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PEOPLE: By The Asylum, a company famous for making mockbusters. Starring Seth Cassell (Sex Pot) as the requisite overly-horny douchey kinda guy; Jay Gillespie as the nice guy, Erica Duke as the main love interest, Diane Jay Gonzalez as the latin stripper cum cheerleader, Maura Murphy (Sex Pot), Harmony Blossom as rival cheerleader-leader Britt, Deanna Meske (Final Destination 4) as the camp leader, and other random hotties such as Sonja O’Hara (who was not a redhead in this), Sarah Agor, and many, many other pretty faces you’ve never heard of [and will probably never hear of again].

These are all nobodies, basically. But they had Charlene Tilton as the requisite “big” name. She was in Dallas. And 2 episodes of Happy Days. And Problem Child 2. Hey — she hosted Saturday Night Live before, so she must have had at least 15 minutes of fame in the 80’s.

Definitely not a stellar cast. But the girls were hot. Which is more or less the point of a low-grade comedy such as this.

PLOT SUMMARY: Guys work at a cheerleader camp. Cheerleader rivalry ensues. Plus, the main character needs to convince his love interest that he’s not gay.

UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): [highlight for spoilers] Strippers make better cheerleaders.

QUIRKS: A mockbuster of Fired Up, which was a much better movie than this.

TONS of masturbation jokes. The intellectual side of me thinks they are unfunny, but the fun side of me laughs out loud at almost every one. Kind of a cringe, I-don’t-want-to-be-laughing-but-I-still-am type of laugh. Kind of like Sex Pot, and some of the worse National Lampoon movies.

VISUALS: Hot stripper / cheerleaders…. Naked.

SOUNDTRACK: Bad songs you won’t notice because you’re staring at the cheerleaders.

MORALS: Some girls are bitches. So beat them at their own game.

GOOD STUFF: Cheerleaders. Strippers. Cheerleaders. Girls. Cheerleaders. Girls jumping on trampolines topless. Cheerleaders.

BAD STUFF: Not well written. Entirely formulaic and predictable. Not well acted, either. Not nearly as funny as it could be.

CONCLUSION: A poor man’s Fired Up — with Fired Up already being a “poor man’s National Lampoon movie” to begin with.

Clint: Netflix: 3/5 stars (compared to 3.6/5 for Fired Up).
IMDB: 6/10 (compared to 7.6/10 for Fired Up).
I got what I expected: A poor man’s Fired Up.

Carolyn: Netflix: 2/5 stars (compared to 3/5 for Fired Up).
IMDB: 4/10 (compared to 7.6/10 for Fired Up).
“Maybe I would have enjoyed it more if we watched it at like 2AM [NOTE: It was Carolyn who chose to watch it at this time]. Reminded me of Fraternity House too much, fell kind of flat. Fired Up was better.”

The native public rating for this movie is:
IMDB: 3.7/10 (ouch!!) (compared to 6.0/10 for Fired Up).
Netflix: 2.9/5 stars (compared to 3.4/5 for Fired Up).

RECOMMENDATION: The numbers don’t lie. This is a poor man’s Fired Up. Watch it only if you liked Fired Up enough to want more. Or, if you want to see a bunch of cheerleader tits.


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