWide after Progressive dropped us again. Milfy blonde lady insists on inspecting inside of house and taking pictures. Creepy.
Dug ditch/laid new drain from back gutter
Painted window sill of newly-installed window
Installed hand-towel holder in small bathroom, hook above shower (from $1 yardsale stuff) which allowed better tetrising of our camping gear

****** September ******:


13 of us hung out the day before labor day – MTV 1st hour or two ‘watched’ – group of people arrives after everyone else leaves, forcing us to continue drinking instead of going to bed :)
Visited the 8’s during our big concert weekend, seeing them Fri/Sat/Sun.

Met baby nephew Sagan at Fuddruckers with Vicky & Ryan (& Carolyn of course).
Lauren’s Ethiopian (Little Ethiopia?) dinner. Loved the food, but definitely my least favorite of the 3 ethiopian restaurants I’ve gone to. And the 1/3rd of vegetarians demanded 2/3rds of the table space be devoted to vegetarian food, to the point where Carolyn hurt her back leaning to the 4th table we had to make the staff bring out that antoher vegetarian again insist not be close enough for her to actually reach. So I’m not eating Ethiopian with vegetarians again. At least not someplace that doesn’t have real tables. Paying for physical pain just to eat?

Atari Teenage Riot @ 9:30 Club.
Descendents @ Riot Fest East + ALL at Theatre Of Living Arts (both Philadelphia shows).

We both got STD screened for free.
Carolyn got Hep-Vaxes. (I was going to, then she reminded me I’d already had them.)
My left ear still pops occasionally – about a year now – but now just pops during the day when I’m sitting up, and never when I’m laying down like it usually was in the past. It’s now been a year or so since this initially manifested.

Removed air foil from Chrysler, as it was dragging on the ground – http://www.flickr.com/photos/clintjcl/with/6194787983/
Fixed Carolyn’s steering wheel 2nd time (down to 40min from 60min) so that it passes inspection (it did). Our previous fix only lasted 2 months, but the pin hadn’t fallen out either.

****** October ******:

CAMPING/GUNS: After out own evite failed (2nd time in a row, special fuck you to Evan), we went camping with Matthew/Dan/Frank instead (10/15). Went to shooting range. Shot 9 guns; first use of non-Calibri ammo for both of us. Good times, and not having to spend time organizing really helped.

10/22: 7 guests, 6-player 2.5-hr Robo-Ralley game, lots of QuakeLive w/2Beans after everyone else left (and the next day)
10/28: 3 guests, watched 9 shows, including the Beavis & Butt-head premiere

Carolyn gets an IUD, going off the pill after 18 years.
10/18: stubbed the hell out of my left pinky toe; still hurts in December. Very likely that I broke it. Still sore 4 months later.

Minor bug infestation, but the biggest we’ve had in years (not counting the crazy housefiles you get when you grow basil, or the wasps that appear in our house and then starve to death every spring except this last one). Crawly things by the dishwasher, fruitfly-esque flying things everywhere in the house. We’ve been messy as hell for 10 years. Food falls off the counter? I just kick it under the counter/stove. We haven’t had so much as an ant in a decade of doing this. (Ants come up our sink drains, and are never in our kitchen.) This may be because we stopped taking our trash out every week, instead only taking it out when it’s full. This may be because the bugs finally caught on to 10 years of messiness. This may be random.
Attic ladder began having problems (10/29) closing without 2-person assistance. What once was 15 seconds is now 10 minutes :/ [okay, later we figured this out and it’s not so bad, just awkward]

FRIENDS: Evan. WTF. Have since heard we’re not the only ones who he started to be a douche towards. Don’t know any details though. As of 12/2012 have not spoken to him since.

WEIRDNESS: Clint paid $100 to photoshop photos for a foot fetish photoshoot a friend did. Talk about an odd job.

***** November *****:

11/7: Carolyn’s Grand Am gets brake problems. Right in time for her to have to take my car to the airport for her job interview :)
11/11: Clint’s Bonneville towed, finally fixing it after 9 months
11/12: Clint’s Chrysler’s transmissions’s speed sensor fails; car thrown into 2nd gear. 60+ miles driven that way. Very slow. Took 1.5 hrs to get 30miles home.
11/18: Clint’s Chrysler towed, Bonneville returned, now revived ($330 + new registration, safety inspection, emissions inspection, car cover), Chrysler fixed (~$265) before I got home (that was fast!)
11/24: Clint’s Chrysler returned.
SUMMARY: All 3 cars had problems! $265+$330+$55+$15+$40+$30=$735

11/4: Abscess formed (11/4), within 10 minutes, lanced it, blood & pus, gargled salt water, took doxycyclene
11/9: horrible heartburn acid-stomach ache, took 2nd-to-last Prevacid from a decade-old prescription, think it was caused by the doxycyclene
11/11: abscess recurred (always on a Friday night when the doctors have just gone home!), re-lanced it
11/17: fuck this shit: tooth #19 extracted
11/26: noticed tooth #18 is now loose (but firmed up after a few weeks, this is apparently a common thing after an adjacent extraction; I just chewed with my right mouth for a month or so) – Yes, it got better and is fine a year later

11/12: Adam (Mark’s friend)’s going away party in Warrenton. Shooting stars!
11/19: mAEgan’s birthday party in D.C., and the 3 hrs of hanging out at Angel’s after we were so suddenly kicked out

11/18: Cartoon night with Chris & Eve, Britt & Chris, John
11/24: Post-Thanksgiving hangout with Greg & Nicole

Roaches. Tiny baby roaches. 1 or 2 upstairs? WTF? Where’d they come from? They eventually made it downstairs to the kitchen and now (Feb 2012) only hang out behind the stove and behind/under/in between the wall panels/in the dishwasher. They’ve also grown some. Aww. I guess we’re finally paying the price for our messiness, after 10 yrs. Last month’s weirdness, followed by these roaches. They peaked in Jan 2012. And again 2 more times in 2012. Still there as of 12/2012 but almost completely gone.

**** December ****:

12/8: Dental work: Build-up (tooth #2) and filling (#3).
12/21: Dental work: 2 more fillings.
12/21-25ish: Carolyn’s horrible ear infection (~$100). Bought actual garlic for the first time ever.

12/2: Lynn’s
12/3: Decemberween at Chris & Joe’s
12/30: New Year’s Eve Eve party at our place – 35 ppl, 11hrs, Left-Center-Right, jam sessions
12/31: New Year’s Eve at Jason & Anna’s

12/9: Eve, Matthew & Julie hang out. Had to pause Beavis & Butt-head in order to trap and release a mouse Oranjello brought upstairs for us. Only mouse of the year.

Carolyn’s car: Matthew helped me replace Carolyn‘s brake line and wheel cylinder, but the problems still continued. Carolyn & I used 4 jack stands and removed all 4 tires and bled brakes ourself for the first time ever. (It was not expected to fix things, and did not.) Ultimately in 2012 the line we replaced was replaced again, and the OTHER rear wheel cylinder replaced, plus her water pump replaced. $340 or so plus the $20 or so we spent with Matthew.
12/19: Bonneville “wouldn’t go” when Carolyn tried driving it to work, but has been just fine since (as of Feb 2012), so this was a false alarm.

Still seeing roaches in the kitchen. Not a lot, but it sucks. They’ve grown a bit. (Still a problem as of 8/2012 when this post was last reviewed.)